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11:32 PM on 10/14/2011
The Mexican people are paying much of the price for Reagan's hideously failed and costly war on drugs. Legalization would go a long way to solving this bloody situation.
12:13 AM on 10/15/2011
01:38 AM on 10/15/2011
Legalization would put the drug lords out of business by the American drug companies. It's an old idea that has been rejected by the Amerrican government.
10:29 PM on 10/14/2011
Allow me to dispatch this racism business once and for all.

Nobody hates Mexicans. Mexicans are hard-working and easy to get along with. In fact, that's why you're talking all the jobs: your much easier to get along with than blacks or even whites are.

So it's not about race.

We love you like brothers, the problem is, it's just time for you to go home.
10:09 PM on 10/14/2011
Let's keep arguing over what the exact definition of marriage is, or whether or not women can have abortions. Let's just ignore the huge festering disease of criminality and violence feeding off of our flank.
Don't Ask Me for the Answer You Want to Hear
08:09 PM on 10/14/2011
Mexico needs a "Mantequilla" to lead all the illegals back over the border to reclaim their country . . . and rescue Towlie!
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10:22 AM on 10/15/2011
>> "Mexico needs a ""Mantequilla"" to lead all the illegals back over the border....."

Mexico needs a "BUTTER" to lead...???
oh dios mio !!
Don't Ask Me for the Answer You Want to Hear
07:16 PM on 10/15/2011
and I need Towlie!
07:11 PM on 10/14/2011
what a shame. mexico is a beautiful, vibrant country. I love the mexican people.
04:12 PM on 10/14/2011
Veracruz is a wonderful place to visit, their food and culture are so rich, the people are so nice and friendly, its a shame this is happening to them, but the president is fighting and hopefully this will be over soon.
03:38 PM on 10/14/2011
Not to worry.

Rep. Chuck Schumer -- Obama's point man on immigration reform -- assures us all of the 30 million illegal aliens will undergo extensive criminal background checks -- including those from the Veracruz area of Mexico mentioned above -- before being granted citizenship.

As he explained, we're sending them our state of the art surplus computers so they're be able to start running the background checks immediately ... if they ever get electricity.
07:12 PM on 10/14/2011
your point is ?