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10:35 PM on 11/20/2011
In the first place Irrisponsible parents that don't Rear there child into have the necessary manners at a Younger age is beyond me.. My parents, Grandparents jumped my rearend at a young age and when I sat down at the table I knew how to act and eat! Back then Children were to be seen and not heard! Manners ? Yep!!! I better have manners in public and at home!!
10:47 PM on 11/20/2011
EXACTLY!!! Only with todays "parents" it's they who are to be seen and not heard while those KIDS act however they wish with countless EXCUSES coming from their so-called "parents" Here's a tip, being a parent doesn't just happen by having a kid! A parent will TEACH each child in their own way, they are SMART ENOUGH tofigure out just which child is to be tought in which mannor. In other words, some kids only need to good tlaking to while others need a good whooping while others might need to feel what it's like to sit alone every meal for a while until they learn to ACT RIGHT! Parent??? Hell, way to many "parents" are being RULED by their kids!!!!
11:12 PM on 11/20/2011
Thank you!
A smile is your personal welcome mat.
10:34 PM on 11/20/2011
I feel bad hearing that parents are struggling with these issues when their children begin embarrassing them. It seems late but nothing is impossible. Loving grandparents raised my husband; they were hardworking and very decent folks. They were polite and kind, but in other areas, they were lacking basic social graces, for reasons that were important to him, he became self-taught through observation. I’m very proud that it wasn’t a task to raise our family with impeccable manners because it was a natural way of life. Trying to stuff manners and social correctness down a child’s throat will produce either overly polite or very rebellious robots. Perfect children do not exist. However, a child doesn’t realize he/she is learning when they follow good examples. Our granddaughter is 9-years old now and she helps to set a perfect holiday table because she learned honestly from her mother. It’s second nature, she simple knows. For all young parents, please start early. If you aren’t certain but want to learn, following by example or observation or glance through a book on the topic. There’s no shame in not being sure. My mother was very poor, but at a young age, she worked for a wonderful wealthy family who liked her enough to teach her, and she passed that grateful knowledge onto us. Nothing is impossible.
10:34 PM on 11/20/2011
Raising 4 children my self and taking what My mother taught me it all starts when they are infant's. please and thank you. I allways even when talking to them please pass the what ever thank you. The grand daughter who lives with me knows the word I call it the golden word (Please) it is never easy to raise children. I am thank-full mine are raised and I am able to in joy the grand children.
Gregory Schwartz
10:31 PM on 11/20/2011
If your kid can not or will not behave himself at the table, send him to his bedroom withou dinner.
After a few missed dinners, he will learn that you mean what you say, and he will behave. My parents weren't mean, but they were strict. When I see these "reality" shows like Super Nanny, and the parents have lost control of their kids, it's ALWAYS the parents' fault. Once they start letting the kids rule the roost, they have lost control. Parents need to be firm and consistent. Raising kids is like raising dogs. You have to let them know immediately who is in charge!
10:19 PM on 11/20/2011
and what were you doing all these years while you SHOULD have been teaching them table manners and how to behave?
10:19 PM on 11/20/2011
funny how you libs won't accept how to raise kids , you are why this country is in the shape it is in ,
Very easy going -- 'til you piss me off!
10:20 PM on 11/20/2011
10:40 PM on 11/20/2011
and you just proved their point, lol..
10:45 PM on 11/20/2011
Seriously? Tell me you're TRYING to be funny?
10:13 PM on 11/20/2011
7 and 10? Good luck! Sounds as if you allow your kids behave like pigs except when company comes. When mine were tiny, I began the "please" and "thank you" routine. They learned to sit at the table and converse. No phone calls were taken, and none were made. Their friends sharing a meal at our home were always surprised that we insisted everyone remain at the table until all were finished, and then they got up only after 'may I be excused, please?' was asked. My kids helped with chores and were taught not to chew with open mouths, place elbows on the table or hold their utensils awkwardly. By age 7 they had excellent manners and received compliments at whatever restaurant or home we dined in. Stop being a pal, Mom. You've got gorillas because you are NOT old fashioned. If you were, they'd have been trained in good table (and other) manners from the time they could hold a spoon.
10:08 PM on 11/20/2011
Really, get a backbone.Your parent didn't have any problems teaching you manners.quit trying to be your kids friend and teach, mentor and guide them. That's the definition of parenting. It's people like this that are screwing things up, by raising entitled kids.
Marina J Parowski
09:59 PM on 11/20/2011
I wish this Mom well in her attempt to change these children. She has a tough road ahead. Children should be taught manners as soon as the first opportunity arises. A toddler can understand "Please" and "Thank-you". My 5 and 7 year old grandchildren know to open the door for another person. They introduce their friends. They know not to interrupt a person speaking and take turns very well. This Mom missed the boat when the children were little, and now she's reaping what she has sown (or failed to sow).
09:57 PM on 11/20/2011
If your kids don't have decent manners, keep them home. You should not be subjecting the public to children with poor manners.
10:33 PM on 11/20/2011
That's the stupidest thing I have ever heard. As far as I am concerned it doesn't matter what the public thinks. Most kids do have manners but the public judges them anyway simply because they may have taught their children something different that what I have taught mine. Or perhaps it's a different situation all together. My grandchild has lived with me since he was six months old. Every Saturday we attend mass with him between his grandfather and I and he is literally moving during the entire mass; quiet, but moving. Do you think I for one second would ever consider not taking him to mass because the public may not like his constant moving, HELL NO.
10:46 PM on 11/20/2011
church is totally different than taking them to a restraunt, when the food does not come fast enough they complain, or when it does come they eat like they have never eaten before.., or have "food fights" I've seen it several times! I want to enjoy my meal, not sitting near whiney kids throwing food...they should have thier own section, May one that says " If you think your children will give you problems, think of the other diners, maybe find a nice table that is kid access."
11:06 PM on 11/20/2011
I once went to a restaurant, there was a young guy around 20 with a date, he ate honestly compared to a pig. His chin was about 2" from his plate and the food was shoveled. It was half hanging out of his mouth and you saw every morsel in his mouth. At the end he picked up the plate and licked it. Obviously he didn't care what the public thought ...nor his date.

I have nieces and nephews that were always bouncing around when they were little, they were never told to stop. They are all in their 20's and guess what, they still don't sit still. Unfortunately we all live in this world together and part of manners is thinking about the other person too. That's why the public does matter.
09:57 PM on 11/20/2011
It's simple. Lead by example, explain proper etiquette, and rebuke bad behavior ("take your elbows off the table", "sit up straight", "don't interrupt" etc) and let your child know that bad behavior will not be tolerated. Before I was even in kindergarten, I understood etiquette while dining and my parents were never hesitant to take me into even the best restaraunts. I also think it is important to never talk down to kids or baby-talk them past toddler stage. My parents always spoke to me with adult language and, because of this, I had a better vocabulary and manners by the age of 5 than many adults I know.
09:55 PM on 11/20/2011
old fashioned mama, you've got to be kidding ! where have you been for ten years ? quit trying to be buddies and start being a parent,,,,,your already behind.....
Stop blaming others.
09:54 PM on 11/20/2011
Maybe our schools should teach good manners also. But, the suggestion would be about as well received as Michelle Obama's efforts to get healthy food in our school systems. Sarah Palin said the government shouldn't be sticking their noses in such.
The assumption shouldn't be 'well the kids just won't eat it'. Rather, they prefer to feed the kids stuff they will eat such as pizza and sweets.
Just being Logical at my Older age..
10:53 PM on 11/20/2011
We wouldn't Need Outside Help ( by the Gov't) if we did our jobs INSIDE..
06:01 AM on 11/21/2011
I agree. There are kids that get free breakfast and lunches due to lack of funds in some areas. Think of all of the children that would go hungry if 'the government' didn't stick their noses in our business. I guess starving kids would be better.
12:06 AM on 11/21/2011
Don't you think that schools have enough to do just teaching reading, writing etc.?
Also, while I am extremely political I am impressed that most on this forum are not bringing politics into the discussion.
09:54 PM on 11/20/2011
When my children were young I would take each one of them out for a meal at "off hours." We would go to a local diner for lunch before or after the work crowd was there, or for breakfast very early before the work crowd was arriving. We played "sneak the napkin race" by trying to be the first to get the napkin to the lap without the other noticing. We also made a game out of who could "eat neat and quiet" and surprise mom by finishing the meal without me noticing. On our way to school or back home, we would discuss the behavior of others who were either good or bad examples. We would laugh at the bad manners of others and say that we certainly wouldn't want anyone to be saying those things about us. It was painless, and it worked. And for those sensitive souls who shudder at our criticism of the bad examples, face it, if you are a member of that group, we are not the only ones who noticed and criticized. But thanks for providing an object lesson for my children.
10:16 PM on 11/20/2011
Ahhh! Sweet reason. So rare, so rare
09:51 PM on 11/20/2011
I have a grandson that lives with us since birth. We always had meals wioth him and chatted. His 2nd birthday at a daycare drew surprise remarks when the young man used utensils for his cake and ice cream! He is 10 now, a 2nd Degree Black Belt, shows respect at all times and consideration.
Last year, 9 years old, his school mates found out he was a Black Belt - one of the kids said: Hey you can beat up anyone in school! My kid said: "The reason I learned the art is, I do not have to beat you. I can walk away. Now, if you decide to take me on, then you are mine!"
The coach overheard it and told me, the kid said it in low voice and calmly. Coach put his kid in Martial Arts!