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10:41 AM on 12/01/2011
Sad that so many can't perceive reality here. This lady has been evicted six (6) times, most recent, just this past November...3 weeks ago, bankruptcy and also found herself in court for defamation of character on another person.

Yeah, she's just brilliant, trustworthy garbage spilling from her savage mouth.
01:02 PM on 12/01/2011
Trashy! Why would someone exploit themselves and their whorish behavior on national TV....For a dollar!
03:26 PM on 12/01/2011
Some go to the extreme in greed of matter whom they step on and/or hurt.
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Chief Iconoclast
03:36 PM on 12/01/2011
What is sad is that you and your conservative brethren argue in fallacies constantly, and probably aren't even aware of it. Just because she has money issues does not mean her story cannot be valid. You're exercising the "poisoning the well" fallacy. Look it up and learn something for a change.
08:41 AM on 12/02/2011
Really? You're just another part of the problem. Sad.
10:37 AM on 12/01/2011
With respect to infidelity, Herman Cain needs a "Nein, Nein, Nein" program.
Proverbs 13:20
02:15 PM on 12/01/2011
I like it! lol
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04:04 PM on 12/01/2011
10:36 AM on 12/01/2011
Interesting timing on all of this...sounds like a hatchet job to me. wonder if there wasn't some renumeration to come up with this character assissination. Someone put there doesn't want to see a successful black man, who became successful on his own hard effort and didn't use the system, to become President.
Passionate, fiery walking contradiction.
03:50 PM on 12/01/2011
Exactly how is any of this a "character assassination"?? The man is running for POTUS. Any skeletons lurking in his closet were bound to come out, whether true or not the very fact that he was accused of sexual harassment by a number of women was going to come out. And this woman was going to come forward eventually if he really did have an affair with her.

That's just what happens when you run for the highest office of the land in a very public manner in these very fast-paced, news-by-the-second times. I don't feel the least bit sorry for him.
04:28 PM on 12/01/2011
^ perfect example
10:29 AM on 12/01/2011
You so called journalists today are so unprofessional! You now only give one side to every story. The one you think will cause the greatest sensation. Do you even check to confirm information anymore? No one even checked the background of this woman. She had another sexual harassment case in 2000 that came to nothing. She needs money. She recently has been evicted, several times! She also had a bankruptcy! Even if the allegations are true or not, the public should know the WHOLE STORY. Gee, isn't it protocol to have at least three resources before printing a story or doesn't it matter that you just ruin people's lives and reputations? It's so easy now, just say anything you want about anyone, and they can be devastated, it doesn't even matter if they prove they're innocent or not, it's out there! Contrary to what you think, the public is NOT stupid, we want to know the truth not gossip! Dare you to print this!
C Luna
Que Sera Sera
12:57 PM on 12/01/2011
My sentiments exactly. I was formerly a writer for a well-known national newspaper, and was repeatedly told to "Dumb it down." I was informed by management that the average reader had a seventh grade education. They were clearly referring to themselves.
I was also sent a note from the Editor - which I saved and read from time to time for a laugh - which states "You are far too educated and talented to work here." I no longer identify myself as a journalist because I'm so humiliated by the caliber of crap that passes for writing these days. It used to be, the one-sided opinion could only be found on the Editorial page. Now a biased diatribe is front page news. Long-gone are those cumbersome steps in the process - research, fact-checking, copyediting, professionalism - the writermonkeys of today use text slang and can't even press "spell-check" on their computers. Glad to see they printed your comment!
Passionate, fiery walking contradiction.
03:51 PM on 12/01/2011
Why wouldn't they?
10:27 AM on 12/01/2011
Who cares at this point and time.. point and case made.. move on to something positive in your life.. instead of bringing up your past.. the Past is exactly what it says PAST.. CONCENTRATE on the Future and a positive one for yourself.. Forgive and move on but first of all forgive yourself to begin your healing process. God is very much aware of the entire situation and nobody was forced to do what they were going after.. THINK OF THAT ONE BOTH SIDES.. PERIOD..
10:22 AM on 12/01/2011
Gosh, I don't think I want any of his pizza! "Here's your pizza, pimp hat pulled down over his eyes," that'll be 9.99.
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09:54 AM on 12/01/2011
It's unfortunate that Hermann Cain might drop out of the race. He should be judged on the merits of his political philosophy, not his personal life.

His political philosophy is quite simple and entirely in line with the rest of the republican party: Cut taxes on billionaires and cut spending on everybody else.

This philosophy will be judged next November.
Passionate, fiery walking contradiction.
03:52 PM on 12/01/2011
I hope he doesn't drop out and I hope he becomes the Republican choice because at least then none of those other loonies will be anywhere close to the White House and we don't have to worry because there's no way this man could become President.

(Though who knows, Bush had about as much idea of how government is run and he was voted in twice!)
Micro-bio...that's yogurt right?
09:24 AM on 12/01/2011
I can hear it now......"Yes we Cain!"
08:54 AM on 12/01/2011
Mr. Cain, he should just bow out at this point. Just isn't going to win.
10:37 AM on 12/01/2011
Cain shouldn't run. Obviously SOMEONE or something doesn't want him in the race. If he stays in, what next? A gay relationship??
06:05 AM on 12/01/2011
Ask yourself--if she really cared about this man--even for a little while--why would she come out against him now? If I were in her place--I would never do such a thing. The whole deal seems suspicious to me.
08:03 AM on 12/01/2011
Simple! The 'other' gals he was cheating on 'her' with. She thought she was the only 'other' girl he was cheating with.
05:04 AM on 12/01/2011
"When Herman Cain was in charge of the National Restaurant Association, there were allegations of sexual harassment. They have revealed one came from Sara Lee."

–David Letterman
02:16 AM on 12/01/2011
Thank god they didn’t have kids. Ugly things would have scared the democrats away. Seriously though why doesn’t this snake slither back under his rock or one of the very few godfather pizza restaurants somewhere in America. If he can find one, I haven’t seen one in 20yrs since he took over the franchise.
01:43 AM on 12/01/2011
I bet that all of the people on here that believe this woman is telling the truth, are the same people that loose when they play the game CLUE. Some of you people aren't doing too well when it comes to sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts.
01:22 AM on 12/01/2011
i dont really like the guy, but its pretty obvious that all these ''accusers'' are coming out of the wood works because they are receiving some sort of benefits for this
Say NO to Socialism - Been there, lived that.
05:43 AM on 12/01/2011
You're right. Someone, somewhere does not want another black president. They are doing a helluva job in succeeding. It's lousy because his family has been affected.
10:37 AM on 12/01/2011
Very true, it's most likely the goverment or obama. On another note, too bad you don't know much about Caine, he's been a staple in the south and is a brilliant man. If you listened to even one of his nationally sydicated radio shows before the race, you'd understand that he see's right through the current goverment.
01:21 AM on 12/01/2011
Next Gloria will be representing the bearded lady from a side show near the 1962 Worlds Fair. It seems that "allegedly" Cain was seen propositioning the furry feline and making some very unwanted and distasteful advances.
After a few rounds in the liberal media, this too will become a fact.