09/03/2005 09:35 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Dangerous Incompetence

The Camp Casey movement has been struggling with how best we can help the people of New Orleans and the surrounding areas. We sent a bus load of supplies into Covington, La., which is a poor, African-American town across Lake Ponchartrain from New Orleans. I had the privilege of visiting Covington with my friends, Buddy and Annie Spell last July. It was a community filled with love and laughter.

The Bring Them Home Now Tour bus took about 10,000 pounds of leftover Camp Casey supplies and we had 2 trucks filled to the brim with leftover water that we got into Covington. The tour bus also has satellite so it is the only communications that Covington has with the outside world now.

This is an email that our tour received from Gordon who is one of the bus drivers who bravely drove to Covington . I left it intact without editing:

I can't recommend coming here but, if you must, we do need help! During the day we are going out into the community with water and baby supplies lunch foods. But, there has been an attack on the Armory and the cops are scared. We have move into Covington middle school and we are giving the red cross our assistance with medical supplies and food services. Until we arrived, hey only had MRE's. They just brought in 5 new borns babies from the hospital as they are expecting more casualties, We brought in a generator and solar powered lights, no power, no phone service here, our satellite link is the only connection to the outside. The Marshal Law enforcement that will be coming to New Orleans with the Army, could create mass panic. that will lead to more refugees, we have twenty right now and room for 100. Don't come here unless your are prepared to work!

I should say, stay out on the road and raise money for the relief effort. But make up your own minds.

We need to keep the public aware of what is going on here and all over SOLA,

If you want to help go an established refugee camp and provide your internet access to document who it there and what they plan to do to the website. Use your satellites access to maximize the story of the relief effort!


There it is.

I think we should finish the tour so we can talk about what an abject failure this administration is. The unnecessary tragedy in New Orleans is directly related to the unnecessary tragedy in Iraq: Unnecessary being the operative word.

Innocent people are dying daily in this world. In the crush of the hurricane story, the fact that 950 people (mostly women and children) were trampled to death in Iraq was buried in the back sections. Those are 950 people who would still be alive if George Bush were not president. 950 people in Iraq and how many thousands in the Gulf States died while the emperor strummed a guitar and knocked a golf ball around? Additonally, eight of our brave and wonderful soldiers have been needlessly killed in Iraq since Monday.

I really believe that George and his band of incompetent and dangerous thugs need to resign. It would be the only honorable and competent thing to do. But wait....