08/01/2007 09:32 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

My Bad Boss Contest

Have you ever had a boss who treats you like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell does non-corporate-approved legislation? Dick Cheney does the Constitution? Geoge W. Bush does multi-syllabic terms?

You know the type. It could be a CEO who spends hooks himself up with the $6,000 shower curtain while suppressing your wages or a self-loathing middle management sort who likes to read your emails and listen to your phone calls. Well, we cannot provide you with extraordinary rendition, but there's at least something we at Working America can do to ease the pain.

Send you on an all-expenses paid vacation.

Yes, don't adjust your trusty bifocals. You read that correctly. Due to popular demand, Working America, the 1.6 million member community affiliate of the AFL-CIO -- who represent ordinary Americans without a union on the job or George W. Bush's daddy's "resources" -- has launced its second annual "My Bad Boss Contest." Enter the contest and win, and Working America will try and ease you pain by sending you to one of 500 locales throughout the world. And all we ask, for you to enter this contest, is something most of you have been telling your friends over dinner or a drink for years now.

A good story. About a bad boss.

We want to hear the worst one you've got, as we're assuming you probably have more than one. That's right, you tell us about the person who's made your life a living hell, and if you're the top vote-getter, we will send you away somewhere to enjoy a cool breeze on the beach or gaze at a historical treasure. Even George W. Bush can participate, as that Cheney guy seems like a pretty crappy boss to report to.

So what are you waiting for? Send in your stories so our panel of celebrity judges can review them, and let's expose bad bosses for the truly bad guys they are.

Disclosure: I am lucky enough to be sponsored by Working America, who toils every day to improve the lives of hard-working Americans.