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I can think, I can wait, and I can fast
11:03 PM on 10/23/2011
Your family name is Peterson. Are you the son of Peter? Or the great-great-great descendant of the pater Peter? It is not just a 'family name.' I know there are exceptions but by and large, western family names are from the male line.

All the women who became Petersons gave up their family names.

Best thing is if we all just give up family names. They don't really indicate much anyway.
I don't think Eddie Murphy can trace his family to Leinster.
Ignorance stirs my inner demon...Sorry.
01:27 AM on 10/24/2011
Apparently, Blacks and Irish immigrants married more than with any other ethnic groups in the 19th century (
I can think, I can wait, and I can fast
01:43 AM on 10/24/2011
Interesting stuff. I genuinely thank you for the link.

However, as a general truth, I think my point still stands.
Leonor Fontes
10:53 PM on 10/23/2011
taking your husband's name is so last century. It's a stupid idea invented by men. Why should you lose your identity?
11:20 PM on 10/23/2011
So the parents' name will match the kids? That was the main reason we share last names. Kept the maiden name professionally though.

But whatever...
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12:21 AM on 10/24/2011
"Your" identity is the identity given to you by your parents anyway. You had as much control over it as you did your hair color. But I wonder, ever dye your hair?
10:51 PM on 10/23/2011
My wife took my name and wont give it back.
10:50 PM on 10/23/2011
Here's the thing. It's never the woman's name anyway. It's her father's name or her husband's name. I don't know the answer, but for now, I'm just placing less energy into the whole last name thing.
09:48 PM on 10/23/2011
The name I use here is taken from a phone book. I have kept my maiden name for my profession and took his name only for private, social reasons.
09:26 PM on 10/23/2011
If you take the diamond, you change your name. Otherwise you give him a diamond and he gets your name. Or you both become latinos (Perez and Sobelez are cool), because, in spite of all the alleged machismo, we do not ask anybody to change any name.
08:45 PM on 10/23/2011
I was speaking with this with a friend of mine the other day.

The emphases is always on the woman taking man's name and how it is such a great sacrafice but there are a number of reasons why men might want to not Give their name to a women.

Say, for example, in various ways, the woman exercises immoral, unethical, or perhaps even criminal behaivior-variety of circumstanes, situaitons. In the process the woman damages the man's name through her behaivor.

The whole emphases on a woman's great sacrafice on taking a man's name is over kill and tired. At this point, I can say, woman sd just keep their names and stop acting as if it some great honor or sacrafice. Men need to seriosly consider giving their name to a woman for the reasons I listed above.

The day could come when a man regrets giving a woman their name for a long list of reasons.
06:12 AM on 10/24/2011
This is so true!!!

My ex-husband (first marriage for me, second for him) seriously regretted that his first wife still had his name, as she was out drugging and turning tricks and getting all kinds of criminal charges under HIS name.

He tried, at the divorce, to get the judge to force Missy to change her name back, but the judge said No, so what can be done?

The rest of his family are law-abiding citizens, up-standing and influential members of the community, who have for over twelve years now had to explain "the Missy situation" whenever their last name appears in the police blotter or the small-town newspaper.

It can be a nightmare all around. And now MY son has the same last name as Corpus Christi's biggest druggie/slut...nice, huh?
Keeping My Gratitude Higher Than My Expectations..
07:54 PM on 10/23/2011
It is a really personal decision & completely ridiculous for anyone to judge.
We both changed our last name when we got married. My mother remarried & moved to an extremely remote area of Northern CA, thus pushing my father out of the picture (he sent child support to my grandfather's address until I finished college, though he was not allowed any access to me).
Back in those days the children were often registered for school under the stepfather's surname.
When we started our life together, we rid ourselves of all that sad history, ditched the derelict alcoholic stepfather's last name & went back to the name on my birth certificate.
Within 6 months my real father found me & we have had a wonderful relationship for the last 15 years.
N Timothy Aho
07:31 PM on 10/23/2011
glad we sorted that one
Equal means equal, hypocrites.
07:10 PM on 10/23/2011
"Furthermore, what if we do have a child and they became a Peterson-Sobel and then married a Hemlock-Sterling. Will their offspring be Peterson-Sobel-Hemlock-Sterling? Where does it end?!"

Oh, thank you. I was so ready to make this point no matter what your article said.

Take his name...keep your name...whatever....but stop it with the hyphens...

I don't want to have to spend 30% of my life on your various last names.
06:21 PM on 10/23/2011
i didn't change my name and i don't feel like i lost out on anything. i also admit to judging women who do choose to change their names. it just feels so wrong to me.

my kids have their fathers name. it doesn't bother me in the least. i know they're my kids. they all have my nose.
07:37 PM on 10/23/2011
Your humor made my day.
11:08 PM on 10/23/2011
Maybe some women out there are judging you for letting YOUR kids have his name. HE didn't carry those children for NINE months.

But then again, what is served by judging people for decisions that have nothing to do with you.