12/18/2011 07:33 pm ET | Updated Feb 17, 2012

Citizen Alert! Your Rights Are About to Be Limited!

On "Bill of Rights Day" (Thursday, December 15), concerned Minnesotans representing Veterans for Peace, Women Against Military Madness, Amnesty International, the ACLU and other peace and justice and civil liberties groups celebrated the 220th anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights by speaking out for the Constitution and against the National Defense Authorization Act. The first ten amendments to the Constitution that guaranteed the rights of citizens to have free speech and not be imprisoned without due process were ratified on December 15, 1791. Many of those rights are now in jeopardy of being lost as President Obama has stated he will break his earlier promise to veto the NDAA and will, instead, sign the bill into law allowing military detention of U.S. citizens without factual justification, due process or a trial.

It appears that the dogs of war, (remember a "war on terror" originally sold as fighting them "over there so as not to fight them here") could now be unleashed domestically upon U.S. citizens.

(Video and story at The Uptake)