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09:02 PM on 11/17/2011
You think at a University, someone would grab a good pair of binoculars and see what the guy was carrying. Instead, they loose it and freak out. This goes for the cops too.
As far as stories of hostages go, just proovs these days college kids are dumber than rocks.
05:01 AM on 11/18/2011
If YOU thought you saw someone with a rifle would you take the time to find a pair of freaking binoculars? Um no. Who the hell carries a pair of binoculars with them as they walk to class anyway? This comment is absurd and just an excuse to hate on students. This is a rare occurrence, obviously; it is not 'proof that college kids are dumber than rocks'. This happened in a mall recently too. I've been on campus when there was a *real* gunman on campus; later that day someone reported a '2nd gunman', but that turned out to be a false sighting just like this one. Thank god the first one wasn't assumed to be false. We've had far more disastrous consequences on campuses across the country from campus authorities not taking a report seriously/carrying out an immediate effective lockdown (think virginia tech) then from carrying out an actual lockdown and notification.
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08:58 PM on 11/17/2011
bumper shoot bummer
08:57 PM on 11/17/2011
Cops are paranoid.
Author of Going...Going...NUTS !
08:54 PM on 11/17/2011
good god- psychotic and overreaction personified.
Filling the mind with facts...or trivia?
08:49 PM on 11/17/2011
I can see it now. Bomb threats are obsolete and you are the assumed perp. Got a test this afternoon you aren't ready in a sighting of someone carrying a gun on campus and it was just an oopppps moment.
05:02 AM on 11/18/2011
LOL good idea. hahaha jk jk
08:48 PM on 11/17/2011
Totally thought zombies were involved with mention of Umbrella...
08:34 PM on 11/17/2011
Question: Was it a single-shot or semi-automatic unbrella? :)
08:57 PM on 11/17/2011
No. It was atomic.
11:43 AM on 11/17/2011
I guess that's funny. I mean you folks are generally screaming that everyone should be forced to wear bike helmets at all times, peanuts should be declared a weapon and texting while driving is worse than murder. So it stands to reason that being too careful is......what? Stupid?
01:39 AM on 11/17/2011
If the police there aren't able to distinguish an umbrella from a rifle, then the town needs to seriously rethink it's lax standards for training police officers.
08:37 PM on 11/17/2011
They were responding to two 911 calls from civillians­, they didn't spot the "gun" originally­. It's good that they went into action when they recieved tips of an alleged threat, even if it was a false alarm.
05:03 AM on 11/18/2011
sigh... what cdaa said...
Vermont ain't flat.
08:47 PM on 11/16/2011
It is heart warming to know that college students know the difference between an umbrella and an assault rifle. Now if we could just compete academically with the Japanese,Indians and Chinese.
03:12 PM on 11/16/2011
As a student at ecu, i am thankful for the fast response of the police and emergency alert of the university. Even if it was just an "umbrella" its good to know that all the correct procedures were taken, plus it cancelled my 11am class :)
03:13 PM on 11/16/2011
And everyone always carries an umbrella at ECU
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01:59 PM on 11/16/2011
It was actually an umbrella. This has been confirmed in a press conference with Greenville police. As a professor who works at the university I am happy that the police take our safety so seriously. However, a 3 hour lockdown for an umbrella? We're all feeling a little silly right now.
Oderint dum metuant
09:31 PM on 11/17/2011
Well, at least it didn't rain.
01:19 PM on 11/16/2011
I for one am grateful they locked down ECU. I was about to head into work on the ECU Campus when MSNBC did a brief report that the campus was locked down. I immediately checked my email, because ECU has an excellent alert system, and sure enough there was an alert stating campus was locked down. After seeing the still of the traffic camera that depicted the gunman I am very grateful for ECU sending out the alert and locking down campus. Heaven forbid another VA Tech situation happen because the police just took the report and did nothing.
09:42 AM on 11/17/2011
Of course what makes VA Tech type attacks possible is the fact the aggressor has the only gun on scene. Why do you think this is a recent phenomenon? When do school shootings end? When good people with guns bring them to bear, whether police or private citizens.

Heaven forbid another VA Tech situation happen because somebody's squeamish about honest people carrying guns.
08:34 PM on 11/17/2011
And in this case the fellow with the umbrella would have been shot dead by the "unerring" eye witnesses.
05:07 AM on 11/18/2011
Another VA tech type situation won't happen because after that tragedy all universities across the country (including ECU as seen by this case) implemented highly improved and effective emergency alert systems. VA tech faced EXTREMELY stiff monetary fines for their ineffective system.
01:11 PM on 11/16/2011
This is why we shouldn't allow guns on college campuses.

Two gun threats in two days. Cal and now ECU.
"Why waste time learning? Ignorance is quicker."
01:44 PM on 11/16/2011
"We shouldn't allow guns on college campuses"

Ok, I am always curious...
How is that going to be enforced? How can you stop someone with a gun in their pocket from entering a campus? In this case, 5th Street is: "a busy thoroughfare through the heart of the campus". It is obviously impossible to stop and search every car and pedestrian, so banning guns does not really stop people from entering the college with them. "Gun free zones" are not really "gun free" if someone wants to either ignore the law or commit a crime with a firearm, are they?
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02:15 PM on 11/16/2011
ECU is a gun free zone. Too bad it wasn't also an umbrella free zone.
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02:16 PM on 11/16/2011
Guns aren't allowed on ECU property, this guy had an umbrella. If it had been a gun, obviously ECU being a gun free zone would not have stopped him.
12:52 PM on 11/16/2011
Traffic cameras verified the man had a gun. Also, it is a college campus with thousands of people on this campus. If a gun is reported and verified on a traffic camera, then you must address the situation. A lockdown was necessary for such a large campus. What would happen if they just took it as a "report" and there really was imminent danger to the students, faculty, and staff on campus?