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08:41 AM on 10/13/2011
Once again, I am stunned by the complete ignorance of parents. Why do parents seem to never be able to understand: You have to love your child more than you hate the ex (or future ex)?
08:00 PM on 10/13/2011
Not everyone should be a parent. Too bad you don't have to pass a test to be eligible to try to become a parent.
07:41 AM on 10/13/2011
So called child support ( its not for the child) is excessive punitive and far far exceeds what an intact family would spend on that same child. No fault divorce laws were a mistake and so called child support laws (its not for the child) should be rewriten in every state. Our society and our nations familys are and have been for 35 years gone to the dogs because of it. Fathers and his children have suffered in silence for too long. Women are being allowed to destroy a family on a whim, and exploit the father and his child for unearned income and manic control. That must end for our society to heal.
08:40 AM on 10/13/2011
Bitter? I can assure you, when my ex was paying support (he was happy to be given the option of my husband adopting our child so he would no longer have to pay support), the amount of money he was required to provide for his daughter was much LESS than I spent monthly paying for everything else. HIS money barely covered her school lunch. MY money payed for housing, food, clothes, activities, HEALTH CARE, and all those other things kids need.
09:20 AM on 10/13/2011
In most cases, it's NOT excessive. The custodial parent has to pay for the roof over that child's head, in addition to all other household expenses on one salary. So unless you want your child living in a studio apartment or in poverty, you pay it and be grateful that your child is taken care of.
Shaun Hensley
The American Experiment has failed
04:35 PM on 10/12/2011
What's wrong with showing the kid exactly how much child support mom is getting, and how often?
Mr Anonymous
I used to be Mr Anonymous, but then the NSA.....
11:24 PM on 10/12/2011
Because it can potentially drag your children into you and your ex's drama or problems.
Shaun Hensley
The American Experiment has failed
12:45 PM on 10/13/2011
You mean like when mom tells her kid that dad is a deadbeat who's not paying any support?

It's the flip side of the same coin.
Vicki Larson
Journalist, mother, thinker
11:48 PM on 10/12/2011
@Shaun Hensley — Why is that important? Do married couples tell their kids how much the soccer camps, piano lessons, meals, movies, birthday parties, clothes, Halloween costumes, etc., cost? Probably not (at least I hope not). Kids just need to know that they're being taken care of, loved and accepted. There's no price tag for that.
09:03 AM on 10/13/2011
Respectfully, I think it's important, even essential, to teach children the value of money. How else, where else are they going to learn? Thus, I think it's important, even essential they know, at an appropriate age, how much "soccer camps, piano lessons, meals, movies, birthday parties, clothes, Halloween costumes, etc., cost?" Not that there is a "debt" - simply awareness. Children also need to learn responsibility. In my opinion.
10:10 AM on 10/13/2011
If children have no idea what things cost and how hard parents have to work to provide those things, how can they be expected to understand the value of money? Sometimes parents have to say no to an extra activity as the money is just not available. The child is still loved, accepted and taken care of, but also realizes that the bank account is not a bottomless pit.
04:21 PM on 10/12/2011
Some valuable reminder about human nature, nicely written.
You're welcome
01:41 PM on 10/12/2011
Blugger: Knowing that they will both soon drown, the frog gasps "Why?" The scorpion replies, "It's my nature..."


And that's why you must never trust a divorce lawyer.
09:02 AM on 10/13/2011
My ex has a bad divorce lawyer. He lost the shirt off his back. So now he can remain a scorpion only to be crush.
10:32 AM on 10/13/2011
I'm not so sure that your husband is the scorpion in this had a choice in the matter and you could have made it fair for both sides, bad lawyer or not.