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01:40 PM on 05/05/2008
It's good that Obama is keeping his options open re: O'Reilly. With the state of the corporate media today, singling out fox as 'the bad guy' legitimizes the abhorrent "journalism" we get on a never ending basis from cnn, msnbc, abc, nbc and cbs. Sure some are better than others, but that is my point. I'd bet there are millions of viewers who don't read the blogs, don't frequent youtube and don't trust the "liberal media" choose fox as their primary or ONLY source for news. To them, fox is the good guy. My mother, a black 70 year old life long Democrat, watches fox all day long of her own free will. There's something about their format that appeals to older people no matter what their race, sex or political leanings. Even though she would probably agree with Keith Olberman 85% of the time, she wouldn't get past the intro to his show. I'm sure there are many more voters out their like her.

Obama is certainly smart enough to hold his own with Obama and to suggest otherwise is suspect. O'Reilly or his editors have nothing on Obama. I'd welcome O'Reilly to show what a brooding @sshole he can be contrasted with the young, intelligent, reasoned, pleasant individual that is Barack Obama.
01:39 PM on 05/05/2008
What are all you Obama Supporters afraid of, you are certainly not doubting your candidate are you? His ability to go toe to toe with Billo, like Hillary did.

She stood tall, can Obama do the same, from the blogs on this post, I believe you don't think so.

Billo will eat him alive and spit him out and that is what you are afraid of, isn't it?
01:48 PM on 05/05/2008
First and foremost, Obama is an educated black man with integrity and fortitude - afraid of a divisive bigot like O"reelly - please! All those who say they don't know Obama - DAMN he wrote two books start there!
02:07 PM on 05/05/2008
Excuse me but didn't the wrestler Mick Foley write 2 books. Jimmy Biffet has also written 2 books. So where does that put BHO?
03:12 PM on 05/05/2008
Ericjack, thanks for making my point so clear, if I recall correctly Hillary has written several books and Bill has also written books.

You really should think before you speak, apparently you haven't written any books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02:47 PM on 05/05/2008
It is not necessary to get into a mudhole and mud-wrestle every cretin.
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01:39 PM on 05/05/2008
This is the part of my party that just makes me cringe! The weenies that cry about things like our candidate going on a specific show.

Grow up!

Bill might be a egotistical nutcase of the first order... but please.. have more faith in Barack than this stupid reaction of trying to tell him what show to go on. pull your head out!
"And on the first day, Man created God"
01:32 PM on 05/05/2008
His whole campaign is about talking to everyone. EVERYONE. And as much as Bill is egotistic blowhard... i like it that once again Barack is walking the talk.
04:56 PM on 05/05/2008
You hit the nail on the head, about his campaign; he need to start the talk with George Bush. USA is it's own worst enemy, we started these recent wars and the American taxpayers are paying ten fold to rebuild the countries we blasted. Let the talking begin as to why USA wasn''t asked if we wanted these wars......

This is where you take your foot out of your mouth "drzoon" or "drdoom".
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01:22 PM on 05/05/2008
I LOVE you Barack...but DONT DO IT !
01:29 PM on 05/05/2008
I agree Barack doesn't need to go on that show those that watch the Factor aren't going fo vote for Barack anyway. why legitmiize O'rielly's show? It is tabloid at it's finesest,and the host no words come to mind to escape the censors of this board
01:44 PM on 05/05/2008
"why legitmiize O'rielly's show?"

Why do people think that O'Reilly is not already legitimized? He has had the #1 rated cable news show for 8 straight years . . . I think that speaks for itself.
01:47 PM on 05/05/2008
actually ALOT of Reagan Dems watch the factor. So you're "those that watch the Factor aren't going to vote for Barack anyway" claim is just plain retarded. These are the people we need to actually win again. Otherwise Obama is going to be just another loser. You people need to stop whining.

If Barack is afraid of Billo, I can only imagine what he'll be afraid of in the white house.

If Obama doesnt go on the Factor, i'll vote for McCain.
01:19 PM on 05/05/2008
Why should he be afraid of Billo? There's not much that Billo can expand and expound on that he hasn't already done.... "shrugs"
I don't see it as being a wimp. A lot of indies and moderate dems watch Fox News... and Bill O is like one of the highest rated shows on television... maybe it would be good for the "other" side to actually see that Obama isn't some screaming demon....
01:45 PM on 05/05/2008
"Bill O is like one of the highest rated shows on television."

No, he is the #1 show and has been for 8 years. If you want to reach the biggest audience for cable news it is the spot to be . . . going on Olbermann's show or any MSNBC show does you no good, not a single show in the top 20.
02:09 PM on 05/05/2008
Thanks! I knew he was up there.. just not how far up there.. :)
01:17 PM on 05/05/2008
Be realistic, Bill Clinton went on FOX last year! You and I know who Barack Obama is but a lot of people who watch Fox News only know the Wright BS that they been feeding them! Now Hilary was there courting republican voters that might vote in the open democratic primaries coming up so the damage is already done! It is just like Iraq invasion, once you are there there are easy solutions! If he doesn't go they will keep on harping: what is he afraid of? Does he think that he is too good? Etc. etc. etc.
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01:13 PM on 05/05/2008
O'Reilly will digest Obama alive, if he drills him like he drilled Clinton.
01:24 PM on 05/05/2008
What do you mean by digest? Do you mean hammer him with a bunch of irrelevant right-wing talking points that most voters with IQ's over 50 can see through? If so, I agree with you.
"And on the first day, Man created God"
01:33 PM on 05/05/2008
O'Reilly is a bumper-sticker loudmouth. But he is nothing to be afraid of. Barack will do just fine... no worries
01:11 PM on 05/05/2008
If Obama even tries to mention the war or the economy or the Constitution or torture, O'Reilly will interupt him with, "But REVEREND WRIGHT, REVEREND WRIGHT, REVEREND WRIGHT, REVEREND WRIGHT, REVEREND WRIGHT!!"
01:47 PM on 05/05/2008
Says the person that has never watched O'Reilly . . . I would love to place a bet with you that he gets a fair shake on all the issues.
01:11 PM on 05/05/2008
Bill O'Reilly is a biased, pro-Republican, mendacious mouthpiece for far-right causes. He's mentally unbalanced judging by his statements, such as claiming that a 12 year old boy abducted by a sex criminal was "enjoying" his captivity.

Will he tell Obama to "SHUT UP!!!" like he does when he wants to overtalk someone. Will he threaten to "cut his mike" when Obama attempts to answer a question in a way that Billo doesn't like?

Fox "News" is not a legitimate news source. It's about pushing a far-right agenda dictated by Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch. I hope that Barack Obama thinks long and hard before going on this sick person's show.
01:08 PM on 05/05/2008
....waiting to hear what Olbermann has to say....

01:12 PM on 05/05/2008
What, do you think Olbermann should condemn Obama for going on O'Reilly? I suspect that Keith will say that he thinks it is a stupid move, but so be it.
02:42 PM on 05/05/2008
He mocked Sen Clinton for going on O'Reilly do you think he will be "fair and balanced" and mock Sen. Obama ..... I don't think so
01:05 PM on 05/05/2008
We need a petition to stop this now.

Obama I voted for you and contributed alot of my money, please don't sell our message short by going on O'Reilly's show.

The program is designed to break you words and smear your name.

Your campaign is better than this.
01:19 PM on 05/05/2008
Actually he should go on this show. He'll see how its going to be for him running against McCain.
01:21 PM on 05/05/2008
Hillary's appearance on his show was a home run. A lot of Democrats are starting to watch more of the "conservative" news shows because they're tired of watching news constantly slanted towards Obama. As a result, Obama is now feeling the pressure to go on this news show to help chip away at Hillary's gain. Hillary knows the election is all about winning in November. It's not about appealing to that 25% of the population that are currently helping him nudge about 1% ahead of Hillary. That's why Hillary would statistically beat McCain in the election, and Obama would lose to him. O'Reilly isn't going to go for the jugular if Obama goes on the show. But I do get the feeling O'Reilly would rather have Hillary as president than ultra-liberal Obama.
"And on the first day, Man created God"
02:05 PM on 05/05/2008
if it were not for the rev wright video ... msnbc wouldnt know what to do for programming. so don't try to give me that crap of the media "favoring" obama. same goes for cnn
02:43 PM on 05/05/2008
Amen well said...
01:04 PM on 05/05/2008
all obama has to do is go on these faux shows and keep his cool, show he isn't foaming at the mouth like rev wright, reiterate that he ISN'T muslim, and get out with his dignity intact, which he does in all of his appearances. that's all he has to do to reach thousands of voters who are ignorant merely because Fox is the only channel they ever watch. this isn't brain surgery - politicians have always had to hold their noses to step up to some of the available soap boxes to reach the masses.

he isn't endorsing fox as "legitimate" or anything of the kind. he's using them to reach people who really need to be reached. period.
01:03 PM on 05/05/2008
Here we go.

rewarding our enemies.

Fox and OReilly are not a "conservative" network. They are a REPUBLICAN network.

As they say: Don't feed the trolls.
01:20 PM on 05/05/2008
Maybe you people should blame this on Hillary too. If she didn't go on this show, then there would have been no reason for Obama to go on there.
01:02 PM on 05/05/2008
Obama please don't do it! There are plenty of other comedy shows to go on.