11/06/2007 12:39 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bill O'Reilly Suffers Another "Momentary" Lapse Of Reason

A steady diet of cough syrup and falafels apparently can can do that to you.

During his Letters segment the other night, Billo read a nice email from another well-informed Fox viewer, this time from Ireland, who was just all broken up about being "forced" to watch Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War On Journalism in a class. If you haven't seen it, in a straightforward manner free of the kind of histrionics on display on the "No Spin Zone" every night, Robert Greenwald of Brave New Films (disclosure: they employ me) shows the pattern of bias in which Fox engages, skewing one of the key precepts of a fully-functioning democracy.

A free and fair press.

But Billo doesn't quite see things that way through is rose-colored glasses--still all soapy from a good loofah-ing I'm sure. To him, "any teacher who would order that is grossly irresponsible. It's dishonest garbage." Mind you, as usual, he can't supply a single specific about why it's "dishonest garbage." While, if this space were big enough, I could give you enough examples of distortions, political contortions, faux-bravado and the liberal use of showerware to fill an object the size of O'Reilly's head.

Watch his silly attack for yourself, and be the judge:

In any case, we'd like to thank you, Bill. Because being on your enemies list means we must be doing something right. It is quite an extensive and distinguished group.