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03:33 PM on 11/21/2011
He's right in a sense, but how far do you go? There are some great Sci-Fi flicks that don't get Academy recognition. Do we need a "Best Sci-Fi" category? Do we need a "Best Children's Movie" or "Best Horror" category? There's definitely an unfair perception that dramas are quote-unquote "high art" whereas everything else is more trivial, but at the end of the day if you make a truly good comedy, you can win Best Picture. See Annie Hall as an example.
03:26 PM on 11/21/2011
Comedies should be a lot funnier first and written a lot better. If Bridesmaids is the bar set then that's pretty low to start with.
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not just another white dope on punk
03:49 PM on 11/21/2011
i could not agree more. bridesmaids was so overrated. as if women being women was some big revelation. and if that mccarthy woman gets any more accolades for essentially doing a rosie odonnel imitation than i am going to go screeching off into the night. the bar is on the ground with that movie.