05/06/2007 10:28 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

How Pathetic Can Mitt Romney Get?

The newly developed adopt-a-wingnut-mindset of a guy who comes from one of the most prominent liberal, Establishment Republican families is really growing tiresome.

The b.s. about becoming pro-life because of the "cloning debate" in Massachusetts, which supposedly led a guy who bragged that his mother was one of the original supporters of Roe v. Wade--during earlier runs for higher office in his home state--to move to the right of Orrin Hatch and Trent Lott on this issue and oppose stem-cell research. The "I've been hunting all my life" Mitt, which means twice, but one time was when he was 15 (and he's hunted "varmints," damn you!). The "I will be better than Teddy Kennedy on gay rights" Mitt who now seems to think all homosexuals should get the cattle prod.

This is sad enough. But this weekend he spoke at Pat Robertson's Regent University, you know the one that has provided the Bush Administration with all those unqualified, bigoted morons like Monica Goodling. Here is what Mitt had to say:

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