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04:11 PM on 06/17/2008
Arrogant and shameless!

What do you expect from a person whose wife is a millionaire and he owes more than $100,000 in credit card debt.
What do you expect from a person who lied about his military history. Whose father intervened so that his son would receive preferred treatment even though he's incompetent.
What do you expect from an adulterous person who referred to his spouse an a c***.

Keating 5! Think of all of the people who lost everything in that Savings and Loan scandle. Four of the criminals involved were dealt with.
The fifth criminal is running as the repub nominee for president - McCriminal.
04:09 PM on 06/17/2008
Abuse of power already? He does not need such approval from the FEC , huh? Sounds very Mcfamiliar!
04:22 PM on 06/17/2008
Just imagine getting to enjoy four more years of watching John McCain lie, cheat, and flip-flop through the presidency. The only upside being that he will be the last Republican president ever.
05:35 PM on 06/17/2008
Sadly, the downside would be the last American President ever.
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04:43 PM on 06/17/2008
what would the Keating Five be called without John McCain? The Keating Four. Big suprise there are questionable financial dealings. Just because you don't know much about finances and the economy doesn't mean you can use it as an excuse to keep getting yourself caught in dishonest financial transactions, John.
05:06 PM on 06/17/2008
And to think... a good number of Americans want to put this man in charge of our entire economy!
04:05 PM on 06/17/2008
He assumed Obama was going to use public money because Obama said he would 'consider' it. So, he jumped the gun, and now wants to take it back. Well, John McCain, you can't have it both ways. That's not the type of politics you play with the American Public.
04:03 PM on 06/17/2008
Pure psychological wars. I love it.
04:01 PM on 06/17/2008
Anyone who would have a swindler like Phil Gramm as his top economic adviser, can't be trusted..

McCain has really gone over to the sleazy side...
04:18 PM on 06/17/2008
He hasn't gone over. He was there to start with.

In his long legislative record, it began with the Keating five and just rolled down a sleazy path since then.
04:00 PM on 06/17/2008
And the corruption starts before McCain even enters the White House. Of course he violated FEC regulations, Repubs don't have to follow the law, the Geneva Conventions, or the constitution.

When are you all going to realize that?
04:46 PM on 06/17/2008
Look at that Town Hall with only him. I'm pretty sure that thing was a violation of FEC rules as it was essentially a free advertisement given to him by Fox.