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01:31 PM on 07/22/2008
It shows how stupid this election season is: focusing on slips of the tongue rather than the fact that the man who has been right on the Iraqi war is running for President. He is the most likely to have the leadership and understanding necessary to lead to get us out of Iraq faster than a former social worker from Chicago who has almost no experience in the real world. When will the fascination of a rock star evaporate? Let us look at real merit, not hype.
01:57 PM on 07/22/2008
the world need peace not more war..
01:57 PM on 07/22/2008
Slips of the tongue often are more telling than reading off a script. McCain is inept, a one-trick-pony and pretty much a leader with few followers, ie maverick, which isn't necessarily what we need at this time. He might appeal to a few aging Rambeaus, but mostly he has legs due to the bigot block.
01:13 PM on 07/22/2008
Thi gaffe is bad on so many levels. It's points to a couple of things. One, McCain is confused about who's struggling with whom. It's Iran and Afghanistan that are connected. McCain didn't even misspeak one country over another. He couldn't have meant Iran, because it doesn't even touch Pakistan, and he couldn't have met Afghanistan because it does not remotely touch Iraq. Hi age is showing, and he is not the representing the sharpest tool in the shed.

America, wake up... if a President McCain couldn't differentiate the countries in the Middle East and know who they border, how can you expect the man to put his finger on the trigger? He'd more likely end up shoot someone he knew in the face!
01:02 PM on 07/22/2008
I don't have time to comment right now. I've just been reassigned by my corporation to sell widgets in an area straddling the border of Ecuador and Canada.
01:15 PM on 07/22/2008
Ecuador doesn't border Canada, even by a long shot. I think you meant Brazil and Canada.
02:01 PM on 07/22/2008
wonderful comment

2 widgets please
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I propose a toast to my self control...
12:33 PM on 07/22/2008
And again, he was not called out on his ignorance. Yet, McBush claims the media is in love with Senator Obama.
12:07 PM on 07/22/2008
It continues to be evident that John McCain is out of touch with the situation in the world today. He brings his Vietnam experience and Washington rhetoric to a 21st Century situation that is seen by the hawks as only winable by the use of force. He conveniently forgets that all wars or conflicts are ultimatelt resolved by talk and conciliation. His worldview is limited by his inability to see both sides of a story or situation; something rampant in the Republican Party. As a retired teacher I empathize with McCain's difficulty with geographic and other changes in the world, but thanks to the Internet and Huffington Post as well as many newspapers and an open mind I am more and more convinced that THE CANDIDATE with the knowledge and judgement to lead America and the world through the next 8 years is OBAMA. His news conference from Jordan this morning confirmed his insightful and articulate understanding of our very difficult world.
05:25 PM on 07/22/2008
As a retired teacher, would you say that WWII was "ultimatelt resolved by talk and conciliation"?
10:11 AM on 07/22/2008
Age and memory?
02:02 PM on 07/22/2008
old and too many loud noises
10:07 AM on 07/22/2008
Liberal Communist Cut 'n Runners! What's wrong with you? McCain makes these so-called mistakes on purpose because he does not want the terrorists to know what he is really thinking! For instance, right now, thousands of terrorists are running around the frontiers looking for the Iraq/Pakastan border. that doesn't exist. Ha! Ha! What a brilliant diversion. The ol' war hero has out foxed them again!
06:55 AM on 07/22/2008
How can he keep touting foreign policy/national security as his strength when he seems to have episodes like this every week?
Carpe Diem!
12:44 PM on 07/22/2008
Exactly. Which brings to mind, how come truckers who get a 100% disability check are unfit for
duty and this old coot responsible for a whole country gets to run for president?
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06:33 AM on 07/22/2008
I would like some one to notice how many head clutches, McCain has had when he makes a mistake,

This is important. It really means something important is going on in your brain you dont understand.

"Why Is this happening"? she would ask as she clutched her head

"Old age mum its ok" I replied

No,it wasnt,we found out nearly a year later.
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03:17 AM on 07/22/2008
how did this nimrod win the primary over ron paul? oh yeah, I forgot, diebold.

Won't be shocked if he wins the presidency..
02:32 AM on 07/22/2008
McCain knows that Iraq & Pakistan don't share a border. I'd say it was pretty clear he meant Afghanistan (not Iraq). We can pretend it wasn't a gaffe and McCain really is that stupid, but then we wouldn't be any better than the people who claim Obama thinks there are 57 states, now would we?
Carpe Diem!
12:47 PM on 07/22/2008
One was a mistake since anyone, even a child would know we have 50 states. I did not read
the explanation either but a professor does know, rest assured. Whereas McCain, being thrown
into this position where is not qualified and keeps repeating the Czechoslovakia thingy, now that
and this should be of grave concern.
Gruntled Current Employee
02:09 AM on 07/22/2008
Saying McCain = Bush.... is an insult to Bush
02:39 PM on 07/22/2008
Maybe it is, but in most respects it is true. Look at Oil drilling, McCain was against and now he is for , Just like Bush. Bush has a bad sense of humor, McCain's is even worse! We just call it like we see it.
01:51 AM on 07/22/2008
I say cut the dude some slack. At least he didn't go off about Archduke Ferdinand of
Austro-Hungary being assassinated, or call the missus a trollop again. Sheesh, everyone's so picky-picky where McCain's concerned.
12:24 AM on 07/22/2008
And one really cares how?
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12:16 AM on 07/22/2008
Unless you have relatives in Iraq(as I do),you don't know McCain is also lying about the success of the surge. All the surge did was segregate the religous communities into Christian, Jewish, Sunni and Shiite neighborhoods. There are no Christian men left, there are no Jewish men left , and half the Sunnis are either dead or in exile in Jordan and Syria. There are fewer American casualties because they left patrolling the segregated neighborhoods to the Shiite army, which means no males who aren't Shiite over 15 years of age are left alive if they're caught. Ask the Christians and the Jews if things are better now. Why doesn't McCain address the issue that Christians can't even go to church? That the Jewish temples are all bombed out? Try being an Iraqi citizen with a cross on your neck and see how many minutes you survive.Why noone covered this aspect of the surge other than 60 Minutes is beyond me. If the truth comes out, McCain's foreign policy "experience" goes right down the toilet.
12:20 PM on 07/22/2008
Please keep sending this message out in as many places as possible. It bothers me that it is not being covered well by the press. At all.
02:06 PM on 07/22/2008
been there a long time and it won!t flush away