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TJ Logan
Fifth Generation Real Republican
05:45 PM on 10/11/2011
None of these suggestions will create jobs without renewed demand for goods and services world wide.

Bachman misses the point. No business will hire or expand until demand for its products is certain. This program does nothing to create demand and in fact by lowering government salaries will actually reduce demand.
Freedom = real democracy = living wages
06:13 PM on 10/11/2011
Great response, thank you!  Nice to read some people here know about basic economics...  and the revenue problems our country is enduring were caused by offshoring, and other means to reduce employees and/or worker wages.  Bachmann, as usual, is ignorant (out of natural tendencies or as a form of deception). 
06:27 PM on 10/11/2011
It's only visible result is to attempt to shift control of yet more wealth to the top 5%! It's a thinly-disguised but clumsy return to the economics of the 1920s and their skewed wealth distribution and ensuing crash.....

This polly-parrot polemicist is on a glide path to either obscurity or the Republican Vice-Presidential nomination.....provided she can learn to pour tea.....!
opera singing fighter for truth
05:37 PM on 10/11/2011
Can Republicans really not see past this BS? Tell me cons, what is so d a m n wonderful about a future where we have no serviceable roads, firemen, policemen, teachers, post offices, or health care? But we have privatized parks that were once the pride of our nation, privatized schools, debt up to our ears, no jobs, no social security, no medical care and our environment is full of dirty water and air? Oh and I forgot no civil liberties -- except for a gun! Got to have one of those! Do you really want to live in Somalia? Because that is where we are headed with the GOP agenda...
Freedom = real democracy = living wages
06:21 PM on 10/11/2011
They live by feeling warm and cozy over one-liners.  If asked to actually think into the situation, they'll respond with something like "Oh, that was a song sung by Aretha Franklin" or "Isn't that the name of some statue chiseled in 1500?"...
06:28 PM on 10/11/2011
....but the Kochs and their kind will be safe in their guarded compounds...!
05:36 PM on 10/11/2011
The state bird of Minnesota and Bachmann have something in common.
05:33 PM on 10/11/2011
Bachmann's economic plan PRAY............... because if I'm president you will need all the help you can get!!
Sinister yet Dexterous
05:31 PM on 10/11/2011
Economic Plan?

Oh, from the photo I thought she was in one of those 'Five dollar, Foot long" Subway commercials.
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Left of Left of Center-Left
05:29 PM on 10/11/2011
Bat Guano aside, Bachmann has become increasingly amateurish on the stump. Agreed, this is the primary season and GOoPers are going to be a little outrageous. Listening to Bachmann, I am now convinced that she is unqualified to be a member of the House of Representatives, never mind a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence. She was supposed to be Sarah Palin with brains.
I do not suffer fools....period
05:24 PM on 10/11/2011
In other words letr the Corporations rape America, and she will hold it down to facilitate it
no matter where you go, there you are
05:20 PM on 10/11/2011
1. legalize America's God-given natural resources ...pot is a natural resource
2. tax accommodations that would give companies incentive to re-invest at home money that presently is earned abroad....don't give any tax accommodations to begin with
3. decrease government worker salaries,....start with COngressional salaries and benefits
4. eliminate an inheritance tax ... and inheritancew tax...which one?
5. stop taxing investment and productivity... uh-oh...more loop holes?
6. scrapping the law that put new controls on the banks and other financial services businesses after the Wall Street meltdown of 2008. ...becuase what we had before worked so well
7. new consumer protection bureau lacks accountability to Congress and puts too much power in the hands of regulators...lead is an element that is on the Periodic Table...must be good for you
8. scale back environmental laws to encourage greater domestic energy production and give a spark to logging and mining industries...becuase while we willd efend your right to life we could care less about the quality of that life ( fesh air, clean water, healthy ecosystems)
9. repeal of President Barack Obama's signature health law...cause only Jesus has permission to heal the sick at little to no cost
10. stiffer enforcement of immigration laws...and emmigration, Michele, some people should only have influence on the people that elected them while the rest of us are protected from undue influence
Burden of Truth
just because you said it does not mean it is true
05:19 PM on 10/11/2011
So let’s go back to the policies that caused this whole mess and that will fix it


I did not know people were this dense
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RestInPieces GOP/CommentPending
05:19 PM on 10/11/2011
Did she imply legalizing marijuana --?
It's is, after all, a doG given resource....
Progressive Liberal Independent
05:13 PM on 10/11/2011
More like, "Destroy American Jobs, Right now!"

"tax accommodations that would give companies incentive to re-invest at home"

Companies are currently "investing" in software, hardware and machinery, not humans and jobs. Cutting taxes on that will create a bigger deficit and debt thereby supporting their idea for more cuts, leading to less demand, leading to more cuts... Republican plan for the economy... Flush it down the toilet.

"She also would decrease government worker salaries"

Less demand, less revenue, more cuts, less demand, less revenue....

"eliminate an inheritance tax"

Make rich people richer because maybe when they're sitting on $4 trillion they'll create jobs... $2 trillion isn't enough.

"roll back a slate of federal regulations"

Contrary to popular belief, the less a company has to comply with the less people they need to operate their business. This will just increase their profits, not create jobs. You have to increase demand, not reduce it.

Bachmann, we are trying to change course by getting rid of idiots like you.
A Dub
Conservative government is an organized hypocrisy
05:13 PM on 10/11/2011
This is totally amazing. She wants to completely get rid of the middle class

- decrease government worker salaries - more middle class cuts
- eliminate an inheritance tax - more money for the rich
- roll back a slate of federal regulations - more money for the rich
- repeal of President Barack Obama's signature health law - More middle class takeaways
- stop taxing investment and productivity - more money for the rich
- scrapping the law that put new controls on the banks and other financial services businesses after the Wall Street meltdown of 2008 - more money for the rich -- I can't believe this one, Why do you think we had a meltdown to begin with.
-scale back environmental laws - Just kill us all now and get it over with!

Enough of this blather - Occupy America!
Freedom = real democracy = living wages
06:15 PM on 10/11/2011
Lovely life
10:06 PM on 10/11/2011
Crazier and crazier. So very scary what these Pubs want to do!!! Do her supporters even HEAR her?
05:12 PM on 10/11/2011
Bachmann's 11-point economic plan: "Math is Hard." (Rinse and repeat 10 additional times)
Shadow Diver
When The Going Gets Weird, The Weird Turn Pro
05:09 PM on 10/11/2011
Before I even consider any financial solution she might have, I still want to hear Michelle's plan to get gas down to $2.00 a gallon. Apparently god wants her to keep that secret to herself.
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I used to be Snow White but I drifted.
05:41 PM on 10/11/2011
And McCain never told us his plan to get Bin Laden either.
Freedom = real democracy = living wages
06:17 PM on 10/11/2011
Probably by causing a massive economic depression.  Anybody with a brain should instantly note how her policies would incite just that.

And if she claims "We'll drill oil here and be independent", she needs to be held to her ignorance, regardless if it's real or feigned.  All oil drilled here is sold on the world market.  So she is either unaware or is outright lying.,_we_don%27t_get_the_oil/
Tri-corn hats cannot fit block heads
05:03 PM on 10/11/2011
Hachmann is trying so hard to stay relevant. She still can't accept TeaGOP is now a man's game to win. Then again Pizza Dough Boy, Rhinestone Cowboy and Sir Spatula ain't great either.