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06:53 PM on 12/03/2011
With cuts in schools across the US and the GOP demonizing teachers
So what the GOP is saying if fire all of the teachers and replase them with NUNS
So they can control the school system and what is taught to MY kids
And by teaching religious subjects this will make less room to teach the things MY kids need to know to get a job if that is even possible and by doing this MY kids will have to relay on GOD to guide them in there search for a good job
And before you know it we will have a bunch of graduating preachers to
That will get the economy going
Bad ideal bad
The GOP-The Humpty Dumpty of economics
05:36 PM on 12/03/2011
sure as soon as he can provide proof that god exists,he can wait in line with the flat eath society and the people who claim we did not land on the moon.
08:15 PM on 12/03/2011
Where have you been. For years now the Bible has been proven that it is the Truth. The coral encrusted remains of Pharaoh’s army still litter the ocean floor like an ancient chariot junkyard. Atheists have scoffed at the mention of it modern religionists have denied it’s veracity and papal pundits refuse to admit that Constantine’s mother selected the wrong sites for The Red Sea Crossing and The REAL Mount Sinai – ground zero for the two most famous events in recorded history. Now you can see the scientific and archaeological evidence that has been preserved in coral and stone for this generation. There is no denying it anymore. I have seen with my eyes you can too. Also Noah's Ark and Sodom and Gomorrhas ashes have been found. Just look for yourself.
Don't assume what I am just because I disagree.
03:07 PM on 12/04/2011
You should try looking at the REAL evidence and not what your preachers claim.

Noah's Ark's "sightings" are all confirmed hoaxes, for example.

All the geological evidence shows that NO SUCH FLOOD ever occurred.

Do REAL research.
Tom in FTL
I am always for the working person
03:31 PM on 12/03/2011
more fascist behavior from the wonderful, loving, forgiving, right wing of the republican party. They show true compassion.
a fact-driven democrat
03:25 PM on 12/03/2011
That would be okay, if evolution can then be taught in Christian schools. Yes, that is a fix.
02:49 PM on 12/03/2011
Regarding this issue, could be entitled "How Things Work".
05:40 AM on 12/18/2011
Hence, Intelligent Design.
08:08 AM on 12/03/2011
An interesting article regarding abiogenesis.... (Without which there could be no speciation, making the concept a lynchpin in the evolutionary theory.)

Such problems have been at issue for a long time, and they have serious bearing on the theory. The issue reference is but one of many. A feature of biolmolecules called "chirality" is also a major isssue. How many people have been introduced to serious discussions in undergraduate, or high-school level biology regarding these and other issues? I'd be content if the actual scientific problems with the materialist viewpoint of life were discussed in high school vs the pro-darwininan pep-talks that constitute most of general education at that level.

Also recommended:

"The Mystery of Life's Origin" Thaxton, Bradley, Olsen.
"The Natural Sciences Know Nothing of Evolution" A.E. Wilder-Smith
a fact-driven democrat
03:30 PM on 12/03/2011
There are mysteries, no doubt, but what is known about evolution has been proven over and over again. Creationism blatantly ignores facts and repeated research. That is the modus operandi of conservatives, just ignore the facts and keep asserting things that you don't know, until people believe you.
04:06 PM on 12/03/2011
Please learn the difference between evolutionary theory and abiogenesis.

The only reason that creationists purposely conflate the two is because they know they have no evidence to counter the robust evidence for biological evolution. So, creationists attempt to use their scientifically bankrupt "God of the gaps" reasoning about abiogenesis as a stand in for evolutionary theory.

If you want to study and discuss the current life found on this planet, including humans, then you must understand and use evolutionary theory. If you want students to understand the most basic of biology they must understand the basics of evolutionary theory. End of line.
06:18 PM on 12/03/2011
I do know the difference. I also know you cannot have one without the other.
Regarding evolutionary theory, I've no issue with students having a thorough understanding of the same. In fact, I'd prefer their understanding of it would be more in depth than it is...
05:23 AM on 12/09/2011
I'm not looking for creationis­t informatio­n. I've been studying and dealing with creationis­t arguments for almost 20 years.”

I've been enjoying them for over 25, creationist, and ID ideas, actually. I've found them satisfying in many ways. I know that's not the case for everyone, perhaps even most. But I think they present some sound arguments, and many times, when I compare the concepts of creationism, and the conlucsions of ID, side by side with matierialistic reductionisms attempting to explain biological diversity, I find the former more complete.

Regarding the "Wedge Strategy". I think I read some reference to the idea in one of Philip Johnson's books...sounded like a necessary attempt by free people to get legitimate ideas into a public forum where they have a right to be and where they have been unjustly barred. In my opinion, most people use the "Wedge" term like the fringe malitia uses blue UN vans to advance certain of their own theories regarding world domination.

"We don't know why. But we suspect that some scientists have so equated science with their own materialistic worldview that they regard any challenge to that worldview, or any challenge to the theories that give it plausibility, at tantamount to an attack on science itself."
05:32 AM on 12/03/2011
Santorum and his ilk are nothing more than Ayatollahs in different clothing and their desire to turn this country into a Theocracy is the same as the rabid middle easterners brand of religious domination
10:31 PM on 12/02/2011
What happened to the separation of church and state, Rick?????????????
02:51 PM on 12/03/2011
Quote the ammendment you're referencing and explain it's context and it's subject...
a fact-driven democrat
03:31 PM on 12/03/2011
Qoute the authority to bring church into public schools.
The GOP-The Humpty Dumpty of economics
05:19 PM on 12/03/2011
it came from jefferson you know him the guy who wrote it...the supreme court ruled 9-0 on the establishment if that..
06:19 PM on 12/02/2011
When I was in School, a Catholic school, I was taught both. Creationism in Religion and Evolution in Science. My sister preferred public school. She was taught Evolution in school and went to catechism...worked out fine. Federal government really has just to back off education entirely. Let parents and teachers educate the young. Santorum's argument should hold no water at all
Mr Ruthless
If a god existed we would sue it for negligence.
03:26 PM on 12/02/2011
Of course he does. But it will never happen. Jokes on him.
03:00 PM on 12/02/2011
Retardation: It's a terrible thing.
02:57 PM on 12/02/2011
Michele Bachmann says that not teaching creationism in schools is "censorship".
2+2=5 agrees.
what to say?
02:36 PM on 12/02/2011
Go away you backwards fool Take your religious beliefs with you and start to learn what makes this country great. Separation of church and state. The forefathers wanted to protect us from losers like you. Freedom of religion is great and not everyone wants to be like you.
01:46 PM on 12/02/2011
Separation of church & state? It's a sure bet to be overlooked by Republicants if they get into the White House! Creationism is in no way the whole truth ... who was here on the eighth "day." There are so many ways the word "day" is described throughout the Bible that it is a self-inflicted wound on the thought process to say that the earth was created in 8 revolutions of the earth. "Day" in the Bible can mean: Age (as in eon), generation, 1,000 years, 1 year, generations, time, or 1 revolution of the earth, from sunset to sunset. The Creationists need to get their heads out into the light.
James Napoli
I've Been Thinking
01:11 PM on 12/02/2011
God what an ape.