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10:52 PM on 10/13/2011
Good read:

Tikun Olam-תיקון עולם: Make the World a Better Place


"First, let’s recapitulate what we know: an Iranian-American from a Texas border town, who was a failed used car dealer (oh and that mug shot displayed here? from a check fraud case in which he wasn’t prosecuted…or was it the time his wife filed a domestic violence charge against him?), contacted a Mexican drug dealer he knew, allegedly affiliated with the Zeta drug cartel, who’d done one too many drug deals and gotten caught by the feds. In return, presumably for a lighter sentence, the dealer agreed to act as a paid informant and steer the conspiracy to the point where charges could be filed. The mastermind behind the plot, Manssor Arbabsiar, had a cousin inside Iran who he claimed was an Iranian Revolutionary Guard official."

"The even larger question here is whether this is just a shambles of a case pursued because of bad judgment; or whether there are ulterior political motives being exploited by Pres. Obama, as I’ve alluded to before when I wrote that this reminds me of the Tonkin Gulf incident that fueled extensive U.S. intervention in the Vietnam war."
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07:51 AM on 10/14/2011
The original Zetas were trained at The School of the Americas..cia assets, and another cia creation