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whatcha gonna do when they come for you
12:27 AM on 11/03/2011
"The information was there and he ought to have planned his messaging for when it went public. And he didn't. Now he is casting blame and parsing his language to escape incrimination. "

As you surely know by now, Herman, you can run; but you cannot hide.
This is the real Bearcat - a Binturong
12:14 AM on 11/03/2011
Herman, oh and all the rest of you republicans too, it takes a little more savy, honesty, judgement to be a good president than CEO of Godfather's Pizza, and you are showing us that ever day over and over...but it ain't helping your campaign, except for the votes from the uneducated.
If you don't repeal Obamacare the dog gets it
11:53 PM on 11/02/2011
I'm thinking Cain can blame...Cain.

Or maybe the 99 percenters.
11:30 PM on 11/02/2011
Nicely written. I love the ending with the same line at the begging. It just tickles. And that's good because the body of it just wreaked of the sickness that seems to plague us as human beings. And even sicker is the fact that someone, Rove, would have to specialize in it. The greatest character of production, that raises us above the rest of the animal kingdom becomes the very capability that creates a specialization out of one of our greatest illness. Thankfully, you ended it with a tickle.
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11:25 PM on 11/02/2011
this smells of classic Karl.
Peanut Santiago
11:15 PM on 11/02/2011
Whodunnit to Herman?

***Who cares?

Betcha it was a Repug though.
{wink, wink}