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10:08 PM on 05/05/2008
Unfortunately, the American electorate is too dumb and will fall for Hillary Clinton's BS, yet one more time.
"And on the first day, Man created God"
10:29 PM on 05/05/2008
i hope not.

i love this country. but this is just about the end of its good run if we go backwards AGAIN and vote the Clinton's back in.

like rome... have we reached the apex of our cultural and economic power? this election will answer a lot of those questions.
10:40 PM on 05/05/2008
Did you see the thousands of people at the rally for Oboma tonight ? There had to be 30 thousand people there in Indianapolis, It was on C-span, just ended.
10:02 PM on 05/05/2008
More absurdity and contradiction, this time from a CLINTON NO LESS:

Bill Clinton, speaking about a proposed gas-tax holiday at a March, 2000 news conference:

"The problem I have with it, apart from what it might do to the Highway Trust Fund and the spending obligations that have already been incurred by the acts of Congress, the budgets, is that I'm not sure that the savings would be passed along to the consumers."

This can be found on NYTimes.
12:00 AM on 05/06/2008
Remember, Hillary is not accountable for anything Bill did or said unless it was good for the country. Then it was all her idea.
09:50 PM on 05/05/2008
Thank you! This whole idea is absurd. I just really hope that the voters of North Carolina and Indiana see through this ploy!
10:07 PM on 05/05/2008
Sadly, they don't seem to.
Part time misanthrope & full time curmudgeon
10:39 PM on 05/05/2008
As a NC voter, I think the "gas tax ploy" is moot. It's a throw away talking point. At least Clinton proposed making it up by taxing oil company profits in the interim - but that's why it won't ever pass.

And, all things considered, I have other reasons for preferring Clinton to Obama in the primary. I prefer her health care plan over Obamas.

Come the general election in the fall, though, I'm voting Democratic, no matter which candidate is nominated. If it's my candidate or the other guy, I'm still voting Democratic.

And that's another of the things attracting me to Clinton. She's said she'll work for the Democratic nominee even if it's not her. I haven't heard a similar commitment from Obama or his followers, and I HAVE heard many Obama supporters threaten to vote for the republican if their guy doesn't get the nomination.
11:46 PM on 05/05/2008
Hopefully even the most craven of them will realize that 18.4 cents a gallon is not as good as a middle class tax cut plus a thousand dollar credit per family (Obama's plan).

Plus, Obama wants part of the gas tax to fund alternative energy.
09:40 PM on 05/05/2008
Well approached and written, thank you. Love the mocking of the affluenza Clinton is so desperately trying to spread.

Hopefully the voters will also look more than 5 feet in front of their face and see this gas tax for the shallow pandering that it truly is.