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03:37 PM on 12/01/2011
most moved down here from up north cant stand the heat get out of fla.
03:36 PM on 12/01/2011
Why on earth do people believe statistical reports like this? They NEVER really represent the majority of people and most of the time, the researchers have no idea what they're talking about. They do research on something one week, and the next week it changes. Don't believe statistical reports and forget it when they announce on the news anything having to do with researchers and statistics. It's all a bunch of crap. They get paid for the most stupid research.
04:30 PM on 12/01/2011
What makes you think that people do?
U may kiss it!
05:13 PM on 12/01/2011
It looks to me like the people behind these idiotic surveys go by whoever pays them the most.

How come they didn't include Brownsville, Texas? The poorest and saddest city bordering Texas and Mexico?
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Fascinated by red polish on women
03:31 PM on 12/01/2011
Florida is represented quite a few times I see.
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03:24 PM on 12/01/2011
Most people are old, many infirm and of diminishing capacity. Of course they are sad.
03:36 PM on 12/01/2011
yes most are retired and moved down here from up north
05:40 PM on 12/01/2011
You'd be sad and depressed too, if your house lost 75% of it's value. This was supposted to be our retirement fund. NOT. Looks like we will have to move to Alabama.
03:12 PM on 12/01/2011
Birmingham? Can't believe it. I've been here almost 30 years and love this place! Beautiful hills and greenery, stays above freezing most of the year enough to do. As far as unemployment, gosh, what city doesn't have a high unemployment rate anymore? My sister works at a very nice local hotel. They have placed 3 positions in the paper and on CL. One of the positions (host from 6a-11a, mon-fri) hasnt even had one resume come in!!!! I hate to say it, because my heart goes out to those in need, but it seems that many that are collecting unemployment or other entitlements, are able bodied indivudals that could get a job. sure, a job might be exhausting, but it sure can help you get out of the ho hums.
03:10 PM on 12/01/2011
You live in your neighborhood. Could be the slums or the swellest suburb. 63, and have been pretty much everywhere in the U.S. multiple times and around most parts of the world a couple. At least for the U.S., everyplace seems about the same to me in general. The rest of the world, a different story. Some one in FL commented "at least our homeless are warm". That indirectly makes a point. Some areas do in fact attract homeless, low income types, etc.. I am fine with those folks being around wherever they are, but it does skew the statistics when certain areas attract a larger percentage due to weather or other factors. You live in your neighborhood.
03:03 PM on 12/01/2011
let's go worst state in the usa,ALABAMA. a very sad state that is broke and there is no leaders to fix,due to the fact they broke it.
If it's broken, fix it!
03:15 PM on 12/01/2011
The county where Birmingham is has filed for bankruptcy, the first to do so in this depressed economy.
03:02 PM on 12/01/2011
"Rick Scott"
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02:59 PM on 12/01/2011
I live in one of those 'sun soaked' cities on the list and my guess as to the reason why there are so many from this state is that, we've seen how spectacular life here can be. World class outdoor activities, dining, sports, arts, night life, entertainment.........and now it's gone. We are filled with empty buildings, empty homes, run down neighborhoods and an economy here that is built on the most fragile of foundations, tourism. There is no light at the end of the tunnel, none of us can even see how long the tunnel is. The bar is set very high here when times are good and when they're not, it hurts. We know how great it can be here and hope that it will ever return is fading. I hope this isn't the new reallity.
02:34 PM on 12/01/2011
There is good and bad no matter where you live. Its up the individual to make the most of the good and work to fix the bad. Sitting around complaining or putting together silly stories like this accomplishes nothing.
02:21 PM on 12/01/2011
and HOW is Las Vegas on the list let-alone #1?
02:25 PM on 12/01/2011
It has the highest unemployment rate in the nation for major cities.
04:18 PM on 12/01/2011
move here and find out... 13%+ unemployment and 80% upside down on their home...
02:11 PM on 12/01/2011
St. Petersburg, SAD?. I am certainly not rich but thats not so bad in St Pete. We have our share of homeless, but they're warm.. Didn't anyone notice the new All Childrens Hospital that is state of the art? How about the Dali Museum, the new Chilhuly Glass art Museum,the new wing at the Fine Arts Museum, The Bayfront Medical campus, the lovely park that is kept to buffer the Bayfront from the behemouth skyscrapers, the thousands of tourists who flock here, sometimes maintaining a second home. The majority of people are polite and helpful, to my utter amazement when I first moved here. Also St Petersburg, admitedly a base for a traditionally older population, knows how to respect their issues and has many resources in place. to that end. Last but not least, it's diverse,lovely, has easy access to the Bay AND the Gulf, unique restaraunts, theatre, art walks special days when they shut down Central Ave and pull up a beer truck and the restaraunts pull their tables outside, there's music and people dance! Pretty sad. We have Shakespeare In The Park, and the weather is conducive to drawing wonderful craft shows and outside events such as motorcycle shows that stretch along the Pier, another attraction. Oh, and the new constructons of condominiums often sell out befure they're built. As for Tampa? I don't bother crossing the bridge except to pick up visitors, who stay in ST PETE, oh,. and excellent fishing.....

02:27 PM on 12/01/2011
Yeah....and how is the local economy doing?
If it's broken, fix it!
03:06 PM on 12/01/2011
St. Petersburg has traditionally been a retiree city, which means that older people moved there to wait to die. There's nothing more depressing than sitting around waiting for the grim reaper to show up.
02:08 PM on 12/01/2011
Image several Florida cities on the list. I wonder why places with a lot of older retirees don't have jobs, and use more medicine. Duh.......
Jh Hudson
02:06 PM on 12/01/2011
Its not depressing to me,especially at spring break.
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02:09 PM on 12/01/2011
If you can remember your spring break, you obviously did not have a good time.
02:02 PM on 12/01/2011
This is very skewed. If the world had a bung hole, it would be Oakland CA. I've been to Mogadishu, and I think its safer there.