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09:44 AM on 11/30/2011
Damn those Arubans just can't quite make the money shot when it comes to nailing a MURDERER, can they?
12:13 PM on 12/02/2011
They are not used to crime there, except only when the Americans and Europeans come there. Beyond that, there is no crime. Just a beautiful island and great people.
09:43 AM on 11/30/2011
Nice photo from 20 years ago.
09:43 AM on 11/30/2011
And Why Why Why do we not hear more from the 'boyfriend' she left behind...? And why would he approve of her going to this island with this buffoon in the first place, if she was in a relationship with the 'boyfriend?"
11:32 AM on 11/30/2011
Do your research. I thought the same thing at FIRST. I read they were partially estranged-she and the "boyfriend". As an adult, she chose to go with a stranger she met online (as a middle aged adult, she did not need anyone's approval) and the boyfriend knew nothing about it--only in that she supposingly was going to meet up with her family for a vacation in Aruba. Keep the innocent and victim of this loss - who was in the states at the time out of it.
09:42 AM on 11/30/2011
IS the subject of an insurance policy ever informed when someone takes out a policy on you? Just wondering..doesn't there have to be a tangible relationship in place for that to occur... like a relative, a breadwinner, a business entity?
09:41 AM on 11/30/2011
As outraged as we all are we must remember that some day a random chain of events could place us at the mercy of the courts. Our free will option gets us in difficult straits at times.
09:38 AM on 11/30/2011
People usually take a vacation to leave their troubles behind not their travel companions. I would like to know if he is going to get the insurance money or not.
09:37 AM on 11/30/2011
Did anyone think anything different would happen. Unfortunately, no way were they going to find Robyn's body. He better lay low when back in the States. Got away with murder, for sure.
09:37 AM on 11/30/2011
Lots of people take out quickie life insurance policies when traveling. You can do it at a kiosk in the airport.

Possibly she is tucked away somewhere waiting to split the pay off.
Kev Bat
Fiber is good for my micro-bio !
09:41 AM on 11/30/2011
That would explain the " Bloody Towel " . Way to go , not letting logic get in the way of your thinking !
10:08 AM on 11/30/2011
I cut my foot on a shell on a beach once and I had quite a bit of blood on a towel. But I am still here. I believe he did kill her, but I don't think a bloody towel would convict him. And since none of us witnessed anything down there, we can all have an opinion about what happened.
10:03 AM on 11/30/2011
having never purchased insurance at the airport.....always thought is was in case the plane went down......not if you died somewhere on the trip itself,,,,
12:02 PM on 11/30/2011
Possibly true.
09:32 AM on 11/30/2011
Just call Jose Baez and your troubles will be over!!
09:59 AM on 11/30/2011
Jose Baez got lucky. Pretty client, stupid jurors, and just the fact that it took place in the state of Florida (Flori-DUH)
09:31 AM on 11/30/2011
He's got some HUGE......bald wonder he wears a rug.....massive large bald head...eww.
09:30 AM on 11/30/2011
I dont believe and have never believed that Natalie is dead. Venezula is the second highest country in the world for sex trade and human trafficing in the world second only to Vietnam.

As the slime and money hungry Van de Slut, it would not surprise me at all that him being in the casinoes every night didnt wind up meeting someone that was in the human trafficing business.

I will always believe that she was sold into slavery since Venezula is only 15 miles from Aruba and as the word gets around I feel that it is very possible that this happened to this woman also.

The two things in common that support this is they were both young, blonde, and beautiful, and it would seems that that type of woman would be in high demand in Venezula that just happens to have Chavez as a president.

I do think in my own opinion, that this is a very valid reason of these young women to just disappeared.
10:01 AM on 11/30/2011
Actually, this makes a lot of sense, especially considering the fact that they never find the bodies of these women. You could very well be right on the money with this theory.
Dede Eagleburger
Beauty is in the eye of the makeup brush holder
10:52 AM on 11/30/2011
I've been thinking and saying this since she disappeared this summer...I think it's probably what happened since they've found no trace of either...
09:25 AM on 11/30/2011
Certain " professions" come with serious risks. Not saying she deserved anything, but when you "escort" your client overseas, you take a big risk.
09:38 AM on 11/30/2011
yes i agree. i blame robyn for being so trusting of virtually a stranger.
Dede Eagleburger
Beauty is in the eye of the makeup brush holder
10:54 AM on 11/30/2011
I know what you're assuming and there's no evidence of that, she's the victim here...!
09:19 AM on 11/30/2011
I STILL say it was insurance fraud and both him and her are involved. i could be wrong but I really think it was for both of them to collect the ins. money. shes prolly not even dead.
09:29 AM on 11/30/2011
Well how did she get off the Island of Aruba?!?! Probably a private plane then!!!
09:45 AM on 11/30/2011
I agree I have been saying this the whole time - but it will sure be a tough one to hide for long with all this exposure. She probably took off to another country, went under the knife to changer her appearance, changer hair - learn the language return as an immigrant - or who knows. But the insurance mentioned fraud first. I think it is fraud - they kept him there to see if she popped out of the woodwork.
09:07 AM on 11/30/2011
What was this girl thinkng to have done such a stupid thing!
Dede Eagleburger
Beauty is in the eye of the makeup brush holder
10:55 AM on 11/30/2011
really, thinking it's him who did the stupid thing...
05:43 PM on 11/30/2011
I said "“What was this GIRL thinkng to have done such a stupid thing!” Do you know the difference between girl and him and her? OMG! She had a steady boyfriend, they had a great relationship. She wanted more excitement in her life. She met the guy online (danger right there). She went on a trip to Aruba (not exactly a safe place any longer). Well, I hope she got the excitement she wanted because I'm sure her last hour wasn't exciting. Now she's dead!
09:06 AM on 11/30/2011
They say he had NO MOTIVE, How does 1.5 Million not be a motive