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Ken Ashcraft
11:47 PM on 10/31/2011
go to the a sand castle..splash around at the edge of the waves..wade ankle deep....if ya wanna go out into the deeper water you take your life into your own hands...sharks and other things out there belong are prey...simple as that...
11:23 PM on 10/31/2011
I tell ya these sharks really love white meat..
12:16 AM on 11/01/2011
YEP very much like pork if you look at it, can't say how it tastes tough never tried it and no interest to.
11:08 PM on 10/31/2011
Glad this guys alright. I don't like the idea of kill the thing that's where it should be we are in their territory vicious or not but at least he got out alive
11:08 PM on 10/31/2011
My serious side is genuinely sorry to hear of the attack on this young man and sincerely hopes he recovers quickly and completely from his wounds.

My not-so-serious side is saying that sharks who bite humans should be taught a lesson ... "If a shark bites someone, they should bite it back!"
11:43 PM on 10/31/2011
And the sharks will learn this how? By us trying to wipe them out? These attacks are not out of character for sharks when seeking food. You go bumping into tigers on the prowl, best expect to get bit.
12:18 AM on 11/01/2011
I think he ment literally bitting. He did say it was a not so serious idea, missed that did you.
12:36 AM on 11/01/2011
I dion't think anyone plans (or hopes) to "wipe them out." It's a big ocean. The sharks can go elsewhere.
11:05 PM on 10/31/2011
cant belive most of these comments. I guess they feel everyone should set at their computer desk all day wearing A seat belt with pillows all around.
12:18 AM on 11/01/2011
and padded walls too.
11:03 PM on 10/31/2011
WHAT is with all the shark attacks lately???
12:22 AM on 11/01/2011
No more than usual. Media just reports them more readily these days.
02:33 AM on 11/01/2011
Seasonschanging, water is warmer and starting to get colder sharks are following the heards of Sea Otters. Another thing that you will not hear but is true..we are eating all the fish up! There were tons of fish in the earlier years(before the 1900) but human demand and the japanese way of fising where they take 99%of the school does not allow for the school to rebuild and the fish die out. So the shark is still hungary and they are going to eat you if you are in the ocean!
11:03 PM on 10/31/2011
I would be to chicken to go surfing. To many bad things happen!! Hope he makes a full recoverey!!
A free thinking Texan
10:54 PM on 10/31/2011
Fools never learn.
10:39 PM on 10/31/2011
Sharks seem to really dislike surfers. Is it their attitude, their lingo, the fact they are tresspassing or have sharks developed a taste for Mary Jane flavored blood?
10:38 PM on 10/31/2011
Surfers should know the risks involved with surfing in shark infested waters (which, really, is ALL waters). It's unfortunate that this man was attacked, and he's lucky he lived, but it's hard to have real sympathy for shark attack victims. Especially when this guys friend was already attacked at that beach. It's fine that he went back; he must have some big kahones; but, I really feel that we are intruding in the sharks home when we step into the ocean.
11:52 PM on 10/31/2011
You are absolutely correct. The ocean is a place that is not ruled by men. For some of us it stirs a passion, and we choose to coexist with the dangers, and be educated. I cannot speak for anyone but myself. I ride horses more than surfboards (I do love to surf and swim in the ocean, though!). It is something that has stirred a passion as a very young child, and it turns out that some of the little girls who dream of horses never outgrow that dream. I have had some serious accidents, and have seen even worse happen to others. The motto of climbing back on the horse when you fall off is one that was made by someone who loved to ride much more than he/she feared the fall.
10:29 PM on 10/31/2011
this is a fine example of no child left behind.... enter the bottom of the food chain
10:28 PM on 10/31/2011
Hey Chum, what's happening ???
12:20 AM on 11/01/2011
ouch!!! that's bad just wicked.
nihil habentes omnia posidentes
10:26 PM on 10/31/2011
Somehow I keep hearing Captain Renault in the movie Casablanca - Round up the usual suspects..
10:13 PM on 10/31/2011
Darwin was right
10:10 PM on 10/31/2011
KILL, KILL, KILL!!! That's the Official Refrain! If it's alive, KILL IT!
10:50 PM on 10/31/2011
Are you speaking for the shark?