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09:48 AM on 06/28/2008
A friend of mine, a Democrat who supported Hillary Clinton, sent that e-mail to me months ago, copying about 20 others. When I read it I could not believe that he was forwarding this to me. I took the time to call him up and he at least was thoughtful enough to send the entire group a retraction, saying that he was caught up in propaganda that he mistakenly took at face value. He said he would think twice before passing something like that along without verifying, in the future.

I am only one person, but this seems to me to be about the only way to combat these kind of disgusting tactics.
10:41 AM on 06/28/2008
I, too, got the email months ago - I didn't even recognize the name of the sender. I replied with links to I got a response from the woman (at least it was a woman's name) thanking me and saying she would read snopes. I agree that we each need to respond to the person who sends the email.

Then again, the wife of one of my cousins thinks Obama is the anti-Christ.........nothing will change her mind.
10:53 AM on 06/28/2008
I have received some of the same types of smear-mails and the best thing to do is call them out and send it to everyone on all the email's forward. I provide vaild sourcing and credible links. Then I usually close with something like this:

"Obama is a Christian. And let me say this - it’s not very Christian of anyone to say Obama isn’t a Christian when he is one. Saying that Obama is a Muslim is a lie. Last time I check, God wasn't a big fan of lies. Just saying."
11:21 AM on 06/28/2008
"Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor..." One of the Ten Commandments.
'Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings
09:40 AM on 06/28/2008
When I hear the inanity of the callers on C-SPAN it is no surprise that misinformation spreads so easily.
09:26 AM on 06/28/2008
i don't know why religion becomes a major issue in the presidential campaigns. george w. claims to be christian and i've never seen him use it when dealing with others.
hatred travels at the speed of sound, intolerance it's companion.
09:16 AM on 06/28/2008
It spread quickly for the same reason every idiotic right wing rumor does—because they say it on TV news every chance they get. Fox says Obama's a Muslim, then NBC says "Obama just can't shake rumor that he's a Muslim." And the brain-dead viewers who think watching TV news all day is edifying know that Obama's a secret terrorist. It wouldn't be on TV if it weren't true, right?

TV news is poisonous. Turn it off.
I Hope You'll Dance
09:11 AM on 06/28/2008
I would like for everyone who reads this post, to go to the Washington Post and study this commentary fully. I spent two hours on it this morning and this is what I found out........................

1. All the MSM and most blogs are playing us, the readers and regular bloggers for FOOLS.

2. Start following the underlined sources in the article, like pulling on a thread that unravels, and you will see how everything feeds off of another source that feeds off another.

3. Don't just stop at the underlined sources, take each person in that source and view their history. You will see how closely knit the whole Netroots are.

4. I started studying different people when I was trying to understand how the tentacles of power started and kept perpetuating itself, years and years back (more precisely the PNAC and at the Ford funeral's top speakers were Cheney and Rumfield and found they were involved back to the Nixon ADmin. and further back) Same with Bill Kristol and others.

5. Now I find that the liberal powers are the same, only this time in the MSM, magazines and Blogs.
09:07 AM on 06/28/2008
It spread quickly because unfortunately there remains a lot of IGNORANCE and FEAR in this country we are just not a very bright population. That explains our choice in govermnent and why things have just deteriroated over the years with the exception of the 90's. We would like to think we are smart but when it comes down to it we are outnumbered by the not so smart and those who are terrified. Our media that is suppose to informing people about the truth just basically feeds into that fear and ignorance. There is nothing that supports Obama being a muslim his father was a muslim he spent a few years in muslim country when he was a kid. Muslim is a faith people dont run around being embarassed by their faith that they have to hide it if they did they would pick another. Or pick none which is what I did with Christianity the embarassing faith that I was raised in or at least the dogmatic version of it.

09:03 AM on 06/28/2008
Given that lame as theory they expunge - Harrison Ford is a jew no matter what as his mother is Jewish and Jewish law states that those born of a jewish mother are Jewish. Take away life experience and life choices according to them - What lame ass bigoted ignorant poop!! SAD
08:56 AM on 06/28/2008
Firstly if anyone believes that he is a Muslim, e-mail or not, you're just an ignorant American and it's too bad we have too many ignorant Americans in this country.
05:29 AM on 06/29/2008
We've also got too many intelligent Americans in this country. What do you expect? It's America, and we have too many people after all. Now England has a real problem. They have too many stupid Americans in that country as well, and they aren't even America. They fly in over the fences. Just wait. The smart MexIcans will fly over the fences as well, and we'll be stuck with hundreds of miles of useless fences.