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Colin Curran

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Role Models or Felons?

Posted January 13, 2012 | 08:46:52 (EST)

There are some professional athletes that everyone looks up to. Walter Payton, Babe Ruth, Michael Jordon and Hank Aaron are all famous athletes who everyone wants to be. These athletes have made themselves famous by hard work and not taking any shortcuts. But with every good there is always some...

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Why Physics?

9 Comments | Posted December 29, 2011 | 09:12:11 (EST)

Every spring, students go to their guidance counselors and sign up for classes. In my school you have to take gym all four years, and then have a certain numbers of credits in math, science, history, and language. In a way this is good because when you get into your...

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Christmas, I Mean Holiday, Music

13 Comments | Posted December 5, 2011 | 09:20:44 (EST)

Getting the assignment of creating the music playlist for the holiday breakfast sounded like an easy job. I am on student council at my school and every year we host a holiday breakfast for young children. I thought my assignment, to create a playlist on my iPod of holiday music,...

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Fanatical Fans

4 Comments | Posted November 2, 2011 | 10:32:37 (EST)

Last year at my school, we did not have a good football team. They were barely over .500 and did not make the playoffs. This year is a completely different story. Our team is 7-1 and having one of the best seasons in school history. Part of the reason this...

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Attention Span Plan

Posted October 17, 2011 | 10:41:26 (EST)

Being a lifeguard may seem like an easy job but it is extremely difficult. Watching the kids is the easy part; they swim with their friends, have fun, and never even come close to drowning; thankfully. I watch my water area constantly to make sure nothing is going wrong. The...

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