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Our government is a wartocracy.
12:17 PM on 12/11/2011
The concentration of power axiomatically diminishes compassion because it concentrates toxins.
12:14 PM on 12/11/2011
There will be nothing worse for the poor and "marginalized" than the depression that the Democrats want to force us into. Conservatives are more than willing to help and tend to give more than their liberal counterparts, but they do not want government dependency and don't support the Democrat vote buying schemes and fearmongering. As a Christian you should know that Jesus was an advocate of taking care of ones self, not the Robin Hood like persona that liberals have foisted upon him.
How do you free a bird from an empty cage?
04:29 PM on 12/11/2011
Where does Jesus advocate for "taking care of ones self"? Are you nuts!? Jesus always talks about giving to the needy and helping those less fortunate without asking anything back. Read the Sermon on the Mount. Wow, just wow. Now Jesus favors the rich and powerful and hates the poor. Wow.
Illigitimati non carborundum
10:12 PM on 12/11/2011
You need to accept the fact that the republican "Supply-side, trickle-down Jesus" is not the real one.
what's so funny 'bout peace, love & understanding?
11:57 AM on 12/11/2011
disappearance of?? the "compassionate conservative" never has and never will exist.
So there I was, playing the piano....
11:43 AM on 12/11/2011
"Compassionate Conservative" was a marketing ploy, lip service to something that never really existed. It was abandoned when the Iraqi War put Republicans back into thier favorite tough guy military mode, a party that never met a bomb, bullet or bayonet they didn't love. Now the party is back to thier usual bare knuckle assault on Social Security, Medicare and the poor in general. Some bought the lies, but then some actually think Paul Ryan's "roadmap" is designed to "save" social security and medicare. Sorry Jim Wallis, you were duped.
Now with 20% More Fiber!
11:37 AM on 12/11/2011
The agenda of compassionate conservatism was a deliberate attempt to manipulate people of genuine faith for political partisan purposes. The administration took what could have been a noble and successful idea of faith-based initiatives and used it to prey upon people of faith.

David Kuo, the former second-in-command of President Bush’s Office on Faith-Based Initiatives, wrote in his book "Tempting Faith", that White House officials “knowingly participated in a scheme to use the office, and taxpayer funds, to mount ostensibly ‘nonpartisan’ events that were, in reality, designed with the intent of mobilizing religious voters in 20 targeted races.”

That is the reality of compassionate conservatism.
11:27 AM on 12/11/2011
Nah. Let's just criminalize all but the Democratic party and rule as a one party state where the party is the state.
Illigitimati non carborundum
10:13 PM on 12/11/2011
Only thing wrong with your statement is that you got the partys wrong.
Liberal Gay Jewish Atheist
11:26 AM on 12/11/2011
Compassionate Conservative? Isn't that an oxymoron?
Citizens Against Virtually Everything
11:22 AM on 12/11/2011
So Jim, back when President Obama was first annointed back in 2009 were you writing articles about how calling anyone who disagreed with the new President a "racist" wasn't exactly the smartest tactic to get them to agree with the President? Wheres the compassion?

Have you written any articles explaining how our deficit spending is eventually going to devastate the country if we don't do something about it? If you were to take all of the assests of the rich today and give them to the gov't would it pay down the debt that we owe? Of course it wouldn't but we won't hear a word from you about that will we?

Have you fairly pointed the finger of blame at people who are all to willing to keep increasing how much we spend all at the expense of the youth of tomorrow and the next couple of generations? How is taxing the rich going to even make a dent in that sort of deficit spending?President Obama loves math show us how the math works!!!

Why should the right even trust the left if all the left can do is demonize, name call and out right lie about the right to begin with? Why should we? We know that if the right goes along with a tax increase on the rich, we won't get any meaningful spending cuts to go along with that.
Illigitimati non carborundum
10:16 PM on 12/11/2011
You haven't made a case for why the left should trust the right. If anything, you have described the opposite.
Citizens Against Virtually Everything
12:24 PM on 12/14/2011
Actually what I have described is why the right knows that it can't trust the left with anything. Really honestly is amassing $20 T worth of debt the smartest thing we can do? Look at Europe, is that what you want for us? Borrowing cost for Italy just went up again.

What I'm asking for is a little soul searching from the left. Is what your asking for truly going to help the greater good of the country or is it just politically expedient for now?

Want to know why the right won't deal with you at all on any issue? Re-read my post again and again until you get it.
11:16 AM on 12/11/2011
Perhaps you have never heard of, or listened to Ron Paul. He is the only intellectual compassionate conservative out there. And please don't confuse compassionate with "government provided".
Right of John Wayne
11:12 AM on 12/11/2011
Liberal compassion includes housing projects and food stamps. I'd challenge anyone to find a private charity that is as blighted or corrupt as those.
I was Bill Hicks.
05:05 PM on 12/11/2011
Wall st is a far more corrupt private charity.
La Bennett
10:57 AM on 12/11/2011
Looking at comments like Gingrich, and some of these posters, I am reminded of a story I read that talked of Nazi Germany's policies during WWII. The nazi's believed that if you could not contribute to the "reicht", you were what they called "a useless eater". I would bet if you put this to these extremists in the Republican party (and for the sake of argument I am an Independent), they would wholeheartedly agree with catagorizing the poor, the jobless, anyone who might need help (and I am not saying there are not changes in work ethic, attitude and policy that should be made) these extremists would be more than happy to call these people "useless eaters" and cheer while they did it. Scary, on so many levels...I wonder if they realize what they truly sound like.
10:51 AM on 12/11/2011
Compassionate conservatism has been replaced by social Darwinism. The GOP now believes its every man for himself.
Luanne Taylor
be an OTHER
10:36 AM on 12/11/2011
this is the disturbing part of our current political process. I mean the RNC didn't even want to provide health care for first responders on 911. I just KNOW it will backfire on them. Compassion for Profit just doesn't count.

Maybe someone here can answer a much of the budgeted 10 billion in AIDS money Bush campaigned on actually made it to the organizations? The whole thing was set up in an odd way, as if we would give, but only if OUR big pharma companies supplied the medicine and...I recall thinking this is never going to happen. Tons of strings attached.
10:31 AM on 12/11/2011
Compassionate conservativism hasn't existed in the last 70 years as anything more than a clever phrase.
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10:25 AM on 12/11/2011
You certainly can't be a compassion when your party is driven by egotistic, self centered people,Americans are way to smart to figure out this income disparity didn't just happened over night, it is a well thought out plan by ALEC and the likes of the Koch Brothers and the wealthy elite to widen the gap between the wealthy and the middle class!