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02:26 AM on 05/14/2008
Truth is....Einstein believe in and calabrated God. But in a PANTHEIST sense.. he was entirely humbled AND AWED BY the perfection of the NATURAL WORLD....AND HE WROTE EXTENSIVELY ABOUT THIS. If you read, you will see that in the above, he meant organized religions and their tenets and rituals.....were childish....even dangerous. And I agree.

His level of intuitive awareness marked his genius. The math and the physiccs were only the end game formal renderings.
02:45 AM on 05/14/2008
Exactly right. It's not that Einstein didn't believe in God, it's just his conception of God was different from what most contemporary religions portray it to be. Scott Adams' book "God's Debris" or Edgar Allen Poe's "Eureka" (which are both available online for free) describe the type (or similar type) of god Einstein imagined. Everything is god from people to the Earth to the Universe.
07:16 AM on 05/14/2008
I think you both ought to let Einstein speak for himself. He made his thoughts quite clear.
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08:22 AM on 05/14/2008
Don't try to interpret Einstein's appreciation of natural complexity as belief in a "god." You're just encouraging the "different-kind-of-god" nonsense, which is the last fallback for those who keep telling atheists that anything they believe in is really some form of god, which means they really aren't atheists after all.
06:18 AM on 05/14/2008
That's interesting. I'd like to read the letter in whole, because the article describes a person who is not consistent with my understanding.
02:25 AM on 05/14/2008
"It was, of course, a lie what you read about my religious convictions, a lie which is being systematically repeated. I do not believe in a personal God and I have never denied this but have expressed it clearly. If something is in me which can be called religious then it is the unbounded admiration for the structure of the world so far as our science can reveal it." --albert einstein

no news there, he's an anti-american liberal commie atheist
02:55 AM on 05/14/2008
and damn proud of it
02:57 AM on 05/14/2008
You say that as if it were a bad thing? What this country needs is a good kick in the ass by athiests. Are you on the Kansas school board, by chance?
03:23 AM on 05/14/2008
heard of "sarcasm"?
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02:24 AM on 05/14/2008
The Einstein letter: "Belief in God "Childish" . . . only addresses the fact that when one of the sharpest minds of the twentieth century is revealed, concerning religion, then coming to any other conclusion would seem not only awkward but ludicrous.
02:23 AM on 05/14/2008
The idea of being a chosen people refers to religious Jews feeling that they were chosen to spread the word of God (monotheism.) That God chose them to receive the ten commandments and share it with the world. To secular Jews this means the idea that there should be certain rules of justice, of morality that should be considered universal. It DOES NOT mean, nor has it ever meant, that Jews feel they are better than others. That lie is found in the infamous virulently anti-semitic forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, not Jewish doctrine.

Of course those who are religious do feel their take on God is the correct one and therefore the others are mistaken. The same that Christians believe in their take, Muslims theirs, etc. That's part of how religions work. But no Jew is saying the those who disagree with them are somehow less worthy as people. If anything, Jews are much less missionary than other religions (not missionary whatsoever actually) and one doesn't find Jews trying to convert others. Also, note that Jews do not believe that non-believers are all going to pay a price or burn in eternal Hell like some religious Christians do.

I'm guessing Einstein feeling the need to comment on the choseness of Jews, came out of having to defend the position set by anti-Semites (that Jews are elitist in their views, think themselves better, etc.) and not what Jewish tradition actually teaches.
02:34 AM on 05/14/2008
ah, i'm sorry, have you ever took a look at the Talmud? nah, i didn't think so, that explains why you are pulling this out of your a*se
Now what?
05:05 AM on 05/14/2008
The Jews were the first to codify a set of ethical standards and more importantly for Western civilization, WRITE THEM DOWN. What the Jews gave western civilization was writing as we know it., i.e., a system of writing that is made up entirely of abstract "letters" on a page. Although other cultures had systems of writing, they were pictographic or symbolic, literally "in nature", as they were based on elements found in nature...a bull, a bird, a star, etc. Ancient Hebrew was the first entirely abstract writing system, extremely compact, awesomely versatile in its application. It is this writing technology, and the transcription of the living Jewish culture (stories, histories, laws, customs, etc.,) into words on a page that allowed Judaism to survive no matter what befell the Jewish people over the centuries. There were called in the ancient world, the people of the Book, or the people of the Word. Wherever the Jews went in the world, they took their culture with them because it was written down and thus easily transportable and forever renewable. Writing is still the most powerful technology that humans have developed. In it is the record of all human knowledge and experience......end of PART ONE.
10:47 AM on 05/14/2008
The written word is indeed powerful and it can provide the necessary sparks to create a nation and to maintain a people over time. Hypocrisy of that written and touted as gospel is equally powerful. As just a quick example let's look at the written word "All men are created equal". Now let's set aside the fact that this written statement is imperfect as written because it already excludes women from the calculation and decree. In practice what we find through perusing history is that what was written is not what was practiced. What was practiced is that all men of European descent are created equal and certain other men fall under property rights like cattle because they are less than human. Writing the truth is powerful in effect, as is writing a lie. I do appreciate the expanse and depth of your analysis of the written word as it relates to Jewry though. It stimulates a desire to do some research. Growth is the highest.
02:11 AM on 05/14/2008
E = mc squared, and religion = expression of human weakness. Both theories add up.
02:11 AM on 05/14/2008
It seems a safe presumption that Einstein viewed religion as Freud did.

Freud: no one could possibly interperet any 'ambevilance' regarding his thoughts on religion/s and God. His writings were very straight-forward, e.g.: people use religion as a scapegoat, and/or as a comfort to explain of 'the unknowns' and emotionally painful things such as death ....

.... such thoughts re: 'God' would've gone over like a lead balloon with puritan God-fearing public --majority of the public -- at the time!
02:05 AM on 05/14/2008
Isn't it amaziing that this is making new? Ya would a thunk (Or in this case, prayed) people took the bible with a grain a salt and in historic perspective instead of hailing every word as the word of God (as heard by the ears of men) and the ultimate truth. I'm jewish and I think it's quite suspect to claim the term "chosen people" for yourself. I mean most people tend to overestimate themselves, right Georgy boy.
The fact that this is shocking and scandalous news to many is evidence of where we stand on the ladder of evolution.
02:00 AM on 05/14/2008
Don't need a letter written by Einstein in 1954 to say aloud what intelligent people knew all along that
"Gods' chosen people' and "God gave us Israel" is a lot of bunkum, foisted on simple minded unsuspecting people to perpetuate the World's biggest con i.e. the claim of Eastern European pagan converts to Israel.

They can't even get their Holocaust story straight and that was this century, however they can claim verbatim a life and conversation with a God some 2000 years prior.
02:46 AM on 05/14/2008
whoa - don't drag the holocaust into this. Whether there is or is not a God and whether or not he or she chose the Jews as special, there is no excuse to systematically take people out of their homes and lock them away and starve and torture them.
07:19 AM on 05/14/2008
Why would you tell someone else what they should not write about?
01:24 AM on 05/16/2008
You are surely talking about the unconscionable actions of the jews against the Palestinians i.e. the systematic actions of the IOFs nightly raids: Smashing down doors dragging women and children out of their beds, ransacking their homes, stealing money and jewelery. Incarcerating underage kids without trial. Unless they are now harvesting organs I can't see the value in imprisoning soo many children.
01:59 AM on 05/14/2008
I would suggest that it's how most religionists explain God that is the problem, and thus it is understandable why many people are turned off. Consider that a space shuttle contains millions of parts, meticulously engineered and assembled to exacting precision in order to produce the wonderful machine that we send into space for various reasons. And if I suggested to you that it just evolved into that design from the fundamental elements, without a designer, producer, or assembler, you would never believe that. But a space shuttle pales in design comparison to even the simplest organism on this planet, but scientists expect us to believe that designs of these simple organisms have no designer. Not to mention more complex organisms.
02:07 AM on 05/14/2008
I should have said "but some scientists expect us to believe..." in my previous comment. There are many scientists that recognize the existence of God as being obvious.
02:32 AM on 05/14/2008
Actually, they only recognize their own faith to be obvious. Beyond that, to a good scientist nothing is obvious. Especially not science.
02:33 AM on 05/14/2008
perhaps this will put to rest the contention that einstein believes in god, as the religious often claim based on his 'god does not play dice' statement

briel, look for ken miller's talk on intelligent design. he's a biologist who testified in the dover trial. even if you're not convinced by his arguments, at the very least you know what the arguments are.

he also happens to be religious ...
02:09 AM on 05/14/2008
Irreducible complexity is a non-argument. I hate to echo the voice of every atheist voice, but one would have to deduce that any designer who creates such a complex object would itself be even more complex. Thusly it also must have a designer.

Such a stance ignores the plentiful writings and research in evolutionary biology.
03:25 AM on 05/14/2008
Then you believe that the space shuttle could have engineered and built itself, or began (in some similarly inexplicable manner) as less complex, and evolved. If what you suggest is possible with infinitely more complex objects, then one must deduce that it must be possible with the lesser complex.
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01:58 AM on 05/14/2008
All you needed to know is read his own book 'On Cosmic Religion'. His concept of religion has nothing really to do with Christian or Jewish theology at all.
01:48 AM on 05/14/2008
It didn't take an Einstein to figure that out, but it's good of him to weigh in on it.