02/14/2008 12:26 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Politics Of Hope Vs. The Politics Of Nope

Who represents the politics of hope? And who is the nope?

A hint: One guy is inspirational and the other is like 147 years old (and apparently--according to Academy Award hopeful Chuck Norris--each year is worth like 4 for men of war like himself [Mission Impossible 3] and the other dude). One guy runs on optimism while the other runs on a healthy dose of fiber.

One thinks we shouldn't keep overstretching an all-volunteer army in Iraq, while the other openly pontificates that The Global War On Terorristic, Liberal-Fascist, America-Hating, Islamo-Extremists should go the distance--like all the way until the release of Rambo 22: Sly's Man-Boobs Bust Up The Martian Mob--even if it means drafting players from his favorite team, the Brooklyn Dodgers.

You get the point. Now, if I may so humbly request you to watch the videos: