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live by the golden rule
12:14 PM on 05/15/2008
Reporters used to come from the working class to the news room. Now they are communications majors with hairdos. They travel around patronizing and judging the political candidates, rather than covering the issues public figures seek to highlight.
Contrast the absence of reporting on poverty with Charlie Gibson's intense questioning of Clinton and Obama at the ABC News debate about the Capital Gains tax- now there's an issue that journalists care about!
But to draw attention to poverty you must care deeply about it=---- the national dissing of the entire West Virginia electorate because a small percentage voted based on race shows that the fears and dreams of poor and struggling people are not much of a concern for those doing the talking.
Life is hard. After all, it kills you.
12:12 PM on 05/15/2008
Sadly the media loves to cover scandals and smut and gossip, and the American people feed right into it, which only encourages that. After the whole Wright issue was big news, they didn't want to let Obama talk about ANYTHING else. Every time he tried to talk about issues and policies, they kept asking more Wright questions, like nothing else mattered to us.
05:45 PM on 05/15/2008
"Sadly the media loves to cover scandals and smut and gossip, and the American people feed right into it"

No, "mainstream" media, because it is more profitable to hide the real issues, force feeds America narcissistic, pathetic bs. Americans and non-Americans around the world are really not to terribly different when it comes right down to it, in their desire for basic information. Look in any foreign news source and you will see real news, not reel news.
07:59 PM on 05/15/2008
Forgive me for the digression, but you are only partly correct in your observation. Both the venerable BBC, and the CBC are, slowly, both decending to the lowest common denominator and are pandering for ratings. The disease seems to be spreading with the demise of journalists and the rise of their MBA overlords.
11:29 AM on 05/15/2008
Edwards always seems like he's on show trying to win a higher office.
Perhaps the one term senator would have done more good serving two or three terms than running on ego for the Presidency. He seems like a fake, just like Obamas campaign.
12:06 PM on 05/15/2008
Edwards maybe seen fake... because he's not typically painted and paraded in the media.... like the other sensational story lines.... Edwards track record shows merit...

He just chose the wrong time to compete for American Idol, clearly Obama found the nation's pulse and is riding that wave into Office... As for Obama's campaign being fake... all he has to do... not be like bush and listen to someone other than his croonies and we'll be fine..
12:38 PM on 05/15/2008
good point, really dont understand the rush with these guys.
a few terms of good worrk in the senate and some notable successes would have made our job chosing so much easier.
12:43 PM on 05/15/2008
Go Edwards Go!
Life is hard. After all, it kills you.
12:09 PM on 05/15/2008
That comment doesn't make any sense...all politicians are on show trying to win a higher office! Hillary Clinton is in the same boat with them.
11:26 AM on 05/15/2008
The major networks, specifically CNN which should be called the (Clinton News Network)
has reduced its' image worldwide to gossip and slander. Guess they do not have any thinkers
there. Disgusting.

They have gone too far. Note Wolf Blitzer yesterday and the ultimate in rudeness in interview
with a Superdelegate Obama supporter. Unfortunately CNN has done more to become a divisive rag in ews reporting than anything else. It is a sick commentary on U.S. reporting. The only reporter there who seems to TRY to get a real view of what is going in seems to be Anderson Cooper! How sad!

The answer to the problem would be to ignore WOLF BlitZer COMPLETELY.

They will pay a high price down the road when things settle down. If the DNC is thinking at all, they will
make sure that the Print Media get news first (seconds count don't they).

Recommend that everyone go online and read the major newspapers every morning.!

We are going to just read the headlines from the major newspapers & blogs
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03:12 PM on 05/15/2008
CNN has NEVER been anything other than gossip and sensationalism. CNN is just as bad as FOX News -- just in the opposite direction (usually). But journalistic standards? They both read from the same book ...
05:23 PM on 05/15/2008
They have ALL gone too far; there's not one network or cable news program on TV that has a strictly straight news format--even Olbermann is so pro Obama that his credibility is suffering [and I support Obama!].

If you want unspun news you've gotta dig for it. Usually any report from a McClatchy source is credible....
11:21 AM on 05/15/2008
High levels of inequality result in social unrest and political polarization, and there is no viable democracy without a stable middle class. The ideal of those pushing to make America more and more unequal is likely someplace like Brazil (the second most unequal country in the world), where the super-rich live in high-walled enclaves--fortresses, really--that keep the sea of misery around them at bay, and where the rich are free to loot the national wealth while the downtrodden poor don't have the clout to fight back except with bouts of violent uprising that will be brutally put down.
05:26 PM on 05/15/2008
True...and if we don't do our best to make a strong transition away from the NeoConservative rot that had brought us to such crisis, we'll be in the same boat here in the US, and we won't have along time to wait before it gets here....
11:08 AM on 05/15/2008
Thank you, Peter, for pointing out the lack of media coverage to this campaign. The same lack of coverage dommed Edward's presidential campaign.
02:05 PM on 05/15/2008
If only Edwards had chosen a UCC church in Philadelphia, the media would have FLOCKED to see what it was about!
09:48 PM on 05/15/2008
The more light shined on Edwards the worse he would have done. He's got a message of class warfare, he's a lying trial attorney who gets $400 haircuts and lives in a 28000 sq. ft. house and his neighbors can't stand him.
03:04 AM on 05/16/2008
it seems u never stop - at least come up with a new headline ..... oh - u added "his neighbors ....." - they're probably rebuplicans or worse - neo-conservatives - u know what that is? .... right ....? .... u r funny .... Oh - one last thing - I voted for Bush - twice - so if u want to discuss "the issues" - u probably don't want to with me because I've been there and I've seen the lies .....
11:01 AM on 05/15/2008
There is only one war, class war, and all the others are naught but its various fronts.