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10:41 AM on 10/10/2011
Isn't this the same government that knowingly allowed milk companies to sell tainted milk to their customers??
The picture says it all....
11:46 AM on 10/10/2011
They have been reported to have sold lead based paint products such as kids toys.
11:57 AM on 10/10/2011
That as well. But they also helped cover up the widespread tainted milk problem a couple of years ago. They arrested a few executives at the milk company, but the problem had been known about by the Chinese government for a while before they did anything about it. It wasn't until kids started dying that they stepped in.
"There is a price to pay for speaking the truth. T
12:30 PM on 10/10/2011
Don't forget Miley Cyrus's cadmium laden trinkets for kids. Cyrus's brand name is just as guilty for this unhealthy junk as the Chinese who make it for pennies. Very few clean hands in this global market.
02:41 PM on 10/10/2011
No, this is the same Government that executed 2 people for selling tainted milk. 

Funny how you got that part wrong...
03:13 PM on 10/10/2011
I didn't get that wrong dear- I simply didn't mention it. They were arrested and then executed. But the government had known about the problem for quite some time. It was only after children had died that they arrested and executed the executives of the milk company.
10:36 AM on 10/10/2011
Funny, I did a Google search of "US mislabeled organic fines" and found that the maximum fine, which is considered high, is $10,000. I also doubt highly that the entire store would ever be closed in the US either.

Seems the Chinese take their food quality and fraudulent product labeling much more seriously than we do. At the same time, US corporations complain incessantly about how US regulation is killing them and the TeaBaggers lap it up...
11:00 AM on 10/10/2011
Agree 98%. My only quibble is that TeaBaggers don't lap it up, they suck it down.
03:09 PM on 10/10/2011
Heh. Well, I was thinking about making some sort of point that they were the lap dog of the Corporate Right and "lap" just resonated with me. But I could see them collectively kneeling before their corporate masters and sucking it down as well...
"There is a price to pay for speaking the truth. T
12:38 PM on 10/10/2011
aos, you are correct. They've put more than one "manager" to death for the sales of tainted milk, etc. Think we'd put any of the Wal-family to death? And our fines are so small, a cost of doing business that then becomes a tax write-off. It's a mess to be sure. I wonder how many small mom/pop groceries in China have closed since the Great Wal of ChinaMart opened there?
I cut this: "..Wal-Mart is committed to protecting the rights of consumers and will spare no efforts in this regard," the company said in the statement.."

THAT gave me the saddest laugh of the day.
10:15 AM on 10/10/2011 Don't mess with China...they'll mess you up
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Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
10:14 AM on 10/10/2011
In the US it would be classified in acceptable limits.
09:54 AM on 10/10/2011
No surprise. Get the dollar, or yen in this case. Mr. Sam would be proud.. Right beside the , "Made in America " slogan.
10:44 AM on 10/10/2011
it's not the Yen, it's the Yuan in China. Yen is Japan.