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I needs proof read more!
10:57 AM on 10/18/2011
All the best with your battle, and on a personal note I've known far too many people diagnosed lately with cancer, personally and otherwise. I don't know if it's my age, the access to information or a growth in the disease, but not a month goes by where I don't see someone make this announcement on facebook or hear about it in the news.

Such a shame that cancer doesn't speak another language and worships another religion. Could you imagine the effort and money going into a war on cancer? Something that actually DOES affect more people than the bogeyman over seas?
12:22 PM on 10/18/2011
Excellent comment. Very well said.
02:03 PM on 10/18/2011
Agreed! If we put the effort wasted on things like renaming french fries - we'd be beating this horrible disease.
I wish her the best.
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09:55 AM on 10/18/2011
I wish her the best and feel that she'll do well - they've apparently found it early. I think it's time that we are told the statistics of breast cancer related to In Vitro. The numbers are high. Many young women fight breast cancer after having had In Vitro and some lose their lives if it's not caught early enough. Best wishes to Giulliana and all those in this fight.