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11:58 AM on 06/06/2008
Hillary knew what she was doing, or rather, not doing! She says that she will come out for Obama on Saturday. I hope not! With or without Hillary, I will absolutely, positively, not vote for Obama! It would be nice to vote for the false image that he & the media have created of Obama but if we vote for the image of Obama, we will get the real Obama, not the good, false image of him. The real Obama is a liar, an arrogant self promoter, a duplicitous person who makes decisions & acts for political expediency only! His fans should remember that he was hand picked as a candidate by the corrupt Chicago political club, after their 1st choice, the ex-gov of Illinois, was destined to go to jail. This plus the 360 favors he owes to his big donor bundlers & lobbyists, yes, lobbyists, will bankrupt our nation.
[ McCain owes 473 bundlers & lobbyists] The nation is in deep trouble! Our salvation would be an Independent Hillary run.
01:00 PM on 06/06/2008
Pay attention to Hillary's speech on Saturday. There will be no independent run. Your attitude towards Obama is not one of supporting women's issues and rights, but one of the spoiled child who didn't get her way. How is that going to elevate the stature of women in our society and politics? If you truly believe in and support Hillary, you will follow the advice she will be giving in her Saturday speech.
07:48 PM on 06/06/2008
Actually, it's the attitude of one who has never trusted Obama. Of course, I never trusted or respected Bush either, etc., etc., etc.

Now it's also the attitude of one who has seem the Democratic Party behave at its worst.
01:21 PM on 06/06/2008
McCain's only salvation is his right wing supporters posing as Hillary supporters and rallying the bitters to sabotage Obama's campaign. It won't work. Sorry. Thanks for playing.
Always remember Troy Davis.
10:57 AM on 06/06/2008
I hope that through an Obama Presidency we will build a Party for Americans, not just a few. The Democratic Party has leaders who were elected by the people to serve our nation's best interest. That is an honor that should stand on its own. "Not this time" and not ever again, should the Democrats become beholden to individuals members.
10:31 PM on 06/05/2008
Dear Ms. Rosen,

Knowing what an ardent supporter of Senator Clinton you are, I was shocked to hear you say this enormous declaration: " ... I am not a bargaining chip. I am a Democrat."

Thank you for these words. They are, I believe, the true voice of modern feminism. Supporting Hillary (or any candidate, specifically females) beyond the voice of oneself (not to mention, reason) does not behoove the female point-of-view.

Where you would have been just another political pundit prior to this, you have now indelibly made your name memorable. I will not be forgetting this statement of independence, the courage you have expressed - or your name - any time in the near future.

Which, heh, is saying a lot considering that I'm an older female and have short-term memory issues.
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10:04 AM on 06/06/2008
When we use our gender to bash or bargin, we become discriminatory. Yes, sexism goes both ways, if we stand up for women soley based on their gender, what have we done to another human who happens to be born a man? I staged my first protest for womens rights in 1970 at the age of 12. it was for opur right to wear pants in our grade school, it wasnt to smash a man, it was something positive for girls, we were successful ,we got to wear pants. We can stand up for ourselves without sacriicing another. that is success, that is where we are going to redress sexism, not create more.
Always remember Troy Davis.
10:39 AM on 06/06/2008
What great words Pema. I applaud your sentiments and your eloquence. Thank you.
12:13 PM on 06/06/2008
Pema, it is good to stand up & back a woman & woman's rights. However, in a political race, one must forgo one's stand if it means that you would vote for a woman, rather than her political abilities. Actually, this time voting for a woman is voting for the better candidate. It is a shame, tho, that so many black people are voting for Obama because he is black, rather than because they believe he is qualified to sit in the White House. For the good of our country, they are making a mistake.
08:27 PM on 06/05/2008
You gave her 48 hour. She will take twice that with uncertain outcome. She still did not congratulate her opponent on his win. How gracious is that?
05:43 PM on 06/05/2008
Another thought -

If this is the way Hillary speaks, I certainly do NOT want her involved in Foreign Policy - AT ALL !
04:54 PM on 06/05/2008
Ms. Rosen,

Don't you get it. Hillary Clinton is for the "Clinton Party", the so called "Clinton Legacy". She doesn't really give a damn about the Democrats. She has used her so called sisterhood of of white women over 50. as some sort of gang mentality of entitlement. Hillary Rodman Clinton brought this on herself. The legacy she is leaving is that women are bad losers. She decided to campaign as tough as 2 men, but when criticized she screams gender bias, and sexism. She was allowed to manipulate, change the rules mid stream, all because she is a woman, and the media along with the DNC, and House Speaker, allowed her to do so, at the detriment of the Party.

How in full sight of the United States of America and the World, everyone can see what a pathological sick woman she is. Ambition at all cost. She believes she owns the 18 million voters. Doesn't she realize that many of those voters will vote for Obama. Who does she think she is? She certainly doesn't speak for me. I am a 56 year old woman.

Tuesday night was an Historic event. She will go down in history as the woman candidate who did not recognize the importance of that night, and chose to make it all about her. She set the negative tone for this campaign. Still, she remains defiant by not conceding, but suspending her campaign, which will allow her to remain a candidate.
11:25 AM on 06/06/2008
well said!
07:57 PM on 06/06/2008
You can't "court" what you don't understand.
That's why Clinton's supporters see through your inane comments and continued insults.
12:02 AM on 06/07/2008
WAKE UP. Hillary is not a feminist. She is an opportunist. She goes against all that feminism espouses. I am ashamed to have once worn a shirt with her face on it. I am a feminist and I am voting for Barack Obama--the true feminist. Yes, ladies... men can be feminists, too.
02:25 PM on 06/05/2008
My questions to those Dems who are voting for 0bama because HRC did not get the nomination is this:

Who exactly is benefiting from that vote?

Whom are you really hurting when you vote against your self interests? (Roe vs. Wade, the economy, the war in Iraq and a potential war with Iran)

Where do you see this country in 2 years under a republican president?

I can understand raw feelings, but I do believe in the lesser of two evils. I see an administration where both your candidate and my candidate are working with all of us to make this nation greater for ourselves and our children. Your vote is not about how you feel now. Your vote is about the future of this country.
03:39 PM on 06/05/2008
Jaxxon, don't worry. They can play the Russian roulette for all I care. You reap what you sow. They are the same people who are making the most noise about gas price and all that today. They are crying more than the bereaved. Hillary will soon endorse Obama and yet theses freaks cannot get over a lost election. The last time I checked, even Hillary, like other democrats, will be a heart-beat away from the Obama White House. Instead of voicing their displeasure about the fact that they are concerned about Obama's race, they are hiding behind the cloak of 'supporting" Hillary.

It is OVER folks. OVER!!!!
03:46 PM on 06/05/2008
Who am I voting and why am I here? I dont believe any of the issues you posted RvWade, economy or the war in Iraq are black and white issues that I am sure you see. I am pro life in spirit, but support a women's right to choose under law, but I also do not support partial birth abortion, hence not black and white. I am for a better economy but I am not for that through vastly higher taxes, I am for less spending and slightly higher taxes if necessary. I am not for the war in Iraq but I am for victory in Iraq. I want my daughters to grow up knowing how to make up their own minds and deciding their own futures. If I believed that somehow change could happen I would be disserving my daughters. Change can not and will not happen as long as self interested politicians hold all the cards while lemming voters continue to blindly re-elect them or in the case of Sen. Obama elect them.
11:05 PM on 06/05/2008
"If you believed change could happen You would be disserving your daughters??" I guess you mean that you do not want change to occur for some reason, your daughters?

Change happens constantly, it can be better or it can be worse, but it will happen nothing remains static. You have a choice. You can decide it is all too complicated for you to figure out and abstain from voting. You can Vote for McCain who will increase wars,as he said, that will be more expensive. More taxes unless he wants to borrow for that as well, which raises the cost even more. You have daughter and you would even contemplate a man who voted against equal pay for women? You say you are for less spending, throw that out with McCains planned wars. You would vote for a man whose campaign is run by lobbyists? You can vote for Obama who has already changed, for the better how campaigns are funded, he has said that democrats will not take lobbyists money. That is good change.
03:55 PM on 06/06/2008
What does victory in Iraq look like?We have handed Iran the most power they have ever seen!Maliki is affiliating himself with IRAN and the iraqi army was trained in IRAN and has allegence to them!My son is an army surgion and has to see the piles of limbs tossed in the corner of his emergency room on a daily basis because of the I.E.D.s,C-span had a hearing this week with members of the Iraqi council and they both sunni and shia said our army is being targeted because they are seen as invaders not liberators.They unanomously concured that we should withdraw,and the reason the surge has worked is not because we put more soldiers in but because Sadr called a truce.Thats why violence has gone down.Thst troops have done their jobs at great cost to them and none to us!You dare talk about taxes! whos paying for this war? Are you?What have you given up?WE were lied into this war and destroyed Iraq and our army!GOOD THINKING!
02:00 PM on 06/05/2008
I really haven't thought Ms. C was a racist up until today. But the way she has dismissed Senator Obama and along with the tactics that she has used.....I might be wrong.

Why hasn't she called him to congratulate him?
02:24 PM on 06/05/2008
She has called him and even talked to him in person. Even if she didn't how would that make her a racist? Calling the Clintons racist (Bill and Hillary) dosen't help anything or anyone and is total BS. How can Clinton and Obama supporters ever come together with ignorant statements like that? Then the same people want her (Hillary's) help in getting Obama elected and Obama said he wants and needs Bill's help too. You really think the Clintons are racist? Get a clue!
02:47 PM on 06/05/2008
Racism is not merely in the foul words that are uttered from one's mouth that denigrate the humanity of another human being because of the color of their skin, it's in the passive silence of those who witness these outrageous remarks - and then do nothing and say nothing to stop it.
03:04 PM on 06/05/2008
I seem to remember Ms. Geraldine saying that his actions of dismissing her where sexist.....its there a difference I am missing?
03:28 PM on 06/05/2008
I don't believer she's racist. We (blacks) gotta stop throwing that around. I think she's vindictive and selfish, but her motives aren't racial. They are egotistical. She has a bigger ego than a typical man. But it's a stretch to call her racist.
02:08 PM on 06/06/2008
IRepTheKing (I am black) Research your history with the Clintons.
Bill's mentor and idol is J. Fullbright. a devote racist. Everytime Bill is
losing and a Black man is involved he shows his true colors. (JJ)

Bill is Hill's mentor, plus she was a Goldwater girl , she campaigned for him
and you do know that Goldwater ran against Johnson and did not want
civil rights bill t o pass. So if Goldwater would have won the race
, no civil rights bill. She said
Dr. King did not did not do very much to push forth the civil rights bill.
and you and I know that is a lie.
She is the one that constantly talked about the hard working white man
and refused to give Barack any grace about the bitters remark. She was
the one who made the statement about RFK., and didn't apologize to
Barack or his family. and still hasn't. It was Bill who killed the bill in
the senate that would have put into place monies for our children to have
after-school programs. Keeping them off the street . A safe place for them
This (bill) was sponsered by the Regan Administration. until along came
William Jefferson Clinton. I don't know what you call but I think they
are racist, plus she really did think that she was entitled to win this race. I don't trust her and I never will she has proven she will say and
do anything. .
12:06 AM on 06/07/2008
I'm not black, but she and her husband have made some repulsive racist insinuations at the very least. Remember Bill's Jesse Jackson comment? Remember hard working "white" people?
I don't think those comments helped and I found them offensive.
01:52 PM on 06/05/2008
It is hard to believe how weak our "leaders" are. It seems they have no spine at all. It is less than 24 hours after Obama got the number of delegates to become the presumptive nominee of the Democratic party; An event that was staged by the Obama campaign and party leaders (super delegates). Something that could have been done today...something that could have been done the day after the primaries ended. Clinton should have had here win in South Dakota and the time she asked for, to gather herself. As it turns out; the group of "follows" that we elected, can't give her that. The people in New Orleans waited longer for water. SO WEAK!
02:28 PM on 06/05/2008
Unfortunately, many in congress and the DNC realized the error of their ways when they allowed her to go on after Indianna and NC, when Obama's pledged delegate lead was insurmountable. Instead, Clinton went on to mislead her supporters into believing that the popular vote count was a measurement of winning the nomination and after the outcome of the DNC committee meeting, it became obvious that Clinton's intent was to taint the image of Obama, the party and uncommitted superdelegates as the villians who stole the nomination from her and her supporters. So, in effect, Senator CLinton was given more than enough time, more than she deserved, to do what she does best, divide and destroy those who are perceived in her way to conquer.
Hebrews 11:1
02:36 PM on 06/05/2008
She'd known for months that she couldn't overtake his lead. She should have been prepared! Wasn't it Hills who said from day one.
01:48 PM on 06/05/2008
I am a centrist who voted for Hilary. I dare say centrist on this board are rare. I will NOT vote for Sen. Obama and WILL vote for Sen. McCain for two reasons. #1, there isnt much I hate more than being spoon feed on how to vote, think or who to support . Oberman, Matthews, Blitzer et al sicken me, talk about your rah rah squad . I am a slightly overweight white guy, so I dont need, overweight, pompus windbag white guys telling me how to think. If no attack on Sen. Obama was justified and all attacks on Sen. Clinton were okay then I see there point. Frankly I gave up on CNN and MSNBC and turned to Fox. So in order to spare my two young daughters another generation of pompus windbags selling out women, I will vote against Sen. Obama.

Also, #2, he is not experienced enough for me. He lacks domestic and foreign policy experience. What I have seen this far is that he can give a speech. I demand substance. I am not McCains biggest fan, but he is likely to do less damage than the unprepared Sen. Obama. I would vote for Hilary, because as a political animal she would tack to the center, a safe place for me. If I could vote for Colin Powell, or Sam Nunn, or even Al Gore I would, but unfortunately I cant. Sen. Obama's inexperience and the media have forced me to tune it all
01:58 PM on 06/05/2008
Good luck with that....
02:17 PM on 06/05/2008
Those you mentioned, John, are the most hateful and narrow-minded news people and I will not watch them in the future. I will select true journalism and seek those news media with truthful journalism. I don't believe they even know what that is. MSNBC sucks. Hope those "old" guys are replaced by some young minority man or woman. What goes around, comes around.

Obama will not have my vote either as he is a puppet for a certain segment who will use him as a figurehead to accomplish whatever it is they want to accomplish, and you can believe it will not be in your or my best interest. If it walks like a duck, squawks like a duck, you bet it's a duck!
05:15 PM on 06/05/2008
They are narrow minded as opposed to who? Rush? Sean Fla? Kevin James? I admit, it's obvious who they side with, but there are always gonna be pundits who feel one way or another. ABC's debate was clearly bias, but their bias won't make me hate Clinton. There are just a lot of swollen egos in the room.

You guys are finding any reason to hate a candidate. It's as if he (Obama) told the media to blast Clinton and Mccain. If they media was in his pocket, Rev Wright would not have played as much as it did.

vote for your country, not the pundits, the media... or your bruised feelings about your candidate's loss.
01:44 PM on 06/05/2008
No, actually you ARE a bargaining chip. No argument needed.
01:33 PM on 06/05/2008
It is easy for Obama supporters to say party before candidate as they continue to act like Republicans. Who, by the way say, country over party but actually put party over country. Obama supporters put candidate over party when they began to adopt the Republican view of the Clintons. How can it be party over candidate when the Obama supporters adopted the Repubican picture of the Clintons and used it quite well.

It is sad that I will not be voting for the African-American president because of the ugliest thrown at the Clintons by a group of people claiming to be something they are not. They claim to be different all the while spewing ugliness and the most negative view of everything every said by a Clinton. Sound familiar?? Republican???
03:32 PM on 06/05/2008
05:19 PM on 06/05/2008
Okay, you're a Clinton supporter. Ask yourself this then, (since you are loyal to your candidate before your party)... who do you think Clinton will vote for? HMmmm Just saying. i doubt it will be McCain.
12:28 PM on 06/05/2008
I have never been so saddened and offended by the fact that Obama is going to be the candidate for Democratic Party. I would spend my whole day writing every single reason why I am feeling the way coincided with the sentiment of the people “One in seven white voters of his own party (Democratic) said in exit polls that race was important in choosing their candidate. Of that group, not only did two-thirds vote for Clinton, but nearly six in 10 said they would rather vote for McCain in November or stay home than support Obama.”

However, while I am really disappointed at that there is such an unfair treatment of Senator Clinton relating to the fact either one of the candidates; Obama or Clinton is making the history as the first African American or female president, Clinton seems to have been scrutinized much more critically comparing to Senator Obama. I am more stunned by how so many people despite all the hypes to support Obama can ignore the crucial facts of his voting records (not to mention he has not so many records to begin with), but more alarmingly, his controversial relationships to those in the spot lights recently including the mobster from Chicago that “helped” him got his million dollar house. I do not want to make those points without any support the following article written by an African American columnist Thomas Sowell
12:41 PM on 06/05/2008
Sir, you're making a scene. Please put some pants on. And for love of god get off your soapbox...
01:55 PM on 06/05/2008
Thomas Sowell may represent your viewpoints but he does not represent mine. A word of caution: if you REALLY want to talk about "controversial relationships" the Clintons have a multitude that we can gladly focus the lasers on. Those associations, pre- and post-presidency, are the major reason Pres. Clinton does not want to be "fully vetted" by Obama's VP search team. And, Hillary has also associated with some pretty unsavory characters, especially early in her career. You might want to tread very softly with your smears against Sen. Obama.

Our vote is our own to use as we please. No one is going to grovel or be held hostage by irrational demands for our votes. But, just as with every obstacle in life, we can take the lemons and make lemonade, or we can continue forever whining, griping, and holding grudges. No one else cares. The world moves on.

I feel EXACTLY the same about Sen. Clinton as you feel about Sen. Obama. I feel that Obama was treated abominably by the Clintons and their supporters. HE, throughout this entire campaign, has maintained a courteous, respectful attitude toward Sen. Clinton. SUPPORTERS, however, on both sides, have vigorously defended their candidate, not always respectfully. But, make no mistake, the vitriol was on BOTH sides, and both sides must admit their wrongdoing.
12:52 PM on 06/05/2008

Are you saying you support the racist view? The party is bettter off- WITHOUT- the voter who finds the color of Obama's skin a problem.

Now, you claim gender bias? Are you gender pioneering on behalf of only white woman?

Do you think the Clintons might have more controversial relationships than Obama??

Your comments are suspect-
01:29 PM on 06/08/2008
At least getting you to think...:-)
12:27 PM on 06/05/2008
You don't sound like a REAL Hillary supporter.
01:17 PM on 06/05/2008
It is hard to believe how weak our "leaders" are. It seems they have no spine at all. It is less than 24 hours after Obama got the number of delegates to become the presumptive nominee of the Democratic party; An event that was staged by the Obama campaign and party leaders (super delegates). Something that could have been done today...something that could have been done the day after the primaries ended. Clinton should have had here win in South Dakota and the time she asked for, to gather herself. As it turns out; the group of "follows" that we elected, can't give her that. The people in New Orleans waited longer for water. SO WEAK!
05:29 PM on 06/05/2008
The people of NO didn't have a choice. That is a terrible comparison. You are stretching, man.
03:21 PM on 06/05/2008
Why would you say that - are you saying that a REAL Hillary supporter can't harness the truth.
05:26 PM on 06/05/2008
They can harness the truth, but only the truth that suits them. (ex: Clinton was for counting all votes. But she herself said MI &FL won't count and continues to discount the caucus states.)
So it's TRUE that she wants all votes counted, but it's also true the latter (that she said they wouldn't count/discounts caucus states).

I find it sad what happened to MI and FL, but I find is sad also that so many people will flip flop (and be angry when it's spotlighted). We really need to heal the party. Just not sure how that's gonna happen.
12:12 PM on 06/05/2008
Everybody needs to relax a bit. We're all hungover from the primaries... once we get some greasy food in our bellies, we'll be just fine.

I know that a lot of Hillary supporters are upset over her defeat. Many of them say thatt they will not vote for Sen. Obama, but when they see Sen. McCain and Sen. Obama side by side--- it'll become clear.

The differences are many and vast. McCain is the wrong choice for our country. Remeber your party comes before your candidate and your country comes before your party. God Bless America

Obama 2008
01:25 PM on 06/05/2008
It is easy for Obama supporters to say party before candidate as they continue to act like Repubilicans. Who, by the way say, country over party but actually put party over country. Obama supporters put candidate over party when they began to adopt the Republican view of the Clintons. How can it be party over candidate when the Obama supporters adopted the Repubican picture of the Clintons and used quite well.
03:24 PM on 06/05/2008
If you think that Sen. Obama was the aggressor during the primaries, you are seriously mistaken.

If Sen. Obama had engaed in "republican" tactics, then he would have brought up The impeachement trial, Monica Lewinsky, Linda Trip, Jennifer Flowers, the $850,00 from Hsu, Whitewater, etc. Etc.Etc. The list goes on and on. He barely even touched the Bosnian Sniper fire thing. Had the roles been reversed, Hillary would have pounded it to the groud. And all she could say is that she misspoke?! How long did it take for her to admit that it wasn't true?

Just because Sen. Obama did take it lying down, does not mean that he used Republican tactics. So feel free to pull your head out of your ass.