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September 1, 2014

4 Activities College-bound Students Should NOT Do This Summer

On To College Shutterstock / sonya etchison

It is no secret that the admissions committees are very concerned about what you do with your spare time -- be it volunteering with lepers in India or interning as a trapeze artist with Cirque du Soleil.

The Most Cringeworthy Autocorrects Of The Month

Damn You Autocorrect

Of Course Kathy Griffin Got Naked For The Ice Bucket Challenge

YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Watch An 'SNL' Star Have A Complete Meltdown In Front Of Sara Bareilles

Vanessa Bayer
YouTube / Above Average

Bill Murray Is Now A Ticket-Taker At Baseball Games

Ticket Taker

19 Women Who Have A Very Complicated Relationship With Grills


It Was A Cruel Summer For News Anchors

August News Bloopers

The REAL Truth About Hello Kitty


Kids Try Vegemite For The First Time

Kids Eat Vegemite

11 Cartoon Animals Who Are ALSO Living A Lie

Cartoon Animal Lies

The Best Someecards Of The Week

Vmas Old People

Cubicle Guy's Idea For Zombie Movie Is Logically Dead


Disney Princesses' Rebellious Side Hints At A Different Fairytale Ending

Emmanuel Viola/Behance

What To Stream On Netflix This Month

CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images

Even Some Humanitarian Hounds Are Getting In On The Ice Bucket Challenge

Kyley D/Youtube

Giant Men Meet Tiny Kittens In Adorable Mismatch For The Ages

YouTube / BuzzfeedVideo

Laser Pointer Proves That Cats And Children Are Basically The Same

YouTube / abbadontaud

Jimmy Kimmel Calls Out 'Friends' Reunion Haters


Bulldog Wins Our Hearts With Over-The-Top Game Of Peekaboo

YouTube / Benny The Bulldog

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Spy Media

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It's A Hard Knock Life For Ed Sheeran


Cat With Frog On Its Head Is So Chill We're In Awe


Jon Stewart Unveils 'Rosewater' Clips Featuring Jason Jones

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Snoop Dogg Proves Even Baboons Are More Gangsta Than You


Ranking The 5 Nerdiest ‘Futurama' Episodes Ever


14 Sets Of Instructions That Prove How Challenging Life Really Is

College Humor

The 21 Wittiest Comebacks Ever To End An Argument


Jon Stewart Loves How Epic HuffPost Headlines Win The Internet

Comedy Central

This Is A Good Lesson On Why You Need Copy Editors

Thomas Barwick via Getty Images

So That's Why Local Police Look Like They're Going Into Battle