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09:42 AM on 05/20/2008
Please, people have been making fun of Hillary's outfits since the beginning of time. She shouldn't wear bright yellow or blue, head-to-toe, if she doesn't want to be ridiculed. It is as if a focus group told her to be "more sunny" and she took it literally. And the funny thing is, I have yet to hear a man speak these words. Most men don't particularly notice or care about fashion. Women do. I guess that makes us women sexists.

And the whole bitch argument? Tina Fey, a woman and her supporter, coined that term. I guess that means Tina is sexist. And I hate my own gender (and mother) because I don't support Hillary. It has nothing to do with who Hillary is as a person or how I think she would lead the country.

Obama (a.k.a. "The Antichirst") is the furthest thing from mysonginistic, as evidenced by his incredibly strong, beautiful, and intelligent wife. This whole sexist argument is a classic straw man that Hillary created and is using to divide this country by gender in a last ditch effort to save something she believes is owed to her by the American people. I don't owe her a damn thing.
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"pray for the dead, fight like hell for the liv
09:31 AM on 05/20/2008
Where do we go from here? Women need to start seeing the feminist movement as something broader than white women getting job promotions and breaking through glass ceilings. As a woman, I am not moved by the fact that Hillary is a woman. I know a lot of women see their own struggles wrapped up in Hillary, but I think that's dangerous. She does not represent your struggles. She represents her own. As a woman, I've been deeply disappointed by the lack of critical thinking among those in the women's movement who want to hold up Clinton's failure as an assualt on all women. Yes, sexism exists. Yes, we've seen plenty of it in this campaign. In fact this campaign has been evidence of the failures of the women's movement. Failure to appeal to young women, failure to articulate any kind of philosophy that ties our struggle to the struggle of others. This is a dangerous moment in history. If John McCain is elected Roe V. Wade will be overturned. War in Iraq will continue. Iran will be next. Rather than focus on tearing down Obama for the sake of building up Hillary, it's time to realize there are other issues at stake besides glass ceilings. How do we build a women's movement that respects all people? Right now the feminists supporting Clinton see sexism, but not racism. They forgive war posturing. It's okay to threaten to "obliterate" Iran, so long as we elect a woman president.
09:19 AM on 05/20/2008
First an foremost, your analagy of sweetie is totally off the mark. Most women I have discussed this comment with did not find the remark offensive or dismissive. Until women assert themselves as true equals, the obstacles will remain. By turning the election into one based on gender is hypocritcal and unfair. The shriil cries of women who claim that Hillary has been demeaned in this election by sexism is flat out incorrect. She has been her own worst enemy by complaining every step of the way about how everbody was picking on her. If she were a true representative of women, she would have gone into this asserting why she would be the better candidate, instead of coming into this race with the attitude that this was hers, and noody better take the ball from her. her negativity from the beginning, not to mention her demeaning attitude to everone who does not agree with her are partially responsible for her loss. If her campaign had kept their eye on the ball, she would not bein the position she is in. She is using her gender to claim that everyone is sexist, while gloosing over her mean spirited and sometimes racist campaign. I believe that we will have a woman President in the near future. Clinton was just the wrong person because of all her baggage and negativity. she has done more to diminsh this party than any candidate has ever done. I am female, and over 50.
09:00 AM on 05/20/2008
What ever else you can say about Hillary, you can't say she is an asker - not a taker. Hillary lost to Obama because she was not as a good a candidate, not because she is a woman.

Perhaps you are that simplistic in your thinking but I am one of those old feminists who endured sexism in the work place and life in general. I learned that if I thought of myself as a victim, I became a victim, I carried myself as a victim, I saw everything through the eyes of a victim. In my late 20s I realized that I couldn't control what other people thought of me.

Feminism taught me that I am not Cinderella and Prince Charming wasn't coming to save me. Feminism taught me that I am master of my fate. Feminism taught me to recognize limitations I imposed upon myself. Feminism taught me that women's liberation was men's liberation also. I bear no animosity to men who were responding to their socio-economic conditioning as much as I had at one time. Feminism taught me that I am the change I want to see in the world.

Obama has won fairly. Obama won more delegates, more super delegates and the popular vote. He is a superior leader, managed his campaign and finances much better and he maintained his integrity at all times.

I'm sorry that you can't see the facts as they are
08:55 AM on 05/20/2008
As a lifelong feminist I think this campaign was NOT sexist. The reason Hillary Clinton did so poorly was not because she was a woman. That is major progress in itself. Where do we go from here? Let's get better female candidates.
08:48 AM on 05/20/2008

You could start by backing someone who didn't authorize the war in Iraq to show she was tough!
08:38 AM on 05/20/2008
"...but few seem bothered by the fact that he's not playing by the rules"

You're kidding, right? I mean, she's never not played "by the rules" by doing things like, oh, I don't know, constantly changing the "number" of delegates needed to win, claiming FL/MI wouldn't count and then demanding they count, claiming she wanted the "will of the people" but not counting actual voters who voted in caucuses, claiming the MI vote was "fair". She's never done anything like that, right? Obama (and a rather brilliant campaign team) looked at the RULES at the outset and determined that this is a delegate race and then set out to get enough delegates. Why is it that when Clinton and her crack-team of campaigners goofed up and didn't bother to learn the rules (like Penn thinking CA was winner take all) we're spposed to accomodate her and change the rules? Because she's a woman????
08:35 AM on 05/20/2008
"if Hillary were claiming victory like Obama......" PLEASE: Hillary Clinton is going around she has the majority of the popular vote. What if Obama were doing that? Could someone please explain how a legitimate feminist would spout this nonsense.
08:31 AM on 05/20/2008
Can you please identify the "many loud voices" that claim there is no gender problem in America?? because I have no idea who you are referring to. It seems like a straw man argument to me.

And you mention that Barack breaks the rules by proclaiming himself the victor and compare that to Hillary trying to get the party rules changed when she sees she is hopelessly behind otherwise. That is so apples and oranges I hardly know where to begin. First of all, back in January Hillary said in an interview that we would have a nominee by Super Tuesday. Since she was the prohibitive favorite at that point, one can easily infer what was meant by that : I will be the nominee by Super Tuesday. She ran as an incumbent in a year of change. She was tone deaf to the voters' desires, front loaded her campaign efforts, blew her wad of cash early, and ignored caucus states. She lost because she ran a TERRIBLE campaign. Plain and simple.
08:31 AM on 05/20/2008
Where we should go from here is to stop pretending that Hillary Clinton lost the nomination because she's a woman.

*That* I think is one of the most sexist things I've heard. And it seems to be being said a lot lately.

She was a viable candidate. She had a good shot. She ran a bad campaign. But if we stop pretending she lost because of her gender, then we can start examining why she really lost and the next woman who runs for the presidency might actually win. Stop making excuses and start examining reality.
08:24 AM on 05/20/2008
Did anyone see the interview on Today this morning with Geraldine (I'm a relic) Ferraro and Rachael Maddow? Amazing how she is showing her age and demonstrating that "old style politics" are still being used here. It's like driving a Pacer when you can drive a Ferrari! Scary! Her argument that Obama has been sexist couldn't be backed up with any of "her" facts....she didn't have any facts to back her up. Sad, really sad!
09:25 AM on 05/20/2008
The fact that Ferraro admitted she was only on the VP ticket in 84 because she is a woman only increases the patheticness of her arguement.
08:17 AM on 05/20/2008
Using sexism to explain this campaign loss is just an excuse. You know how bad a campaign Hillary led. You also know how totally disassociated her argumentation is from reality, and still you co-opt it. That is denial. No one is going to take your arguments seriously until you start acknowledging the basic facts:

Clinton trails in popular vote. She trails in delegates. She has run under democratic rules, and accepted those rules at the outset. What is so hard to grasp with this? What is sexist about it?

If Obama declares himself winner, I feel sure that he will have very compelling numbers to back that up. When Hillary has done stuff like that, the uproar has not been over gender, but over the twisting of truth and reality.

And I'll tell you another thing: I was excited about a woman president. I thought that would be a great step forward in US politics. I admit it, I was sexist - favoring the woman. If she had been an elderly man, Joe Biden would probably have gotten my vote before her.

However, she was lacking. She planned poorly, staffed worse, and fundraising/budgeting has been horrific. But because I let that decide my views, I will probably be called a sexist - the wrong way.
07:56 AM on 05/20/2008
This article is so wrong in so many ways. Claiming that Clinton is not going to be the nominee because of sexism is a cop out. There are so many aspects to how she ran, what she said, what she claimed, lied about, pandered, that killed her chances of winning this. Sexism may have come into play in about 2% of old hardliners (chauvinistic dinosaurs) that would never vote for women. When will it finally be accepted by all that she ran one of the lousiest campaigns in modern history? What has been happening over the last week is the realization by realistic people that it would take an asteroid falling on Obama for Clinton to pull out the nomination now. She is wasting time and money gasping for "saving face" points now. Instead of owning up to the failure that is apparent to the most casual of observers and starting the process of unifying the party, she continues on what amounts now just to an ego trip under the guise of giving every last voter their say. If Obama was in her shoes, believe me, the roar would be deafening for him to have withdrawn and get behind her. What we have now is the fourth quarter of a game just being played out as it is mathematically impossible at this stage for the losing team to pull ahead short of a complete collapse by the team in the lead and the patrons are heading to the parking lot.
07:49 AM on 05/20/2008
I am a woman and the same age as Sen. Obama. I have experienced discrimination, but in no way was that discrimination anything like what my African American friends have had to endure.

So, they were mean to you at the law firm you worked at. That sucks, but when I was in the fourth grade and our school was desegregated my teacher made all of the black kids sit in the back of the room, and then would stand with them and tell as all how something smelled funny. That happened.

Your experiences, and I am sure Sen. Clinton’s, have made you sensitive to sexism. I am sure Sen. Obama’s have made him sensitive to racism. The difference is he has never used that discrimination to make excuses for bad decisions and bad management. That is what cost Sen. Clinton the nomination, no matter how much feminists maintain otherwise.
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07:14 AM on 05/20/2008
Let me say it again it unfair to ask of Hillary Clinton to shoulder the sole responsibility of being the first woman to become President for woman sake. And that not even a legitimate motivation to want to become President! I don't want someone who spend his or in this case her own life focused over becoming the first woman or black for that matter that kind of peoples make bad leaders because they are not in to do the job but to be the job! It not going to be her not because she a woman but because she ran a very bad campaign! Hell anybody who kept that train wreck would tell you they made bad call after bad call! And the Obama campaign outperformed the Clinton campaign at every turn. Their online foundraising is a thing to behold they had a plan for after Super Tuesday and thing just took off like a Tsunami well you can shoot at the Tsunami all you want it not going to stop! Let face reality it going to be someone else get over it! For crying out loud for some peoples her defeats is like the end of the world!

What even make you think she would have done a good President the way she ran her campaign I got a feeling we dodged a major bullet! You know like a sniper Bullet!