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Teaching Liberals to Think, One Post at a Time
09:15 PM on 12/04/2011
The Occupy folks need to focus more on getting a job (after the requisite shower) and less on complaining in the public square.
Banned from commenting, so?
12:39 AM on 12/05/2011
where are the jobs? not here. you in China or something?
I fix computers free for those in need
04:31 PM on 12/05/2011

here's a job for ya, of course you will be fragged
Banned from commenting, so?
05:52 PM on 12/05/2011
And by the way, fragging is when enlisted troops roll a grenade into the second looey's tent after he causes too many casualties due to his stupidity.
08:46 PM on 12/04/2011
A smile is your personal welcome mat.
06:44 PM on 12/04/2011
The supporters knew the Robin Hoods wouldn’t get the pizza. But, the cops didn’t know that the “salty taste” wasn’t from over-spicing the sauce.
05:38 PM on 12/04/2011
Once a person is arrested they cannot receive food, or any other items, from the outside. Period.
Banned from commenting, so?
12:40 AM on 12/05/2011
except if your last name is Capone, there are others.
01:35 AM on 12/05/2011
04:18 PM on 12/04/2011
I have a problem with people saying, well they were breaking the law (the protesters) so, so what if their pizza was stolen. Here's the thing, where were they? They were at a police station, having been arrested for breaking the law, being held accountable for their illegal actions. They were not 'getting away' with anything. So why is it that you applaud them being arrested, or held accountable legally for their actions, but have no problem with the police no being held accountable for theirs?

This is not a situation on the street where things were heated and you could debate the merit of the police response, this was in a controlled environment, where the police obviously had control over the people.
03:38 PM on 12/04/2011
“It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.”
~ Voltaire~
03:30 PM on 12/04/2011
This is pure nonsense - the NYPD can afford to buy teir own pizzas.
A microbio! How cute! :)
03:46 PM on 12/04/2011
It's pure nonsense because it's called larceny and punishable by law. Theft. Petty theft. Press charges.
"Lib" is not a dirty word.
09:36 PM on 12/04/2011
You are without a doubt correct. But do you really think anything will come of their taking that which does not belong to them? A thief is a thief is a thief no matter how they spin it.
03:17 PM on 12/04/2011
if the police officers stole the pizza they commited a crime and should go to jail like everone else if they commit a crime if they inforce the laws they should obay them
Sue Brookss
03:12 PM on 12/04/2011
If the Robin Hood characters were under arrest before the pizza arrived, then of course they don't get any pizza. However, the police also had no right to they pizza...they should have sent the pizzas to the nearest shelter.
"Lib" is not a dirty word.
09:37 PM on 12/04/2011
This would have been the right and moral thing to have done. But, we are talking about the police here. They're entitled to break the law.
11:51 PM on 12/04/2011
The cops were just doing what we all hope the Robin Hoods would have done if the situation was reveresed...redistributing the pizza.
03:00 PM on 12/04/2011
It sounds like those guys are on a total power trip, as are most police officers. They should be forced to pay for new pizzas out of their own pockets and should be watched closely for other bullying incidents. I'm guessing that this isn't their only or their most serious offense. While there are many good cops out there, the fact is that a large percentage of them are ignorant, power hungry boys powered only by their guns and badges.
03:52 PM on 12/04/2011
YOU are SOOOO right. I'll bet you were the best class monitor that "teacher" ever had.

Amy Dear, They were offered payment but refused it....That kind of sums it up into a nice neat package, wouldn't you agree.

Besides, what happened to all of your friends who stated the story was all about satire and humor and not to be taken so seriously???
Give the Country away.. Vote Democrat.!
02:13 PM on 12/04/2011
People born before 1946 were called the Silent generation..
People born between 1946 and 1964 are called the Baby Boomers.
People born between 1965 and 1979 are called Generation X.
And people born between 1980 and 2010 are called Generation Y.
Why do we call the last group Generation Y?
Y should I get a job?
Y should I leave home and find my own place?
Y should I get a car when I can borrow yours?
Y should I clean my room?
Y should I wash and iron my own clothes?
Y should I buy any food?
A:..... Because they are to busy occupYing..................
03:01 PM on 12/04/2011
You need to get out more and see WHO are at occupations.
"Lib" is not a dirty word.
09:38 PM on 12/04/2011
He is just parroting faux noise
10:02 PM on 12/04/2011
Y are the banks stealing our money and foreclosing on our homes?
Y do banks get bailed out while we get more taxes (to pay for bailouts) and fewer jobs?
Y is congress listening to corporate lobbyists instead of us?
Y is congress so dysfunctional?
Y is the income gap so wide and getting wider?
Y are our fundamental rights coming under attack?
Y are we still in Iraq and Afghanistan?
Y should we put up with it?

And that is why they call us generation Y.
Truth at any cost
02:11 PM on 12/04/2011
My source informed me that the Pizza Pies that were intended for the Robin Hoods were named after Herman Cain...They consisted of onl extra large pie, extra cheese pepperoni, red peppers and...hold my sausage.
01:45 PM on 12/04/2011
While I am all in favor of a Financial Transaction Tax and a New York State millionaires tax, I find the incessant whining over perceived slights by OWS types quite grating. Is this really where they're at? Pointing fingers at the police for eating their pizza. How about less whining more action. This really doesn't generate sympathy.... If anything it reinforces the stereotype that the movement consists primarily of entitled 20somethings that have never had to deal with real adversity in their life and therefore scream and cry abuse at the slightest inconvenience.
Romney's Dog: 21st Century Schrodinger's Cat
02:26 PM on 12/04/2011
I never thought I'd ever come across anyone who understood symbolism and metaphors less than me, because if I could have slept through English Lit. I would have done.

Here's the point: it's not the pizza being co-opted that's the issue. It's what it symbolises, which is a system where the powers that be will literally steal food out of your mouth. Just as they'll kick you out of your home on the basis of an incomplete or fraudulent paper chain where they cannot even prove that who holds the mortgage.

The symbolism of the police offering to replace the co-opted pizza is also a metaphor for control: it says "you will eat when we say you can eat and drink when we say you can drink, because we have the power and you have nothing, not even the liberty to protest that you thought was afforded to you as a constitutional right".

What the suppression of the OWS movement has shown is that there has been an inversion of how power is supposed to work in America: you thought that the police and the government worked for you. It turns out that the reality is that you are answerable to the authorities for your actions even when those actions are peaceable and guaranteed under law and that "institutional theft" effectively has become decriminalised whether that's a pizza, a house, a job, your rights to organise into a union, your environment or anything else.
02:54 PM on 12/04/2011
Thank you. Some people don't get it. When they do it will be too late.
03:46 PM on 12/04/2011
OMG... Thank you for explaining it to them...
01:31 PM on 12/04/2011
soon terrorist will ignore new york because of it bad reputation. the cops are doing the terrorizeing for them.
01:30 PM on 12/04/2011
blue meanies have been spotted in this vicinity