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07:25 AM on 05/05/2008
If Senator Obama had only stood up to Wallace with the same tough, but fair candor as Governor Dean. I'm an Obama supporter and given Clinton's campaign tactics these last few weeks I believe now more than ever that Barack Obama is the last, best hope we have for putting this country back on the right path and restoring this nation's dignity within my lifetime. At this point Hillary Clinton has divided the Democratic party to mount a winning campaign against a Republican party which will come out more to vote against her than for John McSame. But Senator Obama needs to get tougher with the right-wing media, FOX News in particular. He doesn't need to take Chris Wallace to the woodshed the same way President Clinton did (although that would be great to see) but he can't treat FOX News people and the questions they ask, no matter how openly biased, with the same respect as he would treat a fair question from a real network journalist. Barack needs to stand up and refuse to be lead into a string of slanted questions on non-issues or the right wing will wear him down and make him look like a whimp.

Governor Dean - please plass those nads over to Senator Obama.
05:48 AM on 05/05/2008
Hear, hear! Way to put those scumbags in their place, Howard Dean. I'll bet he doesn't get invited on again anytime soon. LOL
03:55 PM on 05/05/2008
I understand Vice President Cheney has invited the entire fox news teams to go hunting with him. Dead eyed dick.LOL
05:09 AM on 05/05/2008
Got some kleenex to catch those tear Dean. You can't pick and choose who your candidates want to talk to as you have seen lately. If elected, they will be the President of the whole United States not President of the Liberal States and screw the conservatives. Just goes to prove continually you are the village idiot.
08:02 AM on 05/05/2008
You say that as if George W. Bush hasn't carefully chosen who he will and will not sit down to an interview with over these past two terms. The commander in chimp is notorious for restricting access to all but the most fawning, boot-licking fops who agree to only roll softball questions. Even then Bush manages to screw up about 50% of his answers. Last summer I traveled to Europe and watched footage of Bush fumbling through an answer at a press conference on CNN as it was broadcast in the United States. I then saw footage of Bush answering the same question on BBC, only it took twice as long because they hadn't edited out all of the stutters and awkward pauses between his words. It is amazing how many times the man just stops and stares blankly, searching for the next word, but we here in the U.S. rarely see it because our so-called "liberal press" masterfully speeds up the moments of silence between his words. They don't do it because they love the man or to spare our national pride - they do it because those who don't, find themselves losing access.

If think President Hillary Clinton won't demand the same treatment from the White House Press Corps, you haven't been paying attention to her campaign thus far. President Barack Obama would most likely be less controlling at first, but only until the first time he ends up looking foolish on the nightly news.
08:14 AM on 05/05/2008
"You say that as if George W. Bush hasn't carefully chosen who he will and will not sit down to an interview with over these past two terms."

So you are saying you are following the repubs example? How original.
09:32 AM on 05/05/2008
I doubt that conservatives only watch Faux Noise. It's a twerpy little outlet that's dwindling in power.
03:50 PM on 05/05/2008
Fox News is an oxymoron.
04:41 AM on 05/05/2008
It kills me that Murdoch bought the Wall Street Journal. I thought the changes at the journal would come slowly and subtlety but it seems like it has transformed into the same Fox BS overnight.
03:42 AM on 05/05/2008
Senator Clinton cannot point to anybody - other than Senator McCain - who agrees with this gimmick. Mayor Bloomberg has called this the dumbest idea he's ever heard. Myriad editorial boards and columnists have criticized Senator Clinton and Senator McCain for this craven proposal. Not only would Senator Clinton's gimmick NOT help American citizens, it would BENEFIT the Oil Companies.

But, perhaps the worst aspect of this panderfest is that Senator Clinton KNOWS this gimmick won"t make it through congress. And yet, she"s called on her colleagues to weigh in regarding whether they are "with her or against her."

02:38 AM on 05/05/2008
Hey faux news, McCain, Hilliary, ALL one in the same, and Hannity would just LOVE this idea too!
Obama better win, or do you want more of THIS???
02:36 AM on 05/05/2008
If I were someone in the public eye--I would not appear on FOX because I would not care to recognize them as a legitimate news agency--they could not be further from being such----I hope that Dems continue to stay away from FOX--to most of those watching that network---the moment a Dem comes on---they either turn off their hearing aides or they start shouting at their TV screen saying things like "get those Marxist bastards off my TV screen---If I wanted to see those GDed communists--I would watch MSNBC, CNN or one of the regular networks!"
I know they do---that is what my dad and all of his friends say when this happens--there is no way to persuade any FOX watcher that Dems are anything but socialists, marxists, appeasers of terrorism and the like!! Why the hell waste the time??
02:18 AM on 05/05/2008
There is a saying, "No good dead goes unpunished" Vis a vis Fox "News" there is a corollary: "No uttered truth goes undistorted."

Having said that, it may be time for national Democrats to intelligently and aggressively "enter the lion's den". The terms and conditions need to be fair and spelled out. No taping, no editing and long form interviews.

Imagine a three hour live call in with Barack and O'Reilley. After the first 60 minutes or so all the attacks would start to sound wrote and repetitious. Meanwhle Barack shines on through with a measured and calm intelligence and moral authority that would expose the "Foxholes" for the crass hateful creatures they are!

By the way, here's the definition of "Foxhole" (note the capitalization): Anyone who watches Fox "News" and truly believes that they are watching "Fair and Balanced" journalism.


If Barack Obama is not the next President of the United States; the fault will not be his, it will be ours.

If Barack Obama is not the next President of the United States; the loss will not be his, it will be ours.

If Barack Obama is not the next President of the United States; the shame will not be his, it will be ours.

Nick Lento
01:52 AM on 05/05/2008
Simple & Powerful. Howard Dean is just the BEST chairman of our party ever...
09:42 AM on 05/05/2008
I suppose that after a clown like terry McAuliffe, anyone would look good even Bozo Dean.,Yahoo".
Mitt: Bain damaged
12:13 AM on 05/05/2008
Where's the "shockingly" part?
02:43 AM on 05/05/2008
Watch the video again. After the the 2nd question.
Mitt: Bain damaged
12:18 PM on 05/05/2008
Heh. That was a rhetoric question..
11:07 PM on 05/04/2008
Wallace didn't disagree. Very telling. I can't wait fro him to jump ship to CNN and tell the truth about that place.
02:39 AM on 05/05/2008
Don't hold yer breath, bookon
08:30 PM on 05/05/2008
It is not Wallace's job to agree or disagree. Remember? You must confusing political personality w/ journalism. Chris Matthews, keith O, sean Hannity, o'reilly, etc etc. They are entertainers. There is a difference between entertainment and journalism.
11:24 PM on 05/05/2008
Dean stated, correctly, that the NEWS division at Faux News was biased. Wallace did not disagree. If someone bashed my place of work in a way I did not agree with, I would defend it. He did not.
11:05 PM on 05/04/2008
Faux News = The Hal Turner Show
10:12 PM on 05/04/2008
You go, Dean. Can we get a "yeeeahhhh!!"
10:02 PM on 05/04/2008
See the rest of the interview where dean gets destroyed.
01:08 AM on 05/05/2008
well, RedWolverine, I just watched the clip. Chris Wallace scores some points re: the first DNC ad (though for Fox News to complain about anyone taking little snippets of video or audio out of context is pretty laughable), but mainly only because Dean didn't make his main points more forcefully, which are: (a) there is no scenario under which Americans could be in Iraq for 100 years and not get injured or killed--to even propose that as a plausible scenario, as I guess both McCain and think it is--shows a complete divorce from reality. And (b) Americans don't want to be in Iraq for 100 years under any circumstance, so the rest of what McCain said is irrelevant in terms of the point of the ad. On the second ad, I didn't think Wallace "destroyed" Dean at all--Dean held his ground and he was right. Yeah sure, McCain went on to acknowledge that times are tough now, but what he said at first--that Americans are better off now than they were in 2001--is patently false by any number of measures and, again, shows McCain is completely out of touch.
01:25 AM on 05/05/2008
Bakossi is overly generous regarding your comment. Dean held his own quite well. Dean did not get anything handed to him by Wallace. He stood his ground convincingly. Why don't you change your name to RedParadigm or RedGlasses. You obviously don't see the real world.
We don't need no stinking badges
10:02 PM on 05/04/2008
The cordiality was surreal.