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10:21 AM on 12/07/2011
I agree, Kellen Moore certainly deserves to be a Heisman candidate!
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09:05 AM on 12/07/2011
I thought Russell Wilson deserved Heisman consideration, 31 touchdown passes to 3 interceptions. That's an excellent ratio which shows very good decision making which is what you want from your quarterback. I think his presence meant more to the team than Montee Ball's, even though obviously Ball has had one heck of a year.
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08:36 AM on 12/07/2011
The Heisman Trophy has lost some of its "luster" since the NCAA had to repossess it from Reggie Bush.....
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01:47 PM on 12/07/2011
The Heisman trophy lost its luster when Ty Detmer won, not to mention Eric Crouch. Bush was the best on the field, the best in college bfootball. I dont think what his stepfather did should be a stain on how he led the nation or performed on the field.

The aforementioned have great company. Peyton Manning and Adrian Petterson didnt win the Heisman either, neither did Aaron Rogers or Lawrence Taylor.
11:21 PM on 12/06/2011
The University of Scandal and Cheating is what caused Barkley to be ignored. He did not get in a post season game, and running up the score against the down Pac-12, while barely beating Oregon on a blocked FG, is nowhere near what Montee Ball accomplished with 34 TDs...
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12:33 AM on 12/07/2011
The vote is for the player. I'm no USC fan but Barkley played as well as ANYONE in the last six or seven games.
06:52 AM on 12/07/2011
No, the vote is for the team. No player from a bad team ever wins, which makes the Heisman a joke. A running back with a monster offensive line or a QB with NFL caliber receivers will win, then go to the NFL and be a complete joke.

They should make it about the best player, regardless of team. Even then Barkley wouldn't be in the top 5.
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08:34 AM on 12/07/2011
The vote, first is for the conference, then the team, then the player....

Otherwise, Case Keenum would be going to New York, and would be selected for the Heisman.
01:39 AM on 12/07/2011
I'd like to say that it was basket ball, oj mayor, and womens tennis that did the actual cheating. While in football is was a shady agent giving money to a player to make him hire him and turn pro, idk how that helps the team at all. While the sanctions were way to harsh, but sc can't do anything about that now.