07/19/2010 06:57 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hairstyles: Making Sense of Beauty Buzz Words

Has your latest trip to your hair salon made you feel like you are traveling in a country that speaks a different language? We at The Drawing Room, NY, would like to shed a bit of light on some new beauty "buzz words."

In the Color Department...

Why does my colorist suddenly want to GLAZE me? Am I a turkey? A color glaze is a mild, ammonia-free, sheer haircolor that imparts shine and a subtle hint of color. Glazes are often done immediately after a highlighting service or after a single process hair color. The glaze imparts a subtle tonal deposit to refresh and refine your haircolor and a lot of shine. Glazes can often be an introduction to haircolor for anyone that wants to brighten up their hair.

Did my colorist just return from France? What's all this talk about BALAYAGE? According to colorist Gabriel Garay, "think Jennifer Aniston, Giselle or (dare I say) Justin Bieber. Balayage means adding sun kissed strands of lightness strategically placed throughout your hair to mimic grown-out beautiful bits of color." Balayage (literally French for "to sweep"), allows yours colorist to "sweep" on color that imparts an, "I was at the beach over the summer and the sun lightened my hair naturally" look.

In the Stylist Chair...

What exactly is a FRINGE? Am I a walking set of tassels? Fringe, commonly referred to as bangs, is any hair that frames the face. Think of fringe as the frame to a beautiful piece of art. What you put the art in is just as important as what frames it. Fringe can be anything from a strong square frame above the brow (think Katy Perry) to soft, angled layering below the cheekbones (think Cameron Diaz). Fringe is important in customizing your cut to fit your face shape and desired look.

Did I just end up in the garment district? What is this TEXTURE talk all about?? Top designer, Adrienne Saczko says that, "when speaking of texture we are referring to two different topics. The first being the natural growth and curl pattern of your hair - Cher (hair that is straight as a board) or Sarah Jessica Parker (pre-S.I.C, very wavy/curly).

The second are the techniques we use to play up and enhance the natural texture of the hair: from creating seamless layering in order to enhance movement to removing bulk and taking out weight."

Now that you're armed with this new "dictionary," you won't feel like a tourist the next time you visit your salon!