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01:32 AM on 06/03/2008
Obama knows that Iran is Shia. McCain, not so much.
12:56 AM on 06/03/2008
I'm really confused. Of course Obama and McCain differ on Iran. So Kristol is LYING, but he's lying WHY? To support Obama? To support McCain?

This is really confusing. I think Kristol has totally lost it.
06:18 AM on 06/03/2008
He's lying in order to make McCain not look so out to lunch on his foreign policy. If he said Obama was wrong, he'd be playing up the difference between Obama and McCain which would only make McCain a less likely winner.
I am a liar. Don't believe me.
06:23 AM on 06/03/2008
He is hedging his bets. After November, he may well be unemployed. Nothing better than reach some olive branches - just in case...
12:42 AM on 06/03/2008
Wow, very interesting statements. I'll be interested in hearing how Obama's speech goes. So far he's pretty much trounced McCain in foreign policy so if he beats McCain here... that's it... McCain's foreign policy expertise platform is gone.
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12:31 AM on 06/03/2008
Very interesting. Perhaps Kristol is concerned that the backlash against what Bush did in the Knesset will be duplicated with a backlash against McCain at AIPAC.

It does seems that the Republicans are in Permanent Campaign Mode, and the way they campaign isn't kosher.
12:31 AM on 06/03/2008
WTF does anyone care what clueless Billy Kristol has to say. The fool thinks Sunnis and Shiites can get along and anyone who thinks differently is just plan silly.

What has this moron in a Brooks Brothers Suit gotten right in the last five years?
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12:08 AM on 06/03/2008
Wow, that's a stretch. Obama and McCain are actually the same on Iran because while McCain doesn't quite promise that he'll invade Iran, Obama doesn't quite promise that he won't invade Iran. You see? They're so similar!

Other than that, it sure seems like Kristol was actually trying to help Obama with the pro-Israel hardliners. Folks, I'm beginning to believe that we're underestimating the extent to which the right wing was more aligned with the Bush syndicate than neoconservative ideology in and of itself and how much they dislike and distrust McCain.

Something funny is happing. The men behind the curtain are pulling the strings for Obama. They only care about their fortunes in the global economic markets, so they must believe that Obama's internationalism will be better for the global economy than McCain's isolationism. Barack Obama is the chosen one. The plans to arrange for his victory in November will be coordinated later this week at the Bilderberg Group meeting. The Murdochs and Kristols of the world will be there.
02:38 AM on 06/03/2008
Weirdly enough, I kind of agree with this.
11:45 PM on 06/02/2008
no wonder McCain does not want to speak to countries to resolve problems. This article says that the decorum is to leave the slam politics at the door.
A bit of research would have told McCain that he was traveling the wrong road.

Diplomacy, another thing that McCain does not understand. This kind of experience we do not need.
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11:39 PM on 06/02/2008
A vote for McThird-Term is a vote for four more years of McWAR..
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11:35 PM on 06/02/2008
Bill Kristol must be smoking something!
11:28 PM on 06/02/2008
Kristol seems to be setting in motion the ineveitable backpedaling McCain will likely perform when the GOPers realize that about 20% of Americans want a president to take an overly-agressive stance towards Iran, like McCain is currently articulating.
11:02 PM on 06/02/2008
Do neo-cons attend school or do they just buy degrees? There is no difference in saying that we need to talk to Iran and we need to bomb Iran.
02:40 AM on 06/03/2008
He's saying the difference is, should we talk before or after bombing? Obama would talk first, then bomb; McCain, the reverse.
07:08 AM on 06/03/2008
And you see no difference in that? Sorry but spin it anyway you want but there is no similarity in those scenario's. Diplomacy first, this has always been the way and it has worked pretty darn well in the past. Look what we got with bombing first.
10:19 PM on 06/02/2008
So Obama is in agreement with McCain on his views on Iran. Then this article captures Obama's beliefs about Iran. I am amazed we now can read McCain's remarks on Iran and know Obama is in full agreement.
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10:06 PM on 06/02/2008
Obama. Doesn't. Pander.
10:01 PM on 06/02/2008
LMAO, sure they don't fellow.
09:48 PM on 06/02/2008
Kristol is defending Obama? I am really getting confused now.. .or is this the groundwork for the Great Flip Flop?
01:29 AM on 06/03/2008
This one better--Drudge for Obama. Two pieces inferring that Drugelikes him and is holding back on the vitriol. Drudge. Obama. Non-sequitor.