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10:31 PM on 07/21/2008
There's a reason he was 5th from the bottom of his graduating class, 894 out of 899 students.Think back on what the biggest screw ups in your class were like.Do you know how hard it is to come in that low with a dad that's an Admiral.A dollar to a donut(whatever that means) the school wanted to throw him out .Now think of those screw ups you knew,would you vote for any of them to be president of our nation?
02:14 AM on 07/22/2008
The thing I am most concerned about is his real reason for running for this Office.

If I am not mistaken, it is one of his companies that he has investments in that is providing the fresh water system to our service men & women that was getting a lot of them sick.

He is now in favor of off-shore drilling, which will not have any effect on current gas prices for a few years. What business does he have stocks in that he could gain from off-shore drilling?

Always watch how people treat others because someday, they may treat you the same way. Look how he's in favor of the prisoners in Cuba not having access to the Courts or for them even knowing why they are in prison.

He already has a very wealthy wife that makes money from beer, which is fine but makes me question what is his real motive for running. I smell greed and power. 2 things that have no business in the White House but yet sometimes finds a way to sneak in.

At least Obama knows when he needs to learn something and goes out and learns it. After all, it was McCain that kept stating that Obama knew nothing of the war and therefore would not be a good leader.

Well, Obama is overseas now and learning. Other than poor sound bites, what is McCain really doing?
09:15 PM on 07/21/2008
McCain is not nearly as sharp as Bush. One thing about Bush, he was very precise with his language. He did mispronounce here and there, but very few gaffes.
09:38 PM on 07/21/2008
few gaffes? Are you serious. I'm getting ready to take my MCATs and have thought about going into OB/GYN...I can't wait to practice my love. Bush also made me feel good when he said that fish and humans can co-exist. That brewing scale vs. skin war had me up at night frightened at the possibility of a sneak attack on our homeland by an school of trout....I guess that would be a madrassa of terrorist trout though, huh?
09:47 PM on 07/21/2008
If you say so. Considering Bush is about as sharp as a bowling ball, I don't think we need to see McCain anywhere NEAR the White House.
08:41 PM on 07/21/2008
Don'tcha get it?

The Iraq/Pakistan border = IRAN. Look at the map. Yeah, it's kindof a thick border-like, but in McCain's "mind" at least, he can still fit in a war there somewhere.

If people are so concerned about who answers that phone at 3 am, let it at least be someone who knows where the caller is actually calling from.
Hoping Congress doesn't destroy the nation.
08:41 PM on 07/21/2008
That sly McCain - leading us to believe that economics wasn't his strong point and he was better at foreign policy, which, at best, is based on early 1990s geopolitics. We should know things are really bad if he names a potential ambassador to the Austro-Hungarian Empire or recaps his talks with Czar Nicholas II.

Out of curiosity, what is McCain's strong suit?
09:05 PM on 07/21/2008
Six button, double breasted.
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09:34 PM on 07/21/2008
Hoping Congress doesn't destroy the nation.
09:51 PM on 07/21/2008
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08:11 PM on 07/21/2008
I wonder if McCane will visit the Iraq/Pakistan border before the Republican convention?

That's where all the terrorists are.
08:24 PM on 07/21/2008
As soon as he finishes making promos for Czecholslovakian Idol.
Hoping Congress doesn't destroy the nation.
08:42 PM on 07/21/2008
That's why we haven't been able to find bin Laden.
calling it like it is
08:04 PM on 07/21/2008
McCain's so called gaffe, (and I dont mean to imply that this resurgence of Gerald Ford clumsiness,
exactly knew what he is doing) remind me of the days before the ill fated Bay of Pigs Invasion in 1961
when the media , cuban-American and American virtually broadcvast our invasion plans, casuign President Kennedy to abandon the invasion as too high risk.

Its really bad tactically to have an "Experienced " man who is consistently making foreign policy gaffes and mistatements. In thse days , the slip of lip can sink our interational standing as a reliable voice.
In WW 2, there were posters, that said " A SLip of A Slip can sink a ship" . that kind of obvious security and secrecy seems to have been erased from the Anti Terrorism of the Administration and McCain, especially when our opponents keep us guessing.

Its ludicrous to think that a timeline is going to affect the so called Terrorists actions one way or another particularly since the pentagon successfully leaks all our moves. i.e. the date of the surge, its troop levels, commander, purpose was known at least 3 months in advance internationally.

So should we elect a walking gaffe in the name of experience ....i dont think so.
08:01 PM on 07/21/2008
This is about bait and switch with MSM's full complicity.

The "surge" is a failure, the bribery of tribal chieftans is a success. American taxpayers are paying the same men who killed our sons and daughters not to shoot at them anymore.

The Iranians are pulling Al Maliki's strings and are successfully telling them to leave. What will happen when our troops are no longer there to protect the major oil companies?

I think C h e n e y, PNAC et al will do whatever it takes to keep boots on top of the oil. They view Iraq as the new American strategic reserve.

I pray for O b a m a these men will do whatever it takes to secure whatever they view to be in American hegemony over the world.
07:52 PM on 07/21/2008
McCain is a republican. In the world we live in, a republican is allowed to make as many gaffes and factual errors as possible without people penalized for it at the polls.
07:29 PM on 07/21/2008
He's become an embarrassment to himself. It's clear he doesn't have a grasp of the wars or even his own previous Senate votes.

I'm sure Republicans will still vote for him and that's the very sad part. You'd think they would have learned their lesson from electing a senile Reagan and an incompetent Bush but they want power more than they want a healthy United States of America.
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08:41 PM on 07/21/2008
Well said and absolutely right. This has been the case at least since Newt's Contract with America, perhaps longer, which established that it's better to foist a moral agenda upon society than legislate for the effective government of it.
Every happy ending needs to have a start
09:17 PM on 07/21/2008
That was really Newt's Contract ON America...
02:25 PM on 07/22/2008
why nare republicans allowed to exist?
07:27 PM on 07/21/2008
A gaffe a day - exactly what one would expect from someone UNqualified to be the next POTUS.

Poor, sad, tired, UNinformed McBu$h - wrong in 2000 and even more so in 2008.
07:22 PM on 07/21/2008
Simply. Not. Ready. For. The. Job.

07:18 PM on 07/21/2008
Oh sure. Iraq and Pakistan don't share a border NOW. But just you wait until John McCain gets hold of the Presidency for four years. Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran may all be one great big client state of the Great American Empire's hegemony in the Middle East. So who will Pakistan be sharing a border with then?
08:42 PM on 07/21/2008
06:29 PM on 07/21/2008
This poor guy, the Repubs have no shame. Why did they throw this old man to the wolves. He's having to many senior moments to try and become the leader of the FREE WORLD.
06:43 PM on 07/21/2008
Yeppers, Ronald Reagan he is not.
07:01 PM on 07/21/2008
Oh, I'm beginning to believe Crash and the Gipper would have shared a lot of characteristics.
07:27 PM on 07/21/2008
He's not even Bob Dole.
09:13 PM on 07/21/2008
Democratic crossovers gave him the nomination, you guys have a short memory.
09:54 PM on 07/21/2008
Geez, can you Repubs guys at least blame yourselves for your incompetence?!? You guys selected McCain as your party's presumptive nominee LONG before the Dems had their presumptive nominee figured out. In fact the only contest where Dems were known to "help" the Repubs was in Michigan and they cast their vote for Romney, NOT McCain. You guys had pegged McCain less than halfway into the primaries. The Dems had their own internal epic battles to fight and were not wasting their votes on Repub candidates for MOST of the primary whereas as the Repubs via Operation Chaos were instrumental in significantly altering the results of a few Dem races once McCain was a sure thing.
So yeah, don't blame others for disasters of your own making. We're already dealing with 7+ years of that epic disaster you guys laid on us call W.
We're outspent, but they're outnumbered
06:19 PM on 07/21/2008
Obviously, any one of McCain's geographical or cultural mistakes could be dismissed as a slip of the tongue, but when you add them up, seriously, how could anyone trust him to participate in important international discussions?
"Let us march on 'til victory is won"
06:09 PM on 07/21/2008
McCain's biggest gaffe was standing beside Bush, Sr. today. What an awful picture!!!!
09:00 AM on 07/22/2008
You are so right! When I saw those two older gentlemen walking across the lawn, I thought, "Is this what American really wants to lead us in this 21st century". It reminded me of the picture of Hillary with "the old Democrats" on stage with her, she quickly got rid of that image.