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05:31 PM on 11/16/2011
First you pay to watch the movie
Then you buy the DVD
Then they add "unseen footage" on another DVD
Then it comes out on Blue Ray
Then the Directors Cut DVD comes out
and now The 3 D version
I can afford only the first two..... sorry no more money from me
04:48 PM on 11/16/2011
Jack should have just found something to float on.
06:47 PM on 11/16/2011
he did but froze in the process.
11:31 PM on 11/16/2011
correction, he gave it up for Rose to float on, Jack was in the water
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01:13 AM on 11/17/2011
I agree. I mean, he gives a half-hearted attempt at climbing up with Rose, and then doesn't even give a second glance at any of the other floating debris. I know it's a love story, but that just irked me.
04:24 PM on 11/16/2011
Titanic is one of my all time favorite movies...looking forward to watching it in 3D! Very few movies I care to watch over and over again...but Titanic is certainly one of them
04:16 PM on 11/16/2011
To the saddest movies in the world, I'd add a 1950's flick, called, "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing." Starring William Holden and Jennifer Jones as star-crossed lovers, He, a Korean war correspondent, she a Eurasian physician set in Hong Kong with gorgeous cinematography. Gets me every time.
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05:34 PM on 11/16/2011
Add "An Affair to Remember".....
05:53 PM on 11/16/2011
But at least "An Affair to Remember" ended on a hopeful note.
10:25 PM on 11/16/2011
Another classic tear jerker that never gets mentioned is 1957's "Sayanora" with Brando, Garner, and Buttons. The last line of the movie uttered by Brando is classic...
04:13 PM on 11/16/2011
can't wait i love that movie.
04:06 PM on 11/16/2011
"Classic love story"!?! When James Cameron was nominated for Best Screenplay, many critics said" "There was a screenplay?" One of the worst movies, if not the worst, to win any Oscars. The only reason it won is that the Oscars are a trade show and the Academy rewards anyone who makes a movies that the public talks about.
04:39 PM on 11/16/2011
Feel better?
04:43 PM on 11/16/2011
If you don't like the movie, then why did you even click on the link!!!!! Titanic is the BEST movie of all time....and the best love story ever! And also, if you hate Titanic so much then why did you take time to comment when you know people would be so angry! So, please, I respect your opinion but you shouldn't rip the movie apart! And there are much worse movies out there.....this movie won oscars for a reason!
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04:01 PM on 11/16/2011
I can watch Titanic, cry my eyes out, rewind to forward, watch it again, and cry again. What a sharp, sweet story of youthful, doomed love.
06:49 PM on 11/16/2011
I saw it maybe twice, once when it came out on video, and once on tv, and that was because there wasn't anything else good on that night.
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03:58 PM on 11/16/2011
Does the selfish chick still kick Leo off her big floating door at the end? Does the ship STILL sink? Then I don't care...
04:06 PM on 11/16/2011
Yeah...I know how it ends.
I am unique, just like everyone else.
04:22 PM on 11/16/2011
Just asking why you think she's selfish, with all respect. She denounced her wealthy fiance and all the pomp he stood for...and was ready to take on a life of unsure circumstances with Jack. I guess that's what makes a great to so many points of view.
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04:48 PM on 11/16/2011
My appears I've insulted the Titanic fan club...
11:54 PM on 11/18/2011
Here's the thing, though: She was "ready to take on a life of unsure circumstances." Fortunately for her, she didn't have to.

Titanic is actually a pretty lousy love story. Rose doesn't have to deal with any dsiappointment about the future Jack not being able to make a living as an artist. He's preserved in her memory as an immortal youth. It's not a realistic love story.

Here's what always p*ssed me off, though: at the end she is reunited with Jack in the apparent Heaven of the Titanic. Rose was married and had kids and grandkids. So, apparenetly her husband isn't as important as some dude she spent a few days with 85 years earlier?