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04:13 PM on 06/10/2008
That Dermitage ad FREAKS me out!
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Don't drink the tea, it's poison
03:52 PM on 06/10/2008
If you don't wear a flap lapel might be a terrorist...
08:12 PM on 06/10/2008
If you sing the National Anthem instead of putting your hand over your heart....
You might be a terrorist!
Abuse of power comes as no surprise.
08:28 PM on 06/10/2008
I was at the Redwings parade in Detroit the other day, and all of our "terrorist hand jabbing" musta taken us all the way from Orange Alert to Jihadist-on-your-doorstep RED! It's gonna be a lovely summer!
Standing for Truth, Justice, & the American Way
09:49 PM on 06/10/2008
I wear at least 30 flag pins on my garments everyday and I have yellow ribbon magnets covering my car from bumper to bumper.

Personally, I think anyone who wears less than 10 flag pins a day patriotism is questionable.
10:01 AM on 06/11/2008
you should be wearing at least 20
11:04 AM on 06/11/2008
Had 5 on - gave me lead poison, beware of the "red" paint.......
03:46 PM on 06/10/2008
These guys on the right are nothing but little boys who never grew up.
03:38 PM on 06/10/2008
If you are not part of the Sham Hannity fan club, you are certainly a terrorist!
03:27 PM on 06/10/2008
This is hilarious!. But guess what? Ed Hill forgot the thumbs up signal!!. Michelle gave it to Obama right before the fist jab. That is another terrorist signal!!
03:12 PM on 06/10/2008
OMG. I'm afraid to question the stupidity of all these terrorist warnings. Someone might think that I'm a terrorist!
02:37 PM on 06/10/2008
Yes, that's all they have...except the ability to set the agenda. It's remarkable how Republicans steamrolled the Democrats when they had control of the House and Senate and continue to do so now.

Hmmmm....another $170 Billion outlay for the war in Iraq, this time passed with the full blessing of the Dem leadership. No windfall profit tax on oil conpanies, no repeal of no child left behind, no one spending any time in jail for traitorous activities...actually a whole lot of nothing. Mission accomplished!
Yes yes, I know my Micro bio is still empty
04:53 PM on 06/10/2008
Worse yet... Impeachment is STILL off the table... Geee thanks Nanny P.
06:47 PM on 06/10/2008
Don't tell that to Dennis Kucinich.

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01:00 PM on 06/10/2008
Don't omit arugula from the list, Mr. Sweeny. Sure, some people say that mild, pleasant burn on the tongue is a harmless way to add interest to a salad, but I'd like to see statistics showing how many latte drinkers were led down the path of terrorist appeasement by experimenting with this vile member of the plant kingdom.
04:36 PM on 06/10/2008
LexLuthier...good comment! The Obamas are very hip and self educated to the facts about the effects food and nutrition have on our body and mind. I hope that as first lady Michelle Obama will address these issues, as she seems very passionate about healthy food and nutrition.

I found while living in a Greek village, among peasants and farmers, that hese poor people, by our standards, ate a healthier diet than the middle class. They possessed a natural awareness of the value of fresh, organic vegetables and fruits, grains and nuts; meat was served but as a side dish. Villagers walked or bicycled miles to get to the stores or visiting with friends.

As a substitute NYC public school teacher, I've walked through many poor neighborhoods where the quality of food was lacking whether it was grocery stores or supermarkets. Children and their need to be educated in schools about the value of eating healthy. I'd like to see farmer's markets established all over the country in poor neighborhoods, not just upper class or trendy neighborhoods. It's been my experience that prices at farmer's markets are about 1/2 the price in comparison to supermarkets. 'you are what you eat'.
07:52 PM on 06/10/2008
LOL!!! Now I don't need dessert!
12:41 PM on 06/10/2008
It's like the anchors and hosts at Fox are part of a big Supertroopers meow game. I wonder if they feel the humiliation when they're told to work in terrorist references any way they can or if they actually believe in what they are saying. Malkin's an idiot so I'm sure she's down with this plan, but some of those people probably just don't want to lose their job and become one of the statistics they've been involved in creating over these years.

If you sip wine, or you don't bring your lunch in a bucket despite the fact that no one has in a 100 years, you might very well be a terrorist.
12:27 PM on 06/10/2008
Damn, I didn't know that my Grandmother's tatered dresser scarf was a terrorist symbol. Grandmother died in 1947 & was Ulster-Irish. I wonder how she does terrorist acts from her grave.
larry lynch
Dan Sweeney
12:46 PM on 06/10/2008
As the son of Irish Catholics, I can say with certainty that your Northern Ireland gramma was, in fact, a terrorist.
Stanning for Hopey all day, everyday
04:51 PM on 06/10/2008
ok simmer down now. I know there is deep hurt there but come on now
06:02 PM on 06/11/2008
While I still love my late Ulster-Irish grandmother who was raised as a Protestant, I choose to honor your RC grandmother in Ulster as a freedom fighter. That good woman had no choice in what she did to survive British rule of Ulster. We have the luxuray of choices in the USA of 2008. In the Ulster of your grandmother's time the residents of Ulster had few if any choices. One was fortunate if one could choose to leave Ulster for the USA, Canada, Australia, NZ & elsewhere in your grandmothers era. Residents of Ulster had to fight or leave Ulster. There were denizens of Ulster who couldn't leave the place for reasons we can't know.
12:13 PM on 06/10/2008
Well, sure we gotta get rid of public schools. They teach algebra there, and everybody knows the word "algebra" is Arabic. We're teaching the kids to become terrorists! Ship those math teachers off to Gitmo and shut down the schools, or Ms. Malkin will publish all their addresses on her blog and urge people to . . .um . . . terrorize them.
Mr. Too School for Cool
04:54 PM on 06/10/2008
ROTL!!!! I have no sympathy for the GOP or the delusional supporters, who, when you talk to them realize that they've voted against their own interests...Stupidity at it's finest

OBAMA '08, '12
05:59 PM on 06/10/2008
In an effort to run blindly with your idea, the concept of Zero is also Arabic. Now, if the GOP is made up of a bunch of Zeros, then by the associative property (which the folks at Fox News love so much) the GOP are all terrorists!
11:11 AM on 06/11/2008
I thought the Mayans invented the concept of Zero. If not, then Eddie Olmos was lying through his teeth to those poor Hispanic kids in Stand & Deliver. Bad Kimo!