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Colette A.M.Phillips
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Described as “savvy,” “dynamic,” “a pioneer” and “visionary,” Ms. Phillips is President and CEO of Colette Phillips Communications, Inc/CPCGlobal, one of the Northeast’s leading boutique PR and marketing communications firms;
A risk-taker and enterprising person, Ms. Phillips refuses to be defined or confined by traditional barriers of gender and race. First is a word frequently associated with Ms. Phillips. She was the first woman appointed as press secretary to a Prime Minister in the Eastern Caribbean. In 1986, she founded Colette Phillips Communications, Inc. becoming the first person of color to launch a successful public relations and marketing communications company in the Boston/New England region. She and her company design strategies that help companies expand both their market share and bottom line by effectively engaging all consumer segments domestically and globally including the fastest growing consumer segments ----Women, Blacks, Hispanics,Asians and immigrants. Ms.Phillips also serves as a leadership development and personal brand coach for both C- and mid-level executives.
Ms. Phillips is widely respected and recognized for her amazing ability to build bridges and create cross-cultural and inter-racial social networks and connections. The Boston Globe named her on it’s A-List of Must Have people at charitable events calling her A "Social Connector".
She is the author of 21 Steps for Women to Win, an inspirational Savvy Business Woman’s Primer” for women entrepreneurs and professional women. In 2000, and 2006 her company published Kaleidoscope, Boston’s first and only comprehensive multicultural resource directory. Both editions received rave reviews from the media, individual users and corporations. Boston Magazine hailed it “the ultimate networking tool, for people often left out the network.” In 2008, she founded yet another first --Get Konnected! Boston’s first and only urban professional and business networking event that brings together professionals, business executives and entrepreneurs of diverse cultures, across industries and sectors for networking and to foster business relationships.
She is the recipient of numerous awards and recognition for her business and civic contributions. Including an Honorary Doctorate of Laws Degree, the 2013 National Race Amity Medal of Honor, The Antigua Girls High School’s NY-USA Alumni Association 2012 Leadership and Service Award For Outstanding Achievement in Public Relations and Marketing Communications; Whittier Street Health Center’s 2012 Saving the Health of Our Community Award; Diversity Business cited her as A Woman to Watch in 2011; The Mayor of Boston and the Office of New Bostonians honored her with its Community Leadership Award for her contributions toward making Boston a more welcoming and inclusive city for all of its citizens.
She has been cited as one of Boston’s 40 Most Fabulous People and one of the 100 most Powerful women in Boston by Boston Magazine. She has also been listed as one of the 100 Most powerful people in Boston by both Boston Herald and Boston Magazine.
She serves on the board of Trustees of Mass General Hospital, Eastern Bank, the Board of Directors of the American Jewish Committee New England Chapter and the Board of Overseers of Emerson College.

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