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03:06 PM on 06/26/2008
This was always the plan. Feingold, Dodd, and Obama were all part of it.

The panicking around here was ridiculous.
03:11 PM on 06/26/2008
Obama SAYS he is going to fight to have immunity removed but his name is never mentioned in any article dealing with it. Feingold and Dodd, yes, but never Obama.
03:17 PM on 06/26/2008
Then you are ignorant of how politics works. Senators carefully plan who will take lead, who will work in the background, and even who will make public statements that seem to contradict their actual partners in strategy.
03:21 PM on 06/26/2008
It is dissapointing but I'm not surprised. I've always contended he's no liberal and this illustrates that.
Carpe Diem!
03:14 PM on 06/26/2008
I read Obama's comment and I did not care for it. It was a huge let down. He will be under a microscope from now on.
03:01 PM on 06/26/2008
Sen. Feingold knows what is doing! Thank sir!
03:01 PM on 06/26/2008
Right On, Russ! Now it's time to work some magic and get this bill shelved indefinitely.
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03:00 PM on 06/26/2008 the War Party can pass it later when the heat has died down.
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03:11 PM on 06/26/2008
So help keep their feet to the fire. It's not going to go unnoticed.
03:12 PM on 06/26/2008
We won't let the heat die down. We will keep it up!
02:57 PM on 06/26/2008
HEROES Dodd and Feingold
Not motivated by fear & loathing
03:13 PM on 06/26/2008
YES, but why are there so few?
03:18 PM on 06/26/2008
Maybe because we, and the press, don't give them the time of day.

Kucinich was and still is my first choice for president.
03:34 PM on 06/26/2008
There are more now than there were before. Keep hammering away at your Senators that are not with Feingold. We can get more on the list. We only need 26 more to stop this bill by filibuster.
02:54 PM on 06/26/2008
Feingold, I am sending a big fat sloppy KISS to you. Thank you. Thank you for doing this for all of us.
02:55 PM on 06/26/2008
This is great! We got all excited for nothing, (for now). This gives a month to hammer away at our Senators to get them to pull their support for this FISA bill.
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03:13 PM on 06/26/2008
It wasn't for nothing.
02:53 PM on 06/26/2008
This is great. If Feingold can put an indefinite hold on the FISA bill it would in effect stop it's passage.
03:15 PM on 06/26/2008
I think he should put the kind of hold on the bill that Tom Colburn is doing with 100 bills in the Senate. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.
02:53 PM on 06/26/2008
Man, I love this guy! I'm having deep regrets about Obama, but Russ is the man. Way too bad he isn't our nominee. If Obama is not hearing about the netroots outrage, then what in heck are those huge appendages on the side of his head for? He should be able to pick up Radio Free Europe with those things! Looks like the legendary 15 have bought us a little breathing room. Kudos.
03:02 PM on 06/26/2008
Feingold would make a fine VP.

Is he handsome or does he just look handsome to me because of all that integrity and courage?
03:24 PM on 06/26/2008
I've seen him at a local gallery. He is VERY short. Pleasant looking, however.
03:24 PM on 06/26/2008
Both are true, olivia. And he has a great sense of humor.

When he first ran for office in WI his commercials were delightful and original and completely broke through the clutter to catch your eye, make you smile, and motivate you to vote for him.
03:11 PM on 06/26/2008
The gratuitous insults about O's appearance are unwarranted, as is your naive belief that O is not working in careful concert with Feingold et al.

And I have had a big old man-crush on Feingold since he first appeared on the scene when I lived in WI. He is a truly gifted natural politician and I am sure O has learned a great deal from him.
04:53 PM on 06/26/2008
I'm Chickasaw Indian, son, and I'll make any comment I please. And I am not the naive one. As they say in Missouri, where my families burial grounds are- "SHOW ME". Got that sandyclaws?
Someone who cares - to his unending regret
02:49 PM on 06/26/2008
A fine example of what infuriates me the most about Congressional Republicans:

"Democrats also threatened to keep the Senate in session through the weekend if Republicans didn't agree to move quickly with the Medicare bill."

Isn't that about a helluva note? You have legislation that affects the very lives - and I do mean the lives - of Americans, and you can only get the Republicans to pay attention if you threaten their weekend.

Sweet, isn't it - knowing that a Republican's leisure time is as or more important than your Grandmother's life?
02:49 PM on 06/26/2008
Thank god someone in Washington is at least thinking about upholding the Constitution of the United States of America..... Here, here for Feingold!
02:49 PM on 06/26/2008
My Senator Russ Feingold is a true American patriot. He's got this thing about the United States Constitution. He thinks its important. Which is more than I can say for most of his invertebrate colleagues.
Like a certain Senator from Illinois that I formerly supported.

Thanks again Russ.
03:14 PM on 06/26/2008
Bucky, you should probably start reading Al Giordano over at the Field, now part of NarcoNews. You need an inoculation against Chicken Little disease if you're this quick to bail on O, when he is, of course, working with Feingold behind the scenes.
03:18 PM on 06/26/2008
I read everything I need to read Sanity. I know exactly where I stand on the FISA issue and why.
I think I am, therefore, I am. I think.
03:19 PM on 06/26/2008
Oh give me a break. It doesn't take many brain cells to realize this was all a power play to allow Obama to take an issue the Repubs would use against him ("he's soft on terror! he voted against allowing us to monitor terrorists!") off the table without having to give up anything. Well other than a few people that can't see the forest through the trees.
03:50 PM on 06/26/2008
Without having to give up anything? Excuse me for considering the 4th Amendment worthy of defense.
02:50 PM on 06/26/2008
I guess this is better than voting for the FISA bill - but it is a delaying tactic. It will come up later in the month and then these senators will actually have to vote and we'll be watching. The House, as usual, let us down. I hope the Senate will actually do it's job!
03:03 PM on 06/26/2008
Everybody is on vacation at the end of summer. It's a low news cycle. Senators might be braver then.
03:12 PM on 06/26/2008
just keep it on the shelf until the NeoThugs are out of the WH
02:48 PM on 06/26/2008
Way to go Russ !!!!!!!!!!
02:42 PM on 06/26/2008
finally a man with a spine, congratulations!