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Colin Summers
Colin Summers attended Stuyvesant High School before pursuing his Bachelors of Architecture. He grew up in New York City's Greenwich Village and spent summers in the north woods of Canada. He programs computers, flies airplanes and draws buildings. He lives in Santa Monica with his wife and their two sons.

Blog Entries by Colin Summers

The Texture of My Brain

Posted October 19, 2010 | 02:36:10 (EST)


I've written before about learning to draw, but the truth is I can't really draw. I mean, not the way I would like to. Not like an artist. Not like Renee French. She's been drawing every day since she could hold...

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Learning to Draw

Posted June 22, 2010 | 16:57:40 (EST)


When I was younger, just a boy, I would draw all the time. Constantly. It was how I made sense of the world. What made a cow so like a cow? I drew one. What made cars look like they...

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