11/27/2012 11:12 am ET | Updated Jan 27, 2013

5 Reasons to Know Style Girlfriend's Megan Collins

I found my new men's fashion blog, Style Girlfriend. Megan Collins is the "girl" behind Style Girlfriend, and she's been doing her thing for the last two years. In that time, she's managed to catch the attention of many men -- not to mention their girlfriends, wives and, in my case, mother -- who are looking for help in convincing the men in their lives to dress better. Her style tips are a must for all guys looking to dress to impress the women in their lives while landing that new job promotion. Here are five reasons you should get to know the Style Girlfriend:

1) She loves a good deal.

Collins lives in NYC, but hails from Wisconsin -- and she's held on to her Midwestern roots. "I'm still kind of horrified by the thought of paying $100 for a shirt, so my readers know that if I recommend something on the expensive side, it's because I really think it's worth it."

2) She's not a brand snob.

Check out her site, and you'll see tons of brands pop up -- everything from Gant Rugger and Saturdays NYC to Target and Kohl's. "I know that not all guys have access to the same stores I do here in New York, so I try to pull together my recommendations from brands you can find at the mall or online."

3) She's a guy's girl and a girly girl.

"A lot of my readers are guys, but there are plenty of women who visit Style Girlfriend too," says Collins. "They forward posts on to their boyfriends or husbands. I think for women it's helpful to have an impartial party giving style advice, then they don't feel like they're nagging, they're just... helping!"

4) She's got your gift list covered.

Stumped on a present to give your husband, father, brother and more this holiday season? Collins thinks about guys' style 24/7, so she's ready with suggestions. "My favorite gift idea for guys this year is a subscription to Birchbox. He'll get new grooming goodies in the mail every month -- things like Kiehl's lotion and Imperial hair product. It's a fun 'gift that keeps on giving,' and he comes away armed with new products that will help him look great. Double win!"

5) She doesn't have a "type."

"I'm not someone who thinks all guys should dress like Ryan Gosling, or should wear suits every day" says Collins. "I encourage my readers to develop their own personal style -- for some guys that's preppy, for others it's more sporty, and so on." She knows that true style is about being confident in what you're wearing, but, as she puts it to her readers, "dressing in a little-more-pulled-together kind of way."