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10:18 PM on 11/26/2011
Gotta love science!
12:32 PM on 11/23/2011
please show Cain's brain when he has haras-sing intentions, Wait a minute, did I say Cain's Brain? it's possible to do this experiment, because Cain has no brain. he has beans up there instead.
New media producer and actor.
06:38 PM on 11/22/2011
I have a NEW video of the scan!
01:19 AM on 11/22/2011
This is great~!
I wonder why they chose self-stimulation and whether they will perform the same study using different stimuli, like looking at pictures or actually being with a lover (known to the subject-like someone the subject is in love with) vs the subject having a casual encounter with a hot stranger, or something like that.
I think it'd be interesting to also use this to understand the sources of arousal and to research the claim that women (again, vague assumption) are not so inclined to having sex with strangers. I remember reading in Times magazine a couple years ago that long-term,meaningful relationships are healthier for the brain for some reason. And I always wondered: are these people indirectly encouraging marriage or is it legit....?
Anyways, I love the research. I want more.
That little Voice in your mine.
07:08 PM on 11/21/2011
There is also research possibilities on:

-- Gender - the different brain reactions between female and male brains, and why.

-- Accidents - what affects certain types of brain damage have on orgasms
(more about brain reaction, not physiological ones)

-- what neurological conditions happen during orgams...besides things like blood flow.

-- Transgender research- orgasms before and after MtF bottom surgery,
and affects of hormonal thearpy or types and level of orgasms

-- Similarities. - what pleasures have similar aspects to orgasm brain responses,
(job promotion, contest winning, athletic exertion, cuddling, danger seeking, etc)

-- What thoughts/feelings led to stronger orgasms - self and regarding partner.

Note I think trying to put orgasms in a pill form would be an affront against humanity, and become a drug of abuse if it could be created and obtained with ease. It would be quite addictive for some.
01:24 PM on 11/21/2011
I think it is great that female orgasm is being talked about and have us consider what we think. It is an important subject that is of great relevance to relationships.

I myself look to "hands-on" female orgasm researchers for the best information.
I found the Bodansky who wrote "Instant Orgasm and especially the Welcomed Consensus who are "hands-on female orgasm researchers and sex educators, and have the latest cutting edge information on female orgasm.

The Welcomed Consensus research female orgasm, "hands-on", 365 days a year, and have for over 25 years. My partner and I have used their Deliberate Orgasm practice that gave birth to Slow Sex. We love the DVD "Orgasm at the First Touch", that has a live demonstration and the step by step on how to give and how to receive orgasm at the first touch.

Thank you to Professor Barry Komisaruk and his team for the study talked about in this article.
I do wonder though what would be discovered if they did an MRI of a totally different kind of orgasm than the traditional model of orgasm observed in this article: an MRI of a woman experiencing orgasm at the first touch. This deliberate orgasm practice could give some serious new insights into female sexuality; it did for us and took our sex life to a new level of fun and enjoyment. Female Orgasm videos and free information at along with the latest on female sexuality.
11:25 AM on 11/21/2011
Why do women seem to have such a hard time ,having an O,and why do they fake one ?
Ayesha Khan
01:21 PM on 11/19/2011
So whats the point? Every one knows that having Orgasm is the ultimate pleasure, that humans can experience. but while one is having an Orgasm who gives a damn what the brain look like-- Are we suppose to concentrate on Orgasm or how the brain is changing colors. Moreover, the brain it self has such great powers to stimulate the pleasure areas that one needs no artificial stimulation. Sex is something serious, it is related to many factors. Read Sigmund Freud he has discussed this in a very elaborate manner, specially his Pleasure Principal Theory---------
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07:57 AM on 11/20/2011
If you think that having an orgasm is the "ultimate pleasure that humans can experience" then you must not have very highly developed pleasures. I think orgasms are way below chocolate and everything else and a lot of women feel this way.
conservative southern gal
08:34 PM on 01/09/2012
That is very sad. Evidently you haven't felt what the majority of people feel when they have an orgasm. It is like NOTHING else, because there is nothing else you can compare it to. Some are stronger than others.. but the anticipation of your next orgasm feeds the desire ! I like chocolate cake, and jelly doughnuts, but orgasm is waaaaaayyy better than any of that sort of thing. Keep practicing.. you'll get there one day.
12:10 PM on 11/20/2011
Just because you don't give a damn what your brain is doing while you have one doesn't stop making it interesting and important information for medical science and anyone else slightly curious in scientific fact.

Just because it works fine for plenty of us does not mean this knowledge would go to waist on finding solutions for a large number of people who cannot have one so easily.

In my opinion the world would be a better place if we all focused on having orgasms, preferably the not self induced variety, instead of what other people are doing in their bedrooms as we do in this country. More love, less war.
Ayesha Khan
01:55 PM on 11/20/2011
No not at all the research won't be a waste, I was only trying to stress on the point that while the process a human mind cannot think about what are the effects on mind. It is a scientific discovery that a human mind can think about only one thing at a time. It is not possible to think about more than one thing at a same time. And yes of course what you said in your last lines is absolutely correct. We all must concentrate on the finer things, and real pleasures in life, and forget about the Trash---:)
conservative southern gal
08:36 PM on 01/09/2012
Yes, remember when they used to say, "make love, not war." ??????
12:50 PM on 11/19/2011
How many people can you get in an MRI ..I dunno but I can see the jokes happenin' pretty quick...
12:17 PM on 11/19/2011
What about us dudes ? Don't we get to take a ride in the M-machine, & a photo montage taken of our gray matter turning purple ?
Seriously, this is great stuff, which Kinsey, Masters/Johnson, & other pioneering sexologists would rave about. However, I would not be surprised to see the subject & research team accused of `Lewd & Lacivious Beahavior' in the Masturbatron, & a university panel formed to investigate this `indecency' !
11:41 AM on 11/19/2011
Science research! Such a lame excuse for self-pleasuring activities.

On the other hand, I always though orgasm was a no-brainer. This proves me wrong, again.
12:33 PM on 11/19/2011
gnosius Hahaha ...on the other hand ??? hahha sorry you gotta admit..!
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My Lab is smarter than your honor student
11:41 AM on 11/19/2011
Guess you don't have any of men's brains, as they are almost impossible to find. Oh, wait !
Men's brains are down there in their shorts !
Sapere Aude
12:09 PM on 11/19/2011
To which I reply with my own reverse gender stereotype: What? It only took 57 seconds?!
03:18 PM on 11/19/2011
Nothing wrong with a "quick" orgasm when you're "multiple"

Just sayin!
10:37 AM on 11/19/2011
I saw this poster at SFN. I figured something like this couldn't go unnoticed. I hate to be a party pooper, but fMRI signal is strongly dependent on blood volume and flow in the brain in addition to neural activity. Once the "blood gets pumping", fMRI signal can get all wonky.

One explanation:
orgasm diverts blood to genitalia (away from brain) which decreases blood volume in the brain. This in turn will tend to increase measured signal.(i.e. make it yellow everywhere)
Tea Party's Over...Time To Brush Your Tooth
09:50 AM on 11/19/2011
How many rubs in total?
Gilbert Albright
09:46 AM on 11/19/2011
If you look real close you can see a shopping cart in most of the photos.
12:35 PM on 11/19/2011
I couldn't get past the credit cards.... I'll try again....ohyeah uhoh the carts are multiplying.....hehehheh
05:46 PM on 11/20/2011
My friend's girlfriend has a t-shirt that says 'Multiple Orgasms: We Win!"

In case you don't get it, the "We" means women.