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04:40 PM on 11/12/2011
he could have been a hero.... instead he was the enabler
04:39 PM on 11/12/2011
How can this guy live with himself. He saw this happening and didnt help a child. Guess he figured his career came before helping a defenseless child being tortured. This man should be procecuted along with Papa Joe. I always admire Joe, but this is ludicrous, he did nothing also. Just like our political system, its all covered up , and that way we protect everyones job and power. This whole thing is beyond belief. Has the American morals and principles dropped that much over the last 30 years, sure seems like it, and gets worse every day
06:15 PM on 11/12/2011
I know this doesn't make it right, but Joe Pa DID NOT WITNESS this incident. We were not there to hear the actual wording when McQueary told Joe Pa about Sandusky. I'm sure if you talk to them now, there would be different versions of the wording. Mike McQueary did NOTHING when he saw this happening, except run to his father, who, in turn, contacted or visited Joe Pa the NEXT DAY!!!! As far as I'm concerned, McQueary should be fired immediately....what a disgrace!
08:04 PM on 11/12/2011
Why do people want to let Paterno off the hook based on how the incident was descrbed to him? Does it really matter if McQueary used the word raped, molested or fondled? He was talking about actions performed by a 60 year old guy on a 10 year old child. The wording used has no relevance on the seriousness of what was going on and Paterno had prior knowledge of Sandusky's behavior with boys in the past. The minute he heard the words Sandusky, boy, shower he should have been dialing 911.
08:32 PM on 11/12/2011
Excuse me, but I simply cannot comprehend those of you that are defending Joe Paterno. NO, he did not witness it, but he had someone right there with him who did. All he had to do was bring him with him and tell him, "Tell them what you saw", now let's call the police. Joe Pa was powerful enough to insist this this not be swept under the rug. He did not do his due diligence!!! And I won't even go there about the BIG coward guy McQ. We all agree on this. SILENCE IS ACCEPTANCE! So they ALL Go! If anyone watched Oprah's segment on "200 Men come forward about their CSA", she addresses one of the victims whose father abused him as a child and his mother knew it. He told Oprah his children now are allowed to see their grandmother, but not the grandfather. Oprah spoke up and said to him, "Your Mother Did Not Do Right Thing By You, What Makes You Think She Will Do Right By Your Children!" I think this sums it up, Penn State Admin & Joe Pa continued not to do right by the children, they protected no one but their financials! And the monster was allowed to continue to roam the campus. What is there not to undestand here? The conspiracy is going to be revealed, just sit and back, you'll see.
Ohio Buckeye
04:38 PM on 11/12/2011
Good, they need to fire him. How could anyone keep on walking after witnessing a rape of a child. And continue to work side by side with someone you now is a pedophile day by day, year after year. In his soul he had to know this sick man was continuing to prey on helpless victims. I don't understand how these people can sleep at night! Pedophile State University should clean house, that entire faculty needs to go, all the coaches and assistants that were aware of this guy and did nothing! They are as sick as he is!
Intelligence is not a science
04:33 PM on 11/12/2011
Definitely would be better.
04:29 PM on 11/12/2011
Let's remember that he was just a student when he witnessed this act of horror. He was probably paralyzed by shock. Still, that's just an extenuating circumstance and he is complicit in the crime by failing to do something while it was taking place. It's hard to imagine witnessing a kid being raped and just quietly walking away from it. I bet he knew all about Sandusky way before witnessing this instance of rape. It seems like it was more or less widely known what Sandusky was about. it blows my mind that he is now free on bail.

I also bet that lawyers and investigators are already digging through Sandusky's past, his charity, etc., and they will find incredible things. Lots of people will go down for all this.
04:59 PM on 11/12/2011
He was 28 years old...hardly a student. He was a former quarterback, I think he could have slammed Sandusky thru the wall and then saved the child and also have the common sense to call 911 to ask for the coroner and also child welfare.
05:42 PM on 11/12/2011
04:24 PM on 11/12/2011
Look's like it's time for Paterno, Sandusky and McQueary to hit the showers ..... ALONE !!
04:22 PM on 11/12/2011
As adults the fans of Penn State should not go to the games to show their disgust at how this was covered up. It is absolutely sick and disgusting that a man would do this to a child and equally sick and disgusting that so many adults turned their back on it and let it continue! How any of them can sleep at night or look at themselves in a mirror is beyond me!
Scott Bryan Kanner
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04:18 PM on 11/12/2011
Upon discovering sandouchebag and the child in the shower mcqueery should have protected this child instead of worrying about his job.
04:09 PM on 11/12/2011
This does not go far enough, we need to ban football altogether
04:04 PM on 11/12/2011
Saw a child being raped and kept on walking ,maybe they should put him in jail and when the guards walk on by without doing anything he'll know what its like , how many more after that was there?? when he could have stopped it then and there..No Excuse!!
05:21 PM on 11/12/2011
Couldn't agree more!!!!
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05:41 PM on 11/12/2011
I agree,seszoo, he should have stopped it right there, that minute, not walked away. Waiting to report it to his boss was passing the buck. And later, he knew 'they' did nothing about it either. Shame on him and the whole bunch. They all need to be prosecuted for enabling Sandusky to continue molesting little boys. Penn State had better clean house!!
08:38 PM on 11/12/2011
Don't care of McQ's father was friends with Sandusky or not. This 28 yr old was old enough and big enough to take matters in his own hands before he called police, went home to tell Daddy and the NEXT day, not that night, go to Paterno. COWARD! This whole thing just has a horrific stink!
03:53 PM on 11/12/2011
This thing now has a life of it's own and is far from over. More dominoes will fall before it runs its course.
03:51 PM on 11/12/2011
I think McQueary should be fired and arrested along with everyone else. He knew what was going on better than anyone else. When he witnessed what he saw he should have gone straight to the police...and then told some one at the College what he had done...If he got fired so be it. He would have been a hero rather than a whistle blower way too late and saved several kids from suffering at the hands of this monster. But because everyone worships at the feet of football these children were forgot about. I think they should be all face a good ole fashioned firing squad and I am not talking about being fired from their jobs. Football is just a sport but people idolized these coaches/players and anyone else attached to the program like they are Gods...guess what they are just people and from the news many of them are not good people.
03:33 PM on 11/12/2011
What McQueary should have asked himself when he first stumbled upon the scene was, "what if this was my little brother." I believe his actions would have been very different.
08:44 PM on 11/12/2011
UH, I happen to know of a sad situation, where the brother witnessed his little sister being sexually abused, and instead of beating the crap out of the perp and going to the parents and telling what the nasty perp did to his sister, he blamed her. And went even further by telling her, I am going to tell them what YOU did. That is unless you let me do the same and then I won't tell. So perhaps McQ's actions may not have been different after all. Probably would've acted in the same way. He has already proven his character!
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03:33 PM on 11/12/2011
You are 6'5". You weigh 230 lbs. You see a 63 yr old man raping a 10 yr old boy in locker room. You

A. Scream at the perp to stop & order the boy to meet you outside
B. Punch the perp in his side as hard as you can so the boy can escape
C. Trip the perp, grab the boy and head for help
D. Startle the perp so he turns just in time to see your fist meet his face
E. Do ANY of the above
–– but this guy decides to:
F. Say nothing, do nothing, tuck tail, cut, run & call daddy.

The more you think about it, the harder it is to believe ANYBODY would do what McQueary did.
Rebel with a cause
04:30 PM on 11/12/2011
Good comment
04:42 PM on 11/12/2011
He should have put his fist thru his skull. guess he had to protect everyone's power and postion before helping a defenseless kid though. These people are all dirty and should be prosecuted for their lack of action. this is totally unacceptable in our society,,children come first.
03:33 PM on 11/12/2011
Regarding Mike McQueary ( and before I am crucified, let me say that I think what he did was wrong). I can clearly understand his actions. He was caught in an awkward situation. He saw this man, a very important person on campus, doing something unimaginable, so he tells someone. I can understand his not taking further action, because he knew ,if he had followed up on it or contacted the police, he would have been eaten alive.
06:26 PM on 11/12/2011
I'd take the being eaten alive over having to look at myself in the mirror every day for the rest of my life. Not only that, but one of these days I know I'm going to have to answer to a higher power than any of you. Life is not always easy.....make good choices!
06:57 PM on 11/12/2011
Good advice. Remember, I did say that he was wrong.