Boulder Farmers Market Is Tops, But What's This About the Produce?

10/01/2010 03:46 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Claire Walter Award-winning freelance writer based in Boulder, Colorado

BOULDER, Colo. -- Bon Appetit magazine recently decreed Boulder to be "America's foodiest town." Now the twice-weekly Boulder Farmers' market has made it onto another national list:,'s selection of the top 10 farmers markets in the land. The Boulder paragraph was accompanied by a closeup of blueberries and raspberries -- not peaches, corn, salad greens, peppers, or tomatoes but blueberries and raspberries. What's that all about?

John Ellis, vice president of the board of the Boulder County Farmers' Markets (Boulder and nearby Longmont), has concerns beyond which produce is depicted as typical for Colorado on a website spotlighting the Boulder market. " Such recognition is great, but the Boulder market is so popular already that it can't handle much more in the way of customers or vendors," Ellis said. "It's cool, [but] we've maxed out Boulder. We've run out of space. We can't get more vendors in, and there's no more convenient parking."

There is no place to expand but around the calendar. The market currently is open from early April to early November on Saturday mornings and from early May to early October on Wednesday afternoons in downtown Boulder. There is also talk around town that the Boulder market is looking to go year-round and is seeking a suitable venue. What a treat that would be!