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11:15 AM on 10/10/2011
I have more faith in this young lady, than I do with our politicians.
11:08 AM on 10/10/2011
A 14 year old gets it but congress is clueless.
yes i said yes i will yes
12:03 PM on 10/10/2011
congress knows exactly what they are doing.
homer winslow
Truth in Beauty, Beauty in Truth
01:11 PM on 10/10/2011
Attempting to destroy America is not in their job description, yet that is their goal.
11:03 AM on 10/10/2011
Keep occupying. Protest the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan until everyone comes home. Occupy corporations that don't pay taxes. Occupy gas stations and that make record profits while we pay $4 gallon. Occupy the every TV,radio,and newspaper station that leans right. Occupy churches that don't let women and married people be priests,and won't let gays marry. We occupy,we prophesy!
10:57 AM on 10/10/2011
Banks stealing the American dream through fraud is worth fighting against.
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10:56 AM on 10/10/2011
You are a brilliant young woman Sophie who can think at a level transcending religious dogma and truly act on the words your religion preaches. You also write beautifully. You will go far and we are lucky to have you.

When I first saw your sign amongst all the others it was the most powerful one there. Many of those who caused our Great Recession share your religion but not your critical thinking or honesty. They MUST Atone! Just like bernie madoff. You are very intelligent so i will share a partial list with you:

goldman sachs minions in congress and the highest white house positions of power and influence, blankfein, robby rubin, and all of his proteges, geithner and all of the ny fed syndicate, greenspan who said "if you understood what i said you weren't listening closely enough," fuld, sandy weill, chais, picower, dimon, wynn, adelson, charles prince, stephen friedman, jerry speyer, and these 5 hedge fund managers aka Financial Terrorists.

i wish you great success in all you pursue Sophie.
PhD: International Educator and Marketer
10:21 AM on 10/10/2011
If a child knows why she chose to join, with parental support, the protesters of Occupy L.A. instead of going to synagogue, why do Congress and Wall Street have such trouble understanding? I guess a child must lead them, so they understand the basic needs of the 99% of Americans.
10:06 AM on 10/10/2011
Very proud of you Ms. Sophie!
Crossing the line just because it's there.
10:05 AM on 10/10/2011
Not bad for a first adult decision. Not bad at all!
Aspie, Mom, Patriot
10:05 AM on 10/10/2011
Your family must be immensely proud; you are an amazing and exception young woman!
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09:56 AM on 10/10/2011
Youth Springs Eternal.
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10:46 AM on 10/10/2011
and hope
Romney's Dog: 21st Century Schrodinger's Cat
09:54 AM on 10/10/2011
Sophie, you are a credit to your parents. Being Jewish isn't just about attending synagogue on the high holydays, it's about the ethics and principles we hold in our heart and live by on a daily basis.

I personally am lapsed from much of the formal religion. But I still believe in the lessons instilled in me by my rabbi when I was being taught for my own bar mitzvah which included the compassion and empathy that you express so eloquently.

I only wish that Eric Cantor could read your post and learn how far he has strayed from the man he could be and the good that he could do for all in society.

My best wishes to you and your family.
09:34 AM on 10/10/2011
Good for you Sophie. We struggled in my family about what to do on Yom Kippur. We decided to fast and go to the protests where we live. We decided it was too important to ignore the sufferings of others. You and all of the other young people we saw out there are the most amazing generation of young people I have ever seen, Thank you for understanding what tikkun really signifies. G-d does understand and in my heart of hearts I know your name will be written in the book of life.
09:25 AM on 10/10/2011
You go girl!
09:24 AM on 10/10/2011
Thank you, Sophie. May you be a role model for many adults.
Fox relation to Fox News
09:11 AM on 10/10/2011
This is how things are person at a time.